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Philip Han under criminal investigation, condo raided in Brazil

Police in Sao Poalo raided Philip Han’s luxury condo at 5am on Tuesday, August 23rd. As reported by Estadio (paywall), Han and his wife Carla Moreira Han are suspected of

Brazilian authorities execute iFreeX search warrants

In what is either the mother of all coincidences, or proof Sanderley Rodrigues was running the scheme, the iFreeX website went offline within days of Rodrigues’ arrest for visa fraud. Over a year since the iFreeX website went offline, authorities in Brazil have now acted on four search warrants connected to an investigation into the scheme.

Sann Rodrigues appears in YT video, promises to “talk all”

As the contempt feud between Sannderley Rodrigues and the SEC heads towards a judicial ruling, Rodrigues has made an appearance in a YouTube video. The video is titled “Evento Único com Sann Rodrigues 1”, which Google translates to “Single Event Sann Rodrigues 1”.

SEC want Sann Rodrigues back in jail for contempt

Last year when the SEC moved to shut down TelexFree, Sanderley Rodrigues was hit with a temporary restraining order. This was later converted into a preliminary injunction, which saw Rodrigues barred from committing acts of fraud. What Rodrigues thought a ban on acts of fraud meant is unclear, but soon enough Rodrigues was back to [Continue reading…]

Rodrigues sells out to secure $200,000 visa fraud bond

Following the posting of $200,000 bail in Sanderley Rodrigues’ visa fraud case, there was a bit of speculation as to where the funds had originated. For his part in defrauding investors through TelexFree, Rodrigues is currently subject to an asset-freezing injunction. Through filings made in the SEC’s civil case against TelexFree and Rodrigues, we can now [Continue reading…]

Sann Rodrigues personally promoted DFRF Enterprises

Sanderley Rodrigues de Vasconcelos is not having a good year. Rodrigues (who goes by “Sann”), the top net-winner in the TelexFree Ponzi scheme, was arrested back in May on visa fraud charges. He a defendant in the subject of an SEC civil lawsuit against Telexfree, purported to have defrauded investors of $1.8 billion. In Brazil Rodrigues [Continue reading…]

Clarification on Sann Rodrigues Brazilian arrest warrant

Earlier this week Sanderley Rodrigues was released on strict home detention conditions, following clarification that Brazilian authorities were not looking to extradite him. This suggested that perhaps there was an issue with the investigation behind the Brazilian arrest warrant. Clarification from Brazilian authorities however now clarifies the reason a formal extradition request was not submitted.

Rodrigues looks set to be released on bail

Following a bail hearing held on the 10th of July and another on the 13th, the current status of Sanderley Rodrigues is unknown. But based on the latest up to date information available, here’s what we do know…

Communications “breakdown” between Rodrigues and lawyer

Unhappy with how things are progressing in his visa fraud case, Sanderely Rodrigues has fired the law firm representing him. Specifics are as of yet unclear, but the situation appears to have deteriorated to the point where “a complete breakdown of communication” was cited the reason behind the decision.

Rodrigues protests Brazilian warrant arrest (Interpol)

Not too happy with being detained after posting bail in the visa fraud case against him, Sann Rodrigues has requested the court order his release.