telexfree-logoAt a bond hearing last Friday Sanderley Rodrigues coughed up $200,000 for bail.

Then, if reports out of Brazil are to be believed, on Monday Rodrigues was promptly arrested again.


Rodrigues himself didn’t have the money to post bail, and instead relied on a friend to pony up the money.

As per a bond agreement signed on the 26th of June, Rodrigues’ wife Camila Quinamos deposited $200,000 in cash with the court.

Where Quinamos got the $200,000 from is unclear. In an affidavit filed by Rodrigues at his initial appearance hearing in late May, Rodrigues claimed to be “the sole earner” in his family.

In any event, Quinamos posting of Rodrigues’ bail saw him released to home detention (24 hour lockdown) with location monitoring.

For the purposes of trial, Rodrigues’ travel is restricted to Massachusetts and Florida (where he lives), and he was also ordered to surrender his passport and undergo psychiatric treatment (no specific details were provided).

That was Friday June 26th, with Brazilian media reporting on Monday June 29th that Rodrigues had been arrested again.

Turns out a warrant was out for the arrest of Rodrigues in Brazil, with authorities figuring now was as good a time as any to act on their warant.

According to the el Nuevo Herald:

Rodrigues, 43, was to be released in federal court in Boston, prosecution spokeswoman Elizabeth McCarthy said, but authorities held him for a warrant from Brazil.

A federal judge in Brazil is investigating Rodrigues for his role in the Telexfree case.

In a telephone conversation with The Associated Press Guilherme Helmer, chief of the federal police in the state of Espirito Santo in Brazil, he confirmed the arrest warrant Rodrigues.

With TelexFree forming the broader part of the investigation, specifically it seems Rodrigues was nabbed for fleeing Brazil.

Back in February police raided an iFreeX event in São Paulo, with Rodrigues taken in for questioning, had his passport confiscated and was ordered not to leave the country.

Rodrigues instead played down the event by posting celebratory videos on his Facebook page and leaving Brazil anyway.

“Despite the ban Rodrigues left Brazil and traveled to the United States,” Helmer said.

iFreeX was a reload pyramid scheme Rodrigues launched shortly after the SEC shutdown TelexFree. Rodrigues denies running the scheme, but shortly after his visa arrest the iFreeX website went offline and the scheme collapsed.

Details about Rodrigues current status are sketchy, but I believe he is being held in custody on the Brazilian warrant until further notice.

Stay tuned…