France has added as second OmegaPro related website to its fraud blacklist.

As per a May 19th warning put out by the Autorite des Marches Financiers, France’s top financial regulator,

The AMF and ACPR have found that Omega Pro Ltd also operates from another French-language website,, which promises unrealistic gains (“+300% in 16 months”) with a trading service automated on Forex, presented as “a safe haven”.

The website has just been added to the FOREX blacklist.

The AMF notes communication from the Institut d’Émission d’Outre-Mer (L’IEOM), noting illegal promotion of OmegaPro in French Polynesia.

France outlawed OmegaPro back in 2020. Despite the ban, analysis by SimilarWeb still shows France as the second largest source of traffic to OmegaPro’s website.

Behind Colombia at 54% (OmegaPro is certified illegal there too), as of April 2022 France sits at 9% of OmegaPro website traffic. This is up 29% from March 2022.

As to the website in question, the domain “” was privately registered in October 2021.

Before the website was deleted, Business Empire was used to pitch OmegaPro’s Ponzi scheme:

The FaceBook link at the top of the page has also been deleted. The linked YouTube channel however is still up (click to enlarge);

As above, the first video uploaded to the “OMP Groups” channel was on November 10th, 2021. It depicts an Omega Pro account holder going by “mira”, investing $5000 into the Ponzi scheme.

The video description reads;

How to grow your money in 2021, reliably and profitably, 100 passive and automatic!!!

I show you in all transparency my investment of $5,000 made on September 30, I generate 0.51% compound interest every day, a gain of $25.69 per day.

In total I have already earned $677.01 in compound interest without doing anything.

My contract ends in 13 months and 9 days, and I would make a 300% I will triple my investment. 5,000 who will become 15,000!!!!

A unique service that allows you to earn 0.455% compound interest per day, 10% compound interest per month, triple your investment in 14 months and 9 days, no subscription, investment not blocked and interest withdrawable every days.

A free and triple secure platform to see the evolution of your investments.

The last video on the channel, titled “TRIPLE YOUR INVESTMENT IN LESS THAN 16 MONTHS THANKS TO A UNIQUE SERVICE”, was uploaded on April 21st, 2022:

While the website’s own FaceBook page has been deleted, the website also contained a link to a FaceBook group.

That link leads to the still active but private FaceBook group, “Business Empire Témoignages | Solutions Financières”:

At time of publication the group has 122 members, two of which are admins; Valerie Bastid and Muller Alexis.

Valerie Bastid’s FaceBook page links back to the Business Empire YouTube channel.

As of May 3rd, and in violation of the AMF’s 2020 directive, Bastid appears to still be promoting OmegaPro in France:

Muller Alexis’s FaceBook profile places him in Tubize, Belgium.

Belgian authorities declared OmegaPro a “fraudulent online trading platform” in May 2021.

OmegaPro is an MLM trading bot Ponzi run by Andreas Szakacs (Sweden), Mike Sims (US) and Dilawar Singh (Germany).

All three have relocated from their respective home countries to Dubai.

In addition to France and Belgium, OmegaPro regulatory action has been taken by Congo Republic (multiple arrests), Spain (two fraud warnings), Mauritius, ArgentinaColombia, Peru, Chile and Nicaragua.