ifreex-logoFollowing it being made public that Sann Rodrigues was arrested earlier this month for visa fraud, the iFreeX and 2PayNet websites have gone offline.

Coincidence, or further evidence that Rodrigues himself was running the scheme?

iFreeX was advertised by Rodigues as being “the next TelexFree”. TelexFree being a $1.8 billion dollar Ponzi scheme Rodrigues was the top investor in.

The iFreeX business model saw affiliates invest funds on the promise of a share of subsequently invested funds.

Due to the fraudulent nature of its business model, it wasn’t long before iFreeX ran into payment processor problems.

Processing was suspended back in February, with the scheme then announcing it would then be paying out via 2PayNet.

According to the 2PayNet website, the processor was founded in 2009 and based out of Hong Kong. The 2PayNet website domain however, was only registered in 2013.

Who owned 2PayNet, like iFreeX, was a complete mystery.

In its last days, Rodrigues advertised iFreeX was accepting $1000 investments on the promise of a 200% ROI.

This information was not available elsewhere (including the iFreeX website), fueling speculation Rodrigues was secretly running things.

Further supporting this is that sometime in the last twenty-four hours, both the iFreeX and 2PayNet websites have gone offline. Specifically, DNS forwarding on both domains is returning an error.


BehindMLM readers are also reporting that the iFreeX app has been pulled.

My theory is that Rodrigues was obviously running iFreeX. He was also likely running 2PayNet, a white-label re-branding of another (undisclosed) processor, both of which have gone under now that Rodrigues is sitting in a jail cell.

Either Rodrigues has ordered both sites down from within jail or those responsible for managing the iFreeX and 2PayNet websites have run scared and disabled them.

Now the question is, did regulators visit Rodrigues in jail and put a stop to iFreeX – or did Rodrigues do that on his own?

With two SEC injunctions prohibiting Rodrigues from committing fraud currently in place, that he would boldly run yet another Ponzi scheme is either ballsy, incredibly stupid… or both.

In any event, the alternative to Rodrigues not running iFreeX and 2PayNet sounds pretty ridiculous at this point.

As BehindMLM reader Diego put it;

It seems like Sann “I’m not the owner” Rodrigues is a very, very importante iFreeX promoter.

He’s so important to the “business” that iFreeX website is no more, ditto iFreeX app on the App Store.

I guess the “owners” are sort of protesting Sann’s imprisonment, right? :p


Currently Rodrigues is being held in a New Jersey State Prison. What with it being Memorial Day weekend in the States, we’re waiting on further developments in the visa fraud case against him.

Stay tuned…