MOBE promoters Steven Bransfield, Michael Giannulis, Michael Williams, Gar Leong Chow and Scott Zuckman, have been hit with final judgments topping $41 million dollars.

The FTC went after the scammers as part of their MOBE fraud case. Each of the defendants were top owners in MOBE.

Steven Bransfield

News of Steven Bransfield being targeted by the FTC surfaced mid last year, after Bransfield filed for bankruptcy in Florida.

In his bankruptcy filings, Bransfield claimed to owe creditors $12.82 million dollars.

The FTC was the largest creditor, seeking $9.4 million.

As per judgement against Bransfield, in promoting MOBE, he and his companies SB & A Media, Inc., SB&A Group, LLC, and WeRunAds, LLC violated the FTC Act.

A $4.7 million dollar judgment was entered against Bransfield on March 3rd.

Bransfield was also ordered to turn over

  • any funds he had control over held in the name of MOBE, Russel Whitney or Wealth Building Technologies;
  • all cash and funds previously transferred to the MOBE Receiver;
  • $338,957 held in a JP Morgan Chase Bank account;
  • $102,880 and any additional funds held in Wealth Building Technologies’ Esquire Bank and Maverick Bankcard accounts

As per the order, Bransfield’s bankruptcy proceedings will not discharge his MOBE judgment debt.

While Bransfield, at least as far as we know, has been stripped of what’s left of his MOBE gains, the $4.7 million dollar judgment was suspended in its entirety.

This decision was made based on sworn financial statements filed by Bransfield in 2019.

Gar Leong Chow (John Chow)

Gar Leong Chow, better known as John Chow, promoted MOBE through his company TTZ Media.

Chow’s MOBE judgment is for $3,350,000, payable within 7 days from March 3rd.

These days Chow is active on YouTube, where he pitches himself as a goldfish impersonator “blogging expert”.

Michael Giannulis and Michael Williams

Michael Giannulis (aka Mike Antoni) and Michael Williams (aka Mike Williams) aren’t the smartest cookies.

In June 2018 the business partners were at the center of suspicions the FTC had taken action against MOBE.

On June 7th, Giannulis and Williams sent out an email claiming

the FTC has brought the hammer down upon MOBE and we have to cut ties with them 100%.

The month prior, Giannulis and Williams had happily pranced about on stage at a MOBE event.

The pair were celebrating collectively earning $23 million dollars as MOBE affiliates.

After the FTC shut MOBE down, Giannulis and Williams launched My Ecom Club.

My Ecom Club was a literal clone of MOBE, and was subsequently shut down by the FTC this month.

Getting back to MOBE, Giannulis and Williams promoted the scheme through their companies BPO USA LLC, Pixx Media LLC, MyEcomClub Events LLC and Mike Antoni LLC.

Judgement against Giannulis and Williams is for $31.1 million dollars, of which they will pay $760,000.

This amount is based on sworn financial statements filed in 2019.

In addition to that, Giannulis and Williams will also surrender

  • a 2018 KTM motorcycle Model 500 EXC-F belonging to Williams;
  • two Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date watches, awarded to Giannulis and Williams at a MOBE event in June 2018;
  • ten gold rings bearing MOBE’s insignia, awarded to Giannulis and Williams at various MOBE events;
  • rights to the Pushgram software, acquired by Pixx Media in April 2019.

Giannulis and Williams are also permanently prohibited from marketing or selling business coaching programs or any money-making methods.

Scott Zuckman

Scott Zuckman promoted MOBE through his company Alpha Quad Enterprises.

Zuckman’s MOBE judgment is for $1,842,515, of which he will pay $406,150.

This amount is based on sworn financial statements filed in 2019.

Zuckman is also permanently prohibited from marketing or selling business coaching programs or any money-making methods.


All of the MOBE promoter defendants have been prohibited from making false income claims and further engaging in deceptive marketing practices.

Looking forward, each MOBE promoter defendant must also report to the FTC any change of personal and business details for fifteen years.