Founded in 2020, My Neo Group pitches itself as a “vanguard in fintech and asset management”.

Following the recent acquisition of Zeniq Technologies, they’re now also owners of a fraudulent investment scheme.

DUBAI, December 2, 2023 – My NEO Group, an avant-garde in the fintech and cryptocurrency realms, has announced its acquisition of a majority stake in ZENIQ DMCC, a pioneering force in blockchain-based digital asset management.

This strategic move marks the birth of NEO ZENTECH, blending My NEO Group’s financial acumen with ZENIQ’s technological prowess to set new benchmarks in the industry.

Neo Group’s acquisition of Zeniq Technologies was announced on December 2nd. Notably, this just over a month since the Central Bank of Russia issued a Safir pyramid scheme fraud warning.

Zeniq Technologies also received a securities fraud warning from Dubai in late 2021.

Zeniq Technologies and Safir International launched a shitcoin Ponzi scheme in 2021. The scam revolved around Zeniq Coin and was your typical “number go up” Ponzi.

CoinMarketCap only tracks Zeniq Coin back to late 2022. Prior to late 2022 ZENIQ was not publicly tradable and could only be cashed out through Safir and Zeniq Technologies.

Predictably, CMC’s chart shows ZENIQ pumped to 6.9 cents and then promptly dumped throughout the year to 2.5 cents.

Whereas Zeniq Technologies is based out of Dubai, the MLM crime capital of the world, My Neo Group represents it is based out of Monaco.

Heading up My Neo Group is founder and CEO Mickael Mosse.

Mosse pitches himself as a “blockchain and crypto expert”. Other than founding My Neo Group, he doesn’t appear to have done anything notable to date.

Attached to My Neo Group is Banca Neo, which claims to provide “personal and business banking”. Banca Neo provides financial services through Satchel, a Lithuanian company.

SimilarWeb tracked just ~13,500 visits to Banca Neo’s website for October 2023.

Beyond My Neo Group, Mosse’s personal website (linked on his social media), has been redirected to a Korean gambling website. Mosse’s FaceBook profile was abandoned in 2020 and his Twitter profile is marked private.


Update 12th December 2023 – At least one crypto project Mickael Mosse has been involved in was Cubaaz.

Cubaaz launched circa 2018 and appears to have been a non-MLM crypto ICO scam.


Update 28th January 2024 – Neo Zentech has collapsed. The Ponzi scheme has been rebooted as Xera.