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Nigerian OmegaPro victims name and shame recruiters

A group of OmegaPro victims has named and shamed some of the countries top recruiters. Nigerian OmegaPro losses are believed to be around $120 million, mostly stolen from “widows, retirees, high-net-worth individuals, big business people, and even young people just starting in life”. Top OmegaPro recruiters in Nigeria meanwhile are buying multi-million dollar property portfolios, [Continue reading…]

OmegaPro co-founder Mike Sims distances himself from Ponzi

In the wake of the OmegaPro Ponzi collapsing, co-founder Mike Sims is attempting to distance himself from the scam. In recently recorded footage, directed at OmegaPro victims, Sims claims he’s “working right now … to find out what is going on with the company”. Following on from his involvement in the SAEG Capital and Traders [Continue reading…]

Mike Sims lies about CFTC fraud charges, deceives victims

In undated video footage that appears to be directed to OmegaPro victims, Michael Shannon Simms, has bizarrely denied the CFTC has filed fraud charges against him. Sims, aka Mike Sims, is also appealing to OmegaPro victims to send him potentially incriminating evidence.

SAEG Ponzi scheme & Ted Safranko cop $3.8 mill judgment

The CFTC has secured default judgment against SAEG Capital General Management and Fredirick Safranko. Following Entry of Defaults recorded against both SAEG and Safranko, default judgment was ordered on September 5th.

Mike Sims is butthurt his assets are being seized

Following our report yesterday on OmegaPro scammer Mike Sims’ assets being seized, a BehindMLM reader reached out to him about it. Understandably, Sims is a little upset.

SAEG Receiver seizing Mike Sims’ assets

Following an asset deposition of Mike Sims back in May, the SAEG Receiver has begun seizing assets tied to fraud.

Eric Worre sweeps millions in Ponzi fraud under the rug

Eric Worre has been in the spotlight of late for recruiting people into Traders Domain, a half billion dollar Ponzi scheme. This followed Worre signing on with OmegaPro corporate and publicly endorsing the Ponzi scheme, which was tied to Traders Domain. Both OmegaPro and The Traders Domain collapsed in late 2022. Earlier today, Worre uploaded [Continue reading…]

Traders Domain top MLM recruiters named & shamed

Traders Domain was a Ponzi scheme run by Canadian national Ted Safranko. An estimated $500 million is believed to have passed through Traders Domain in crypto alone. ROI liabilities at the time of Traders Domain’s collapse in late 2022 have been pegged at around $3.3 billion. While Traders Domain itself wasn’t an MLM Ponzi scheme, [Continue reading…]

Mexico releases notorious Ponzi thief Juan Carlos Reynoso

Prolific Ponzi promoter Juan Carlos Reynoso has been released from custody. Mexican authorities were ordered to release Reynoso and his accomplices on June 1st.

The hunt for Yas Castellum’s Tin Quoc Tran

Yas Casetellum’s Tin Quoc Tran is on the run after learning of a pending CFTC action against him. Notwithstanding, the regulator believes Tran is aware of the lawsuit and has requested permission to proceed anyway.