Igor Alberts’ stint in Dubai has come to an end.

Last week the notorious Ponzi scammer returned to the Netherlands, where he is believed to be protected by Dutch authorities.

After disabling his Instagram account, Alberts resurrected his defunct FaceBook page to post a video on October 23rd (I only came across it today).

In the video Alberts addresses the recent crackdown on the DagCoin and Success Factory Ponzi scheme.

Unfortunately, like he did with OneCoin, Alberts doesn’t take any accountability for defrauding consumers out of millions.

Instead Alberts in full damage-control, insisting he doesn’t own and didn’t run Success Factory from the Netherlands.

I have never been the owner of DagCoin or Success Factory.

I’m still living in the House of Dreams and I love it, I enjoy it. So far, you see, I’m not arrested. I’m not even questioned. Nobody came to us so far.

You never know what happens tomorrow but we have nothing to hide because we didn’t do nothing wrong.

Certainly an odd position to take for someone who has stolen $150 million through the OneCoin, DagCoin and Success Factory Ponzi schemes.

The whole situation is of course a little bit challenging. It’s not that we like it, we are huge customers of Success Factory.

We invested millions and millions in(to) the product, DagCoin. We invested a lot of money in the view. We invested a lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot of energy and a lot of hope into that.

And the situation as it is now is of course not that great.

The “situation” Alberts refers to is the recent arrest in Estonia of DagCoin founder Nils Grossberg.

After abandoning OneCoin 2017 after the Ponzi collapsed, Alberts worked closely with Grossberg to create Success Factory.

Success Factory mimicked the relationship between OneCoin and OneLife. Alberts promoted DagCoin until it collapsed earlier this year.

Rather than admit he owns Success Factory, Alberts claims he’s a “passive client” of the Ponzi scheme.

Unfortunately they suspended us a month ago, because they are not agreeing that we became passively.

And as a passive affiliate, of course we like to benefit from the work that we did in the last five years. Because we did a tremendous job.

Alberts claims he has “hundreds” of Dagcoin investor accounts.

Due in part to ongoing inaction by Dutch authorities, total DagCoin and Success Factory victim losses are known.

Alberts, who had “hundreds of thousands” of Dagcoin investors under him, claims the Ponzi scheme “worked out fine”.

Like OneCoin, Alberts refuses to acknowledge DagCoin and Success Factory being a Ponzi scheme.

It’s not a scam but it didn’t work out the way everybody hoped and expected… so far.

That doesn’t mean that it’s not going to work out this way.

I want to say that … I don’t think, personally, that, as far as I know, Kris and Nils did something wrong. Or try to scam you.


  • DagCoin’s founder Grossberg has been arrested and is facing criminal charges
  • DagCoin investors haven’t been able to cash out for over a year and
  • Alberts certainly isn’t giving anyone back the money he stole through DagCoin

…Alberts’ disregard for his victims comes off as lip service. Again, not unlike the OneCoin sob story he concocted.

Speaking on whether Estonian or Dutch authorities are looking for him, Alberts stated;

Is somebody looking for us? Absolutely not, that we are aware.

Dutch authorities are believed to have sheltered Alberts and now ex-wife Andreea Cimbala from the fallout of OneCoin.

While top earners through the $4 billion Ponzi scheme elsewhere have been arrested, Dutch authorities have taken no action against Alberts and Cimbala.

Second only to founder Ruja Ignatova’s whereabouts, inaction against Alberts and Cimbala remains one of OneCoin’s biggest mysteries.

It is unclear whether Dutch authorities have thwarted attempts to bring Alberts and Cimbala to justice by their foreign counterparts.

A mole within FIOD, the Dutch FBI equivalent, is believed to have tipped Alberts off to the pending Estonian arrests and raid on Success Factory’s office.

This prompted Alberts to flee to Dubai in late August.

At the request of Estonian authorities, Dutch authorities belligerently raided Success Factory’s Netherlands HQ last month. What, if anything, came of the raids remains unclear.

Alberts’ “House of Dreams” mansion was listed for sale on September 28th. The property was purchased for €1.85 million in 2013 through Coen Janssen.

Janssen, described as “hostile” by Dutch media, is believed to be an associate of Alberts.

Officially, and this probably ties into money laundering and potential tax fraud, Alberts “rents” his house from Janssen.

Alberts claims the mansion is up for sale as a result of his divorce, which he puts down to him being a “grey stupid”.

For both of us, we decided the best thing is, when we get a good offer, we will sell the house.

Alberts maintains he and Cimbala remain “business partners”. He claims anyone who calls out his Ponzi scamming are “bullshit haters”.

In the meantime, Alberts hints he’s found a new Ponzi scheme in Dubai to transfer his DagCoin and Success Factory downline over to.

Pending the unlikely event Dutch authorities stop sheltering Alberts, we’ll keep you posted.


Update 14th February 2023 – As per his social media, Igor Alberts appears to have ditched the Netherlands for Dubai again:

Dubai being the “new head office” of Success4All suggests Alberts has moved on a more permanent basis.