Igor Alberts’ OneCoin, DagCoin and Success Factory downline, ironically named “Success4All”, looks set to join the OmegaPro Ponzi scheme.

Since DagCoin owner Nils Grossberg’s arrest last month, Success4All leaders have hinted they’re getting ready to join a new scam.

In an October 26th video posted to his YouTube channel, Quini Amores primes Success4All victims for OmegaPro.

OmegaPro is a Dubai-based Ponzi scheme run by Dilawar Singh, Andreas Szakacs and Mike Sims.

Amores frames his video as addressing objections to getting scammed in OmegaPro.

Answering “why OmegaPro now?” (because the DagCoin Ponzi scheme collapsed and its owner has been arrested), Amores states;

Two and a half years ago I was introduced to the OmegaPro opportunity.

I was one of the people who could have joined at that time.

Amores goes on to state Igor Alberts staying in the DagCoin and Success Factory Ponzi scheme is ultimately why he stayed.

Now is the best time for me, because I have more experience, because the company has numbers, and they’ve done it without me.

And as I know, what’s going to happen in the next two years, with a lot of planning from the part of the company’s management team, I’ve decided that they’re going to do it with me.

OmegaPro, launched in 2019, pitches a 200% ROI over 16 months. Early investors and top recruiters will have cashed out, with the majority of current investors mathematically guaranteed to take a loss.

Rather than acknowledge the hundreds of thousands of victims Success4All has stolen from through OneCoin, Dagcoin and Success Factory, Amores turns to the “attacks”, “people don’t understand” and “shoot the messenger” scam cliches.

Why are there so many people on YouTube and social networks who attack OmegaPro?

For me the attacks on social media or YouTube are a very logical thing, because first of all, people misrepresent the information about anything.

But when one is intelligent and you check who the information comes from, you realise that sometimes it’s simply to make money from the visits from people who are going to see that information.

Amores goes on to complain that nobody (with perhaps the exception of Ted Nuyten’s BusinessForHome), writes anything positive about Ponzi schemes stealing millions from consumers.

On OmegaPro’s illegal business model, Amores dances around the Ponzi scheme committing wire and securities fraud.

For me the legality of a company is a very simple thing to understand if it is in the market, I have always thought that the police are not stupid.

If anywhere you can check all the information that you can have on any company in the world today.

Four years that go with facts and not with opinions that the company works.

But what is the problem of legality that the companies have?

The fear that sometimes competition can apply around all of those, let’s say brands, where through the social media or through the opinions of people who have never achieved anything and they don’t want you to achieve it, because they sometimes have an influence in opinions.

It’s very simple.

For me a company that is headquartered in a country called Dubai, which has different registrations in different countries, such as the Grenadine Islands, because it seems like they’re out of the world.

They’re on this planet and they have laws. They also come with laws of England, well it makes me, it makes me have piece of mind.

Because no one who has such a massive success can do things that are not within the law.

Most of Amores rambling makes no sense but I’ll address the primary points.

First of all Dubai. Dubai is the MLM crime capital of the world.

As far as regulation of financial fraud goes, Dubai turns a blind eye. It is precisely for this reason that OmegaPro and other MLM companies are based there, and why the crime-ridden emirate is so attractive to Success4All’s career scammers.

While not as notorious as Dubai, the Grenadine Islands is another scam-friendly jurisdiction with no active securities regulation.

Not withstanding it too being a scam-friendly jurisdiction, OmegaPro has nothing to do with the UK. I’m not sure why Amores brought it up.

As for “no one who has such a massive success can do things that are not within the law”, one need only look at Amores’ past two Ponzi schemes.

I want to clarify that how much is stolen through a Ponzi scheme is by no means a measure of success, but this is how scammers like Amores see the world.

With that in mind, OneCoin was a $4 billion dollar Ponzi scheme. DagCoin is suspected of stealing upwards of $300 million.

US authorities have led the charge with arresting OneCoin insiders and money launderers.

BehindMLM suspects the only reason Igor Alberts, who stole over $100 million through OneCoin and likely tens of millions through DagCoin and Success Factory, is he’s been sheltered by Dutch authorities.

By Amores’ logic, OneCoin, DagCoin and Success Factory’s “success” means they aren’t Ponzi schemes.

No doubt your Quini Amoreses, Igor Albertes and Ted Nuytenses of the world actually believe this. However it is not based on fact or reality.

If OmegaPro wasn’t being sheltered by corrupt Dubai officials, it would have likely been shut down by now.

To date OmegaPro has received securities fraud warnings from  Congo Republic (multiple arrests), Spain (two fraud warnings), Mauritius, Argentina, Colombia, ChileNicaraguaFrance (added to fraud blacklist twice), Belgium and Peru.

SimilarWeb tracked over 2.5 million visits to OmegaPro’s website in September, most of which originated out of Colombia (62%) and Argentina (13%).

This is obviously unsustainable and suggests OmegaPro has reached critical mass – which is likely where Success4All comes in.

As per whatever undisclosed backroom financial deals have been made, Igor Alberts, Quini Amores and the rest of the Success4All scammers will be charged with finding new victims.

If OneCoin, DagCoin and Success4All are anything to go by, this likely means pillaging Europe (again). Or at least trying to.

Two years in and OmegaPro’s exploding 200% ROI liabilities are only going to get worse. Trying to counter the math is a hard task, even for some of the most notorious Ponzi promoters in the world.

The ghost of DagCoin and Success Factory, both believed to have ties to organized crime in Europe, might also hinder Success4All’s efforts.

In a recent post to Instagram…

…Iulian Cimbala suggested DagCoin and Success Factory had

hack(ed) the leaders social media accounts and sen(t) people to steal in their house by taking the address from the KYC system.

Cimbala is the brother of Andreea, ex-wife of Success4All kingpin Igor Alberts.

Between OneCoin, Dagcoin and Success Factory, consumer losses at a minimum are pegged at over $150 million.

How much additional financial harm is added to the tally through OmegaPro remains to be seen.


Update 14th February 2023 – Quini Amores has marked his OmegaPro marketing video as private.

This article originally contained a link to the video, which I’ve now disabled.