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Carlos Wanzeler & Carlos Costa arrested in Brazil

After what feels like far too long, news today that TelexFree co-founders Carlos Wanzeler and Carlos Costa have been arrested in Brazil.

TelexFree funds used to purchase Florida apartments

Brazilian prosecutors allege Carlos Costa, co-founder of TelexFree Brazil, used investor funds to purchase ten apartments in Florida.

Major roadblock for TelexFree victim distributions removed

Unbeknown to me (and I imagine a fair for of you), the Plaintiff’s Interim Executive Committee (PIEC) and TelexFree Trustee have been at loggerheads over investment flow. Following two rulings that sided with the Trustee on the matter, now a First Circuit appeal decision has also followed suit.

How TelexFree funded a Paul McCartney concert in Brazil

A report by The Gazette has revealed how back in 2014, TelexFree funded a Paul McCartney concert in Espírito Santo, Brazil.

TelexFree Trustee urges victims not to sell claims

The TelexFree Trustee has warned against victims selling approved claims.

Brazilian court orders TelexFree (Ympactus) into bankruptcy

A Brazilian affiliate has secured a bankruptcy judgment against TelexFree. What does that mean? …I’m not sure.

Faith Sloan already violating her $778K TelexFree Ponzi judgment

On June 3rd a $778,455 final judgment was entered against Faith Sloan. Sloan’s judgment was part of the SEC’s case against TelexFree scammers, who collectively stole over $3 billion from their victims. As part of the judgment, Sloan is “permanently restrained and enjoined” from committing securities fraud. Trouble is that while her attorney was engaging [Continue reading…]

Carlos Wanzler loses Supreme Court bid, can be deported “at any time”

Carlos Wanzeler’s life as a fugitive might have finally come to an end. Following the cancellation of his Brazilian citizenship, Brazilian authorities have rejected Wanzeler’s Supreme Court appeal.

Faith Sloan settles TelexFree Ponzi fraud with Trustee

In addition to being pursued by the SEC, TelexFree net-winner Faith Sloan also faced clawback litigation from the Trustee. According to the Trustee, Sloan stole $710,319 from TelexFree victims. Earlier this month we reported Sloan had reached a settlement with the SEC. In light of that yet to be approved settlement, the Trustee and Sloan [Continue reading…]

Why TelexFree victim distribution payments are taking so long

There’s probably no group more salty in MLM  right now than TelexFree victims with approved claims. The TelexFree claim portal went live back in mid 2016. Almost three years later, not one distribution payment has been made. Now, a Status Report filed by the Trustee on April 12th, provides insight into why.