GSPartners @ BehindMLM

Swiss Valorem Bank (GSPartners) fraud warning from BC, CA

Swiss Valorem Bank and GSPartners have received a securities fraud warning from British Columbia, Canada.

GSPartners securities fraud warning from AB, Canada

GSPartners has received a securities fraud warning from the Alberta Securities Commission. The ASC added GSPartners to its “Investment Caution List” on May 19th, 2023.

BDSwiss issues GSPartners GSBDSwiss scam abuse warning

BDSwiss has listed GSPartners’ shell company GSBDSwiss in a published abuse warning. BDSwiss warns that GSBDSwiss is a “scam company … that you should avoid”.

BCN’s, GSPartners’ & PLC Ultima’s financial provider arrested

When MLM companies committing fraud tout a debit card, it’s typically obtained through shell companies attached to dodgy merchants. Both GSPartners’ and PLC Ultima offered debit cards through PMA Media Group, Aurae Lifestyle, Nvayo Limited, Club Swann and AU Card LLC – all owned by Christopher James Scanlon. Scanlon was arrested by US authorities at [Continue reading…]

GSPartners rebrands as Swiss Valorem Bank after fraud warnings

GSPartners has rebranded as Swiss Valorem Bank. The move follows several GSPartners related securities fraud warnings from financial regulators.

52 GSPartners securities fraud website warnings from Quebec

GSPartners and 52 website domains associated with it have received securities fraud warnings from Quebec’s Autorite des Marches Financiers.

GSPartners’ G999 securities fraud warning from Canada

GSPartner’s G999 Ponzi coin has received a securities fraud warning from Alberta, Canada.

GSPartners’ GSTrade securities fraud warning from Canada

GSPartner’s GSTrade platform has received a securities fraud warning from Alberta, Canada.

GSPartners covers up BDSwiss lies with Skyground Group

On January 25th the brokerage BDSwiss confirmed it never had a partnership with GSPartners. On January 30th BehindMLM learned of BDSwiss’ announcement and covered GSPartners’ deception. It wasn’t the first time owner Josip Heit had been caught lying about business partnerships. Following BDSwiss’ announcement, GSPartners is now covering up its lies through a new Skyground [Continue reading…]

BDSwiss publicly confirms no partnership with GSPartners

Earlier this month BDSwiss began confirming it had no partnership with GSPartners through support tickets. Now the broker has issued a public statement reiterating no partnership ever existed.