OmegaPro has been declared a fraudulent online trading platform in Belgium.

The Financial Services and Markets Authority’s May 5th warning follows ‘complaints from consumers concerning new fraudulent online trading platforms that are operating in the Belgian market.’

As per the FSMA, OmegaPro is ‘most likely (a) case of investment fraud.’

he FSMA notes that several fraudulent trading platforms propose a so-called ‘affiliate programme’ to consumers.

These programmes exhibit signs of a pyramid scheme or at any rate of a Ponzi scheme.

BehindMLM reviewed OmegaPro back in January 2019.

Noting the company was pitching a 200% with no verifiable source of external revenue, OmegaPro was identified as a Ponzi scheme.

The FSMA therefore strongly advises against responding to any offers of financial services made by (Omega Pro).

Always verify if the company in question has the requisite authorization.

To this end, an easy search on the financial supervisory authority’s website will do.

OmegaPro is not registered with the FSMA, meaning the company commits securities fraud in Belgium.

Spain issued a similar securities fraud warning against OmegaPro last August. France has also added the company to its fraud blacklist.

Alexa traffic estimates suggest OmegaPro is being heavily promoted in Japan, Colombia and Norway.