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GSPartners loses GSLifestyle debit card financial provider

The merchant providing GSPartners with debit card financial services has severed ties. In an email sent out earlier today, Club Swan and Nvayo Limited advised GSPartners affiliates;

GSPartners abandons YouTube harassment lawsuit in US

GSPartners has abandoned its harassment lawsuit against against Chris Saunders.

GSPartners launches GEUR as G999 & LYS tokens collapse

GSPartner’s G999 and LYS Ponzi shit tokens are collapsing. In an attempt to create the illusion that affiliates haven’t mostly lost their money, GSPartners has come up with GEUR.

GSB Gold Standard Bank, Dafri Bank fraud warnings issued

The Central Bank of the Comoros has issued a multi-scam fraud warning for Gold Standard Bank and Dafri Bank. As per the BCC’s 15th June warning;

How Josip Heit set up GS Chain & duped the London Stock Exg

One of the pieces in GSPartners’ new Meta Certificates Ponzi puzzle is GS Chain. Evidently for some time now, GSPartners has been awarding LSC shares based how much affiliates invested. They’re now being doshed out as a recruitment incentive. GS Chain is a UK incorporation, which in and of itself is nothing remarkable. Companies House [Continue reading…]

GSPartners’ secret (and very fraudulent) GSC shares scheme

In addition to their new Metaverse Certificate investment scheme, GSPartners is preparing to commit additional securities fraud through GSC shares.

Floyd Mayweather fronts GSPartners’ 300% ROI Ponzi event

Following owner Josip Heit’s failure to show up at GSPartner’s Atlanta, Georgia event, the Ponzi scheme quickly put together a follow up in Dubai. We’ve already covered MLM industry figure Eric Worre attending as a speaker. Turns out he wasn’t the only one who shouldn’t have been there. Appearing only in promo material put out [Continue reading…]

Eric Worre bitten by the Dubai MLM Ponzi bug

I saw a disturbing headline on BusinessForHome today; Eric Worre Announced As OmegaPro’s New Official Strategic Coach OmegaPro, the Dubai-based MLM Ponzi? Oh dear. Turns out OmegaPro isn’t the only Dubai MLM Ponzi Worre has hitched his Network Marketing Pro wagon to.

Josip Heit a no-show at GSPartners’ US Ponzi event

GSPartners’ US event was supposed to broadcast to the world that it and owner Josip Heit were above the law. That securities regulation, wire fraud and money laundering laws didn’t apply to them. But instead of travelling to the US and making a grand entrance, Heit wimped out virtually from the safety of Dubai.

Coenie Botha funneling CBI Global investors into GSPartners

Coenie Botha is funneling CBI Global investors into the GSPartners Ponzi scheme. The move follows the Bank of Namibia freezing Botha’s business and personal accounts last month.