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Riway affiliates claim deer placenta cures cancer, MS & infertility

Singaporean MLM company Riway is attempting to branch out from Asia into Europe. Unfortunately they’re doing so by making all manner of unsubstantiated medical claims.

Visalus Amazon racket lawsuit settled in secret?

Last July former top earner Michael Gehart filed a lawsuit against Visalus. Gehart alleged Visalus was an “illegal pyramid scheme”. He also the claimed the company ran a secret Amazon retail racket, effectively giving Gehart an unfair advantage over other Visalus affiliates. In early 2017 Visalus took control of the Amazon racket, prompting Gehart to [Continue reading…]

FirstCoin Club collapses, investor alleges $245 million in fraud

FirstCoin Club was an MLM crypto Ponzi scheme launched mid 2017. FirstCoin Club affiliates invested real money for worthless FRST, an altcoin launched by the company. A monthly ROI in FRST was paid out, which affiliates could realize by selling their FRST to new gullible bagholders. Despite all Ponzi schemes inevitably collapsing, a disturbing number [Continue reading…]

Holton Buggs, Organo Gold & IQ Chain… here’s what we know.

About a month ago Organo Gold announced a partnership agreement with Digital Skynet. The partnership agreement will see the launch of an as of yet unnamed joint-venture between the two companies. Also part of the agreement, and what caught the attention of many, was Holton Buggs appointment as ‘executive advisor to Digital SkyNet’s ‘Ormeus’ subsidiary [Continue reading…]

Bitqyck affiliate database sold to Tierra Science Global?

Bitqyck was a typical MLM cryptocurrency altcoin securities offering. Rather than operate legally, Bitqyck planned to flout US securities law by operating offshore through Firstmover International. In June Bitqyck revealed it was the subject of a federal regulatory investigation. Firstmover International’s website has since been pulled and presumably the company has been abandoned. Now it [Continue reading…]

Westland Storage Ponzi caught out in private island lie

In a recently updated roadmap, Westland Storage added the following to their 4Q 2018 timeline; Conference on the island of WestLand Storage. Speech of the main persons of the company. We organize a conference on the island we bought. Our best clients get a free trip and our top executives give speeches at the conference. [Continue reading…]

Uganda struggling with MLM cryptocurrency fraud

It’s no secret that Africa is a hotbed of MLM cryptocurrency fraud. Perpetrators, primarily from the US and Europe, have no scruples when it comes to targeting and exploiting uneducated (and often poor) investors in Africa. On an almost daily basis BehindMLM receives emails from people with distinctly African names. More often than not they’re [Continue reading…]

AWS Mining’s World Digital Mining Summit Photoshop fail

It’s not that a Ponzi admin couldn’t attend a cryptocurrency event, which makes AWS Mining’s hilarious World Digital Mining Summit Photoshop fail all the more amusing.

Is WorldVentures operating illegally in Brazil?

WorldVentures response to Rwanda declaring the company was an illegal pyramid scheme was certainly strange. Rather than prove it wasn’t a pyramid scheme, WorldVentures brushed off the ban by claiming it didn’t do business in Rwanda. This caught the attention of several Brazilian WorldVentures affiliates. Because despite Brazil not appearing on WorldVentures list of authorized [Continue reading…]

iMarketsLive’s Copy Profit Success Global lawsuit a slimy mess

If you need a prime example of the incestual slime that oils the MLM underbelly, look no further than iMarketsLive’s recently filed lawsuit against Copy Profit Success Global.