Estonian police have arrested four DagCoin executives, including founder Nils Grossberg and CVO Kris Ress (aka Kristjan Ress).

The arrests were made two weeks ago, with Grossberg and Ress denied bail and remanded to custody for two months.

Genius reports that Estonian police have not named any of the suspects, but their sources have confirmed Grossberg and Ress are among the four arrested.

Police neither confirming or denying the arrests suggests the DagCoin investigation is ongoing.

Preliminary estimates by police claim that Grossberg and Ress stole eight million euros through DagCoin. The actual amount is expected to be much higher.

The DagCoin Ponzi scheme was marketed through Success Factory.

Of note is two weeks ago puts at roughly October 5th. On September 29th BehindMLM reported top DagCoin and Success Factory net-winners had fled the Netherlands for Dubai.

Among DagCoin’s biggest scammers are Igor Alberts, Andreea Cimbala, Iulian Cimbala and Quini Amores.

Since our September report, Igor Alberts has deleted his social media accounts. Alberts’ wife, Andreea Cimbala, had deleted her accounts just before the couple fled Europe.

BehindMLM can’t confirm whether DagCoin’s and Success Factory’s top earners are still in Dubai.

We however can confirm, at least as of four days ago, is that the scammers are plotting to launch a new scam through “Success4All”, Alberts’ and Cimbala’s OneCoin, DagCoin and Success Factory downline group.

Geenius reports that Estonian police have yet to confirm whether Alberts and Cimbala are “also in their sights”.

Nils Grossberg modeled DagCoin on the notorious OneCoin Ponzi scheme.

DagCoin’s mid 2017 launch came off the back of OneCoin’s January 2017 collapse.

Success Factory came after Igor Alberts abandoned OneCoin in December 2017.

Success Factory was modelled on OneLife, the marketing arm of OneCoin.

Igor Alberts ran Success Factory from the Netherlands. Grossberg and Ress ran DagCoin from Estonia. In practice they were one and the same company.

To their disgrace, Dutch authorities sheltered Igor Alberts and Andreea Cimbala for well over half a decade.

The timing of their departure mirrors Alberts and Cimbala abandoning OneCoin, two months after missing founder Ruja Ignatova was indicted.

Ignatova disappeared in October 2017, following a tip off from Frank Schneider of the FBI’s OneCoin investigation.

Alberts’ and Cimbala’s timing fleeing the Netherlands is extremely suspect. Whether they have a mole within the Dutch police force is unclear.

It would certainly explain why Dutch authorities took not action against them and allowed the couple to flee abroad.

I don’t use the term “allowed” lightly. It is inconceivable Dutch authorities were unaware of Alberts and Cimbala scamming over a hundred million through OneCoin, DagCoin and Success Factory.

Another point of note is Success Factory “launching in the US” earlier this year.

Rather than risk travelling to the US themselves, Grossberg and Alberts placed Roald Mailly in charge.

Not surprisingly, Mailly is also a former OneCoin scammer.

Whether US authorities are investigating any of the DagCoin and Success Factory insiders is unclear.

Pending further updates out of Estonia, stay tuned…


Update 19th October 2022 – Additional reporting from Postimees provides insight into what Grossberg and Ress have been charged for.

“Based on the data collected so far in the criminal proceedings, there is reason to believe that the suspects have artificially increased the price of dagcoin and the number of its users in order to receive investment, creating a perception for the public as a functional and constantly increasing value virtual currency that can be used as a means of payment or earn income from its storage,” District prosecutor Kristiina Laas added.

According to preliminary data, this kind of activity has caused a loss of nearly 8 million euros to investors. Most of the victims are from foreign countries.

Postimees goes on to report that DagCoin marketed itself on the legitimacy of Estonia as a crypto crime haven.


Update 5th January 2023 – Dutch media are reporting that Grossberg and Ress were released last month. The criminal investigation into the pair continues.