ifreex-logoDramatic scenes unfolded overnight at an iFreeX event held in the Brazilian state of São Paulo.

Speaking at the event was Sann Rodrigues, who has fled the US following regulatory action initiated against TelexFree.

Rodrigues was the largest net-winner in the $1.8 billion dollar Ponzi scheme, purportedly stealing in excess of $3 million from investors who joined after him.


Officers from the Grupo de Apoio à Execução Penal (GAEP) apparently observed the iFreeX event, before raiding the stage towards its conclusion.


Why the officers waited till the event was over or nearly over before moving in towards the stage is unclear, but one possibility is they were collecting surveillance evidence.

Details of exactly what went down at the conclusion of the event are sketchy, but I’ve seen preliminary reports from those in attendance stating that Sann Rodrigues and another individual have been arrested.

They were taken directly from the event to a local police station for questioning.

The officers in attendance can clearly be seen sporting GAEP emblazoned uniforms. As I understand it, the GAEP is a special police division that offers logistic support to department’s criminal division.

A video has also surfaced which clearly shows GAEP officers making their way to the front of the iFreeX event while someone speaks on stage:

As this is a breaking story, stay tuned for expected updates and further clarification.