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FTC denied default judgment against MOBE corporate defendants

Back in February default was entered against Matt Lloyd and the MOBE corporate defendants. Citing communication misunderstandings, Lloyd managed to get his entry of default set aside in April. Default against the MOBE corporate defendants still stood however, prompting the FTC to file for default judgment in early May. In a July 1st order the [Continue reading…]

MOBE trial set for May 2020, case referred to mediation

A June 11th Case Management and Scheduling Order has locked in a May 2020 MOBE trial date. Settlement negotiations between the FTC and MOBE owner Matt Lloyd came to a standstill, following Lloyd’s refusal to give up sizable foreign assets.

Synovus Bank’s threat to delay MOBE clawback litigation quashed

Following a fight over handing back funds fraudulently obtained via MOBE, the Receiver has discovered new potential clawback claims against Synovus Bank and QualPay. Talk about kicking an own goal…

MOBE trial date penciled in, Matt Lloyd expecting criminal charges?

A May 10th Case Management Report has revealed a proposed 2020 MOBE trial date. Matt Lloyd McPhee’s response to production of evidence also suggests he might be anticipating criminal charges.

Matt Lloyd’s MOBE entry of default set aside

Following an entry of default recorded against Matt Lloyd McPhee on February 1st, McPhee filed to have it set aside. McPhee’s motion was granted on April 19th.

MOBE fraud tops $318 million, FTC moves for default judgment

The FTC initially estimated MOBE scammed people out of at least $125 million. Based on ongoing forensic accounting efforts by the Receiver, that figure has now jumped to $318.5 million.

Matt Lloyd refuses to give up luxury condos, private island & resort

A fortnight ago we reported that Matt Lloyd McPhee had filed an answer to the FTC’s MOBE lawsuit. Lloyd’s answer was filed well past the deadline, in addition to the FTC having already filed for and being given an entry of default. On the basis of his having now filed an answer, Lloyd also filed [Continue reading…]

Default entered against Matt Lloyd and MOBE related entities

Following a Motion for entry of clerk’s default by the FTC on February 1st, default has been entered against Matt Lloyd, MOBE and several MOBE related entities.

Court orders FTC to proceed in MOBE case without lawyers (???)

Trump’s government shutdown has wreaked havoc on scheduling for active FTC lawsuits. One such lawsuit is FTC vs. MOBE, in which a Judge has bizarrely ordered the FTC to continue trying without lawyers.

MOBE’s Russell Whitney dead, Susan Zanghi’s $318M settlement

Lawyers for top MOBE affiliate Russell Whitney have confirmed Whitney passed away on November 20th. The revelation was made seeking an extension of time for Whitney to reply to the FTC’s lawsuit. The motion was granted, staying Whitney’s response in favor of a joint notice or motion detailing a proposed course of action.