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Eric Worre distances himself as OmegaPro Ponzi collapses

OmegaPro is collapsing and the scumbags that ran, promoted and enabled the Ponzi scheme are abandoning ship. Back in May 2022 MLM veteran Eric Worre joined OmegaPro corporate as Official Strategic Coach. Now that there’s no more money to steal, Worre is distancing himself from the fast-collapsing Ponzi.

OmegaPro initiates PulseWorld XPL token exit-scam

OmegaPro appears to have reached critical mass. Following a bonus investment promotion, the Ponzi scheme has now rolled out its own crypto token exit-scam.

Success4All to join OmegaPro Dubai Ponzi scheme

Igor Alberts’ OneCoin, DagCoin and Success Factory downline, ironically named “Success4All”, looks set to join the OmegaPro Ponzi scheme.

OneCoin’s Christopher Hamilton a step closer to US extradition

OneCoin money launderer Christopher Hamilton will be extradited from the UK to the US.

OmegaPro securities fraud warning from Peru

OmegaPro has received a securities fraud warning from Peru’s Superintendencia de Banca. It is the second fraud warning issued by the SBS against the company.

Eric Worre bitten by the Dubai MLM Ponzi bug

I saw a disturbing headline on BusinessForHome today; Eric Worre Announced As OmegaPro‚Äôs New Official Strategic Coach OmegaPro, the Dubai-based MLM Ponzi? Oh dear. Turns out OmegaPro isn’t the only Dubai MLM Ponzi Worre has hitched his Network Marketing Pro wagon to.

Second OmegaPro website added to France’s fraud blacklist

France has added as second OmegaPro related website to its fraud blacklist.

OmegaPro securities fraud warning from Nicaragua

OmegaPro has received a securities fraud warning from Nicaragua’s Superintendencia de Bancos y de Otras Instituciones Financieras (SIBOIF).

OmegaPro a Ponzi in Congo Republic, arrests made

Congo Republic’s Director General of National Financial Institutions, Jean-Pierre Nonault, has stated OmegaPro is a “Ponzi type scam”. The declaration follows arrest warrants issued against two national OmegaPro managers.

Second OmegaPro securities fraud warning from Spain

OmegaPro has received a second securities fraud warning from Spain’s Comision Nacional del Mercado de Valores.