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TelexFree front & center in Rodrigues visa fraud case

Last we checked in Sanderley Rodrigues was scheduled in for an initial appearance hearing on the first of June. Rodrigues was arrested early last month for visa fraud, with a hearing on the 21st of May seeing him released on a $200,000 bail. After nearly a fortnight out on bail, the hearing on the first [Continue reading…]

Rodrigues out on bail, $200,000 bond & home detention

For fraudulently obtaining an American green card and then using said green card to re-enter the US, Sann Rodrigues was arrested on May 16th. After noticing that Rodrigues had been released from the New Jersey state prison he was being held in yesterday, we wondered if he’d been released or was perhaps being transferred to [Continue reading…]

iFreeX & 2PayNet websites offline. Rodrigues not owner?

Following it being made public that Sann Rodrigues was arrested earlier this month for visa fraud, the iFreeX and 2PayNet websites have gone offline. Coincidence, or further evidence that Rodrigues himself was running the scheme?

Sanderley Rodrigues arrested for visa fraud

My email inbox blew up overnight with news of Sanderley Rodrigues arrest in New Jersey. Details were sketchy, but it appears Rodrigues was picked up on May 18th and is currently being held in a state prison. Now I know what you’re thinking (because I was thinking it too), but Rodrigues’ arrest doesn’t appear to [Continue reading…]

iFreeX now a 120 day 200% ROI revenue-sharing scheme?

When we first took a loot at iFreeX back in September 2014, the company was in prelaunch. Headed by top Sannderly Rodrigues, iFreeX in its prelaunch state was pretty much a reload scheme targeting those who lost money in TelexFree. TelexFree was a $1.8 billion dollar Ponzi scheme, shut down by the SEC in April 2014. [Continue reading…]

iFreeX payment problems, Sann Rodrigues on the run?

Last we checked in with iFreeX, it was to report the raiding of a promotional event by Brazilian police. Rodrigues and a fellow iFreeX ringleader were rounded up and further questioned, with Rodrigues later playing down the event on his Facebook page. This despite the fact that officers who raided the event belonging to the [Continue reading…]

Brazilian police raid iFreeX event, Sann Rodrigues arrested?

Dramatic scenes unfolded overnight at an iFreeX event held in the Brazilian state of São Paulo. Speaking at the event was Sann Rodrigues, who has fled the US following regulatory action initiated against TelexFree.

Sannderly Rodrigues violating his TelexFree injunction?

Sannderly Vasconcelos Rodrigues (Sann Rodrigues for short), was one of the top investors in the billion dollar Ponzi scheme, TelexFree. For his part in stealing over three million dollars from investors who joined after him, Rodrigues (right) saw himself named as a defendant in an April 2014 SEC complaint. As part of that case, which is [Continue reading…]

iFreeX pyramid scheme warning issued by Massachusetts

A few days prior to our downtime, BehindMLM published a review of iFreeX. Advertised as “the next TelexFree”, iFreeX are planning on charging affiliates monthly fees and in turn paying them recruitment commissions and shares in monthly revenue pools. Whether or not regulators in Massachusetts read the review is unclear. Not even a week after [Continue reading…]

iFreeX Prelaunch Review: The new TelexFree?

There is no information on the iFreeX website indicating who owns or runs the business. The iFreeX website domain (“ifreex.com”) was registered on the 10th of September 2014, however the domain registration is set to private. As always, if a MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long [Continue reading…]