Success Factory is a marketing spinoff for DagCoin, a OneCoin clone launched by former investor Nils Grossberg.

DagCoin collapsed earlier this year, leaving investors bagholding yet another worthless Ponzi coin.

To keep the grift going, Success Factory pivoted to automated forex trading.

Thus far this has failed to gain traction outside of recruitment in a few third-world countries (Ghana is being pillaged pretty hard at the moment).

Behind the scenes, Success Factory itself appears to be on the verge of collapse.

Top earners Igor Alberts and Andrea Cimbala, also husband and wife, are believed to have abandoned Success Factory and fled to Dubai.

For now Alberts and Cimbala have yet to address their Success Factory departure. They’ll probably come out trashing the Ponzi scheme once they find a new scam to promote.

To get a sense of recent events, we thus turn to “What Dreams May Come” lackeys Iulian Cimbala and Quini Amores.

Iulian Cimbala is the brother of Andreea Cimbala. After getting nowhere in MLM on his own efforts, Iulian was given a nepotism position in OneCoin by his sister.

This carried over to DagCoin and Success Factory.

On September 20th Iulian uploaded “Iulian Cimbala – Leadership with Purpose – Success For All – Farewell Success Factory” to his YouTube channel.

In the video Iulian announces he is leaving Success Factory;

[1:12] Unfortunately my journey has come to an end with this company Success Factory.

That will happen already from today, because what has happened in the last two weeks.

It’s something from the corporate side and from the management side, that is unacceptable for my code of honor, for my principles of life and for my philosophy.

I am very sad to say that but unfortunately it is what it is.

It’s laughably ironic to see someone who makes a living scamming people through Ponzi schemes mention a “code of honor”, but I digress.

Iulian doesn’t get into specifics but I can almost guarantee you whatever beef he has with Success Factory comes down to money.

The rest of Iulian’s video sees him whitewash his financial crimes. He’s also not done yet scamming people.

[2:43] I am looking forward to looking forward to look for the next opportunity for our last house, for our leaders around the world, for me and my network family.

When a vehicle cannot bring you where you want, that means you need to find a new one that can bring you to the next level.

Iulian is currently in Abu Dhabi, where Success Factory recently held its 2022 top scammer shindig.

“#elev8” features a hashtag on Iulian’s latest Instagram post:

Unless there’s another “elev8” in the MLM industry I’m now aware of, this suggests Iulian has joined B-Epic.

Bit of an odd choice, seeing as B-Epic’s owner Dan Putnam is staring down an SEC securities fraud trial next year.

I’d have thought Iulian would’ve wanted to put as much distance between himself and US authorities as possible (*coughcough* OneCoin). But again, I digress.

Whether Iulian has relocated to Abu Dhabi is unclear. A week ago he was in Dubai:

Quini Amores was a top OneCoin promoter, focused on scamming Spanish speakers.

Three years after the Ponzi side of OneCoin collapsed, Amores bailed to join Alberts in Success Factory in late 2020.

By December 2021, Amores’ grandfathered in Success Factory position had reached Black Diamond.

On September 18th the YouTube channel “One Dream Team Network” uploaded “Quini Amores – Leadership With Purpose – Success For All- Farewell Success Factory”.

Amores more or less follows the same script as Iulian Cimbala;

[0:51] In the last few days the company was doing very unethical actions and above all actions that were not appropriate for a company that I considered established at a high level.

I am talking about situations that have been a very low level at the human and business level.

Like Iulian’s speech, if you ignored the context Amores could very be talking about himself.

[1:28] I will never be part again of this company and I am not going to promote any of their products and services.

And also like Iulian, Amores isn’t done scamming people;

[2:00] Today I am starting to evaluate these marvelous opportunities that are out there in the market.

Immediately after filming his last Success Factory video, Amores fled to Dubai.

Neither Iulian Cimbala or Quini Amores do anything business related unless Igor Alberts tells them to jump.

Which begs the question, are Igor Alberts and Andreea Cimbala still in Success Factory?

If the “What Dreams May Come”  lackeys have left, then the answer is no. And here’s where things get even more interesting.

Both Iulian Cimbala’s and Quini Amores’ last Success Factory videos were shot in Igor Alberts’ Amsterdam mansion.

On September 28th Quote published an article noting the mansion was now listed for sale.

What’s more, neither Alberts or Cimbala are registered owners of the property.

A look at the land registry shows that it was in any case not Alberts or Cimbala who put €1.85 million on the table in 2013.

According to the deed of sale, Coen Janssen bought this plot of land from mortgagee ING on behalf of VBJ Vastgoed by means of a power of attorney.

Quote reached out to Janssen for an explanation but received a “hostile” response.

A call to Coen Janssen proved fruitless. This one was a bit hostile ‘so you can ask curious questions, sure.’ Correct.

Even when we indicate that we are writing an article about this house, Janssen does not want to cooperate.

I am not familiar with the name Coen Janssen. I believe there are two possibilities at play here:

  1. money laundering of some kind (obvious explanation); or
  2. Igor Alberts’ and Andreea Cimbala’s showing of wealth is built on a lie.

Whatever the arrangement, Alberts’ and Cimbala’s “What Dreams May Come” crime den is on the market. And that has seen them too flee to Dubai.

When exactly Alberts fled to Dubai is unclear, but he’s been there since at least late August.

Sometime in the past week Cimbala posted a photo to Instagram suggesting she was also on her way to Dubai:

Since then, and I’m trying not to read too much into this, Cimbala has deleted her Instagram account.

What I do know is nobody in MLM uproots their life to go live in Dubai by choice. It’s where scammers go to avoid authorities, either after learning they are under investigation and/or pre-empting arrest.

Between OneCoin, DagCoin and Success Factory, Alberts and Cimbala have personally stolen over a hundred million from consumers.

Furthermore Alberts and Cimbala have two young children. Dubai is the MLM crime capital of the world, home to the world’s most notorious scammers.

In contrast to a large estate in the relatively peaceful setting of Naarden, Amsterdam, Dubai is no place to be raising kids.

Cimbala nuking her Instagram account remains a point of interest. She is also absent on Alberts’ recent Dubai social media posts.

Alberts has nine other children to previous wives.

Getting back to DagCoin and Success Factory, the company is keeping up appearances by spruiking a new “family”:

The reality is, by the time Alberts and his downline bailed, Success Factory’s leadership pool had dwindled to a handful:

Noticeably absent from any of Success Factories recent marketing efforts is company owner Nils Grossberg. This further raises eyebrows.


Update 29th September 2022 – I take that back, here’s Grossberg on stage:

That was published on Success Factory’s official Instagram account a few hours ago. /end update


What exactly led to Success Factory losing its top scammers is unclear. The company has not publicly addressed the falling out.


Update October 19th, 2022 – Nils Grossberg and Kris Ress have been arrested in Estonia.


Update 1st November 2022 – Igor Alberts and Andreea Cimbala have returned to the Netherlands.


Update 23rd December 2023 – The “Quini Amores – Leadership With Purpose – Success For All- Farewell Success Factory“ YouTube video cited in this review has been deleted.

This article originally contained a link to the video. Owing to it being deleted I’ve now disabled the previously accessible link.