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How Brazil cocked up Carlos Wanzeler’s TelexFree prison sentence

Despite efforts from the US, Brazil is doing its best to ensure TelexFree co-founder Carlos Wanzeler escapes punishment.

James Merrill “regrets ever being associated” with TelexFree

In a bid to secure an early end to his probation, James Merrill claims he regret[s] with all my heart ever being associated with the former business partners, business and entire situation that led to my incarceration. Merrill’s letter to the court also provides additional context to his post-sentencing life.

i-Payout, Telecom Logic & TD Bank settle with TelexFree CA

International Payout Systems (i-Payout), TD Bank and Telecom Logic have reached a settlement with the ongoing TelexFree class-action.

Bank of America secures summary judgment in TelexFree CA

Bank of America has prevailed in a filed motion for summary judgment against the TelexFree class-action Plaintiffs.

Several TelexFree class-action defendants enter mediation

Several Defendants in the ongoing TelexFree class-action have entered mediation proceedings.

James Merrill settles TelexFree fraud with Trustee for $3 mill

Following on from a 2017 judgement, James Merrill has now settled with the TelexFree Trustee.

TelexFree Receiver announces second claim distribution

The TelexFree Receiver has sent out an email detailing a second distribution to valid claim holders.

TelexFree class-action survives seven Motions to Dismiss

Twelve Defendants in the TelexFree class-action filed motions to dismiss the latest Fifth Amended Complaint. Five motions were granted and one was partially granted, leaving six Defendants fully on the hook.

PSA: TelexFree claimants are being targeted by scammers

TelexFree victims participating in the Trusteeship claims process are being targeted by scammers. On September 6th the US Bankruptcy Court for Massachusetts published the following order:

TelexFree scammer in Peru seeks to overturn conviction

Christopher Loaiza Salazar is a convicted TelexFree scammer in Peru. Stemming from a TelexFree related criminal case opened in 2016, Salazar and “certain of his relatives” were found guilty of aggravated fraud. On the basis those he scammed did or should have filed a claim with the Trustee, Salazar now seeks to overturn his conviction.