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Trevon James facing $2 million BitConnect SEC clawback

Trevon James has uploaded a new video discussing his part in the ongoing SEC investigation into BitConnect. I’ve given up trying to ascertain whether James is parodying himself as a securities fraud suspect, so the following is reported “as is” with a straight face.

John Barksdale held in Bangkok while authorities investigate Ormeus

A new report from the Daily Mail has confirmed John Barksdale remains in custody while authorities investigate. Barksdale was arrested in connection with his Ormeus Global Ponzi scheme.

52 QNet scammers deported from Ghana

A report covering deportation of criminal from Ghana has revealed QNet “employees” are among those deported.

John Barksdale arrested in Thailand over Ormeus Global fraud

Authorities in Thailand have arrested serial scammer John Barksdale. Barksdale is primarily known as the owner of the collapsed Ormeus Global Ponzi scheme. Barksdale was arrested in Bo Put, Samui District, on a Bangkok warrant back on July 8th.

MOBE litigation stayed, Synovus & QualPay intervention reset

Following a hearing held on August 2nd, MOBE case proceedings have been stayed for 90 days. The request for a stay was made last week, amid ongoing settlement negotiations between MOBE owner Matt Lloyd McPhee and the FTC.

PMV & John Souza to keep $600,000 of Digital Altitude victim funds

A decision on the beef between the Digital Altitude Receivership and Paradise Media Ventures, will see owner John Souza keep $600,000 of victim funds.

AWS Mining confirms illegality, refunds Texas investors

A settlement between AWS Mining and the Texas State Securities Board has confirmed the Ponzi scheme was operating illegally.

BitConnect web developer extradited from Abu Dhabi to India

A BitConnect web developer has been deported from Abu Dhabi at the behest of Indian authorities.

Matt Lloyd settlements prompt stay on MOBE proceedings

The MOBE Receiver and Matt Lloyd McPhee appear on the verge of a settlement, prompting the FTC to file for a stay on all MOBE related proceedings.

FBI sends agents to interrogate arrested Indian BitConnect suspect

Although it feels like US authorities are dragging their feet with respect to BitConnect, reports of India confirm the investigation is still very much active. The latest update we’ve got on the FBI’s BitConnect investigation is that two agents recently interrogated Saitsh Kumbhani.