GSPartners @ BehindMLM

GSPartners’ G999 daily trade volume drops to $0

Daily trading volume for GSPartners’ G999 token has dropped to $0. G999, created through an off-the-shelf shitcoin script, was part of the original fraudulent investment scheme deployed by GSPartners in 2021.

Josip Heit abandons UK GSB shell companies

Josip Heit has abandoned four GSB Gold Standard Corporation related companies. From UK Companies House records;

Auratus Gold’s fraudulent investment scheme collapses

The latest iteration of GSB Gold Standard Corporation’s ongoing series of fraudulent investment schemes has collapsed. As per a June 20th edit to Auratus Gold’s website terms and conditions;

GSB’s YouTube channel terminated, GSPartners socials deleted

GSB Gold Standard Corporation’s official Youtube channel has been terminated. The termination appears to have happened sometime last week. Attempts to visit GSB’s “GSB Gold Standard Corporate” YouTube channel now return a “404 not found” message:

Details of Neil De Waal’s GSPartners fraud arrest

Following his arrest in late May and subsequent release on bail earlier this week, further details of Neil Leon De Waal’s criminal case have emerged. A June 6th report from Netwerk 24’s Jana van der Merwe provides insight from De Waal’s Monday bail hearing.

GSPartners promoter arrested for fraud in South Africa

South African authorities have arrested GSPartners promoter Neil Leon De Waal. De Waal was recruited into GSPartners by Brendon Earp-Jones, who in turn was recruited by Andrew Eaton. Eaton was a top GSPartners promoter who worked directly under owner Josip Heit.

NYSC upholds BehindMLM’s appeal against GSB subpoenas

The New York Supreme Court Appellate Division has upheld BehindMLM’s appeal against GSB Gold Standard Corporation’s subpoenas. In upholding BehindMLM’s appeal, the NYSC Appellate Division ordered GSB’s subpoenas quashed.

Auratus Review: Fake gold investment fraud

Auratus fails to provide ownership or executive information on its website. Auratus’ website domain (“”), was privately registered on November 29th, 2023. Auratus came about following the collapse of the GSPartners fraudulent investment scheme. GSPartners was an MLM crypto Ponzi scheme run through GSB Gold Standard Corporation. Both companies are owned by German national Josip [Continue reading…]

Billionico blocks Texas following securities fraud warning

Billionico has blocked Texas residents following its inclusion in a securities fraud order.

Auratus launches with new shell companies

Billionico is dead in the water following a securities fraud cease and desist from Texas. As part of the Texas State Securities Board’s April 22nd order, Auratus was cited as an associated company tied to Terry Lee and a Hong Kong shell company. Other companies TSSB associated with Auratus include Primus Liquidity Holding (Marshall Islands), [Continue reading…]