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The hunt for Yas Castellum’s Tin Quoc Tran

Yas Casetellum’s Tin Quoc Tran is on the run after learning of a pending CFTC action against him. Notwithstanding, the regulator believes Tran is aware of the lawsuit and has requested permission to proceed anyway.

Mike Sims consents to Yas Castellum Ponzi injunction

Michael Shannon Sims, known in the MLM industry as Mike Sims, has consented to a preliminary injunction. The injunction pertains to commodities fraud charges brought by the CFTC. The CFTC’s January 2023 filed charges are in relation to a series of Ponzi schemes run by Sims (below), Todd Brisco (Sims’ brother in law), Tin Tran, [Continue reading…]

OmegaPro’s Juan Carlos Reynoso arrested in Mexico

OmegaPro executive Juan Carlos Reynoso has been arrested in Mexico. Mexican authorities detained Reynoso, a Peruvian national, as part of a wider investigation into cartel-linked Black Wall Street Capital.

Was OmegaPro tied to collapsed The Traders Domain Ponzi?

There have been rumblings that OmegaPro’s collapse is tied to The Traders Domain, a non-MLM Ponzi scheme that also collapsed in late 2022. The implication being that OmegaPro investor funds were commingled into The Traders Domain, which was running its own Ponzi. I haven’t been able to verify anything, and I still can’t – at [Continue reading…]

Go Global Review: Collapsed OmegaPro Ponzi rebooted

Go Global was hastily put together following OmegaPro’s collapse in late 2022. Go Global operates from the website domain “”, privately registered on December 24th, 2022. At time of publication Go Global’s website fails to provide ownership or executive information. From Go Global’s prelaunch marketing material however, we learn the company is headed up by: [Continue reading…]

Eric Worre to front OmegaPro Ponzi reboot Go Global

I kind of figured after OmegaPro collapsed, likely causing hundreds of millions in losses to consumers in the process, that Eric Worre would stop attaching his name to Ponzi schemes. Boy was I wrong. After distancing himself from OmegaPro as it collapsed last November, Worre has resurfaced as the face of the Go Global reboot.

OmegaPro Trade Review: Recovery scam targeting victims

16OmegaPro Trade fails to provide ownership or executive information on its website. OmegaPro Trade’s website domain (“”), was privately registered on February 11th, 2022. Despite only existing at best for just under a year, OmegaPro Trade falsely claims it “has been working in the market for 5 years”. If we look at the source-code for [Continue reading…]

Colombia fined three OmegaPro scammers for fraud in 2022

Following on from our coverage of Angie Amaya’s fine, I’ve since learnt that three OmegaPro scammers were fined by the SFC in 2022. The SFC also issued a second OmegaPro securities fraud warning. And, as late as December 29th, ordered yet another Colombian OmegaPro promoter to stop scamming.

OmegaPro scammer Angie Amaya fined $8.5K in Colombia

OmegaPro Ponzi promoter Angie Vanessa Pineda Amaya has been fined. Amaya was one of eight scammers ordered to cease promoting OmegaPro in May 2021.

Evolve Markets claims OmegaPro’s Broker Group “stole” design

Last month OmegaPro revealed the end of its Ponzi exit-scam; Broker Group. If we look at the source-code for Broker-Group’s website, we notice something strange: There are fifty-three references to the domain “”. Evolve Markets is a cryptocurrency trading platform that seemingly has nothing to do with OmegaPro or Broker Group. A BehindMLM reader contacted [Continue reading…]