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Eric Worre bitten by the Dubai MLM Ponzi bug

I saw a disturbing headline on BusinessForHome today; Eric Worre Announced As OmegaPro’s New Official Strategic Coach OmegaPro, the Dubai-based MLM Ponzi? Oh dear. Turns out OmegaPro isn’t the only Dubai MLM Ponzi Worre has hitched his Network Marketing Pro wagon to.

Second OmegaPro website added to France’s fraud blacklist

France has added as second OmegaPro related website to its fraud blacklist.

OmegaPro securities fraud warning from Nicaragua

OmegaPro has received a securities fraud warning from Nicaragua’s Superintendencia de Bancos y de Otras Instituciones Financieras (SIBOIF).

OmegaPro a Ponzi in Congo Republic, arrests made

Congo Republic’s Director General of National Financial Institutions, Jean-Pierre Nonault, has stated OmegaPro is a “Ponzi type scam”. The declaration follows arrest warrants issued against two national OmegaPro managers.

Second OmegaPro securities fraud warning from Spain

OmegaPro has received a second securities fraud warning from Spain’s Comision Nacional del Mercado de Valores.

OmegaPro securities fraud warning from Mauritius

OmegaPro has received a securities fraud warning from Mauritius’ Financial Services Commission.

OmegaPro securities fraud cease and desist from Argentina

OmegaPro has received a securities fraud cease and desist from Argentina’s Comision Nacional de Valores.

OmegaPro funds seized by UK authorities (OneCoin?)

OmegaPro funds have been seized by UK authorities. The regulatory action occurred through OMP Money, a UK shell company set up by OmegaPro to access banking channels. OMP Money was in turn tied to Viola Money, which was shut down by UK authorities last December.

OmegaPro’s 2021 Fintech awards bought at a Bollywood show?

In September 2021 OmegaPro boasted it had won ““The Best Financial Services Platform 2021” and “The Best Fintech Start-Up 2021” awards. No context was provided, other than the awards were handed out in Dubai. As a BehindMLM reader has pointed out, if you examine the backdrop, things start to fall apart.

OmegaPro trots out scam ambassador Steven Seagal

Unable to rest on the legitimacy of their fraudulent business models, Ponzi schemes often push legitimacy via association. The basic idea is you associate your scam with seemingly legitimate people or companies. This is done to detract attention away from fraud. It also presents in marketing as “but surely X wouldn’t be involved if Y [Continue reading…]