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South African authorities confirm MTI criminal investigation

Four years after Mirror Trading International collapsed, South African authorities have confirmed an ongoing criminal investigation.

edX AI pyramid fraud warning from Russia

edX AI has received a pyramid scheme fraud warning from Russia. As per the Central Bank of Russia’s May 17th warning, edX AI exhibits “signs of a financial pyramid”.

John Bigatton pleads guilty to Bitconnect fraud charge

Australian BitConnect promoter John Louis Anthony Bigatton has pled guilty to a criminal charge brought by Public Prosecutors. On May 16th Bigatton pled guilty to one charge of providing unlicensed financial services on behalf of another person.

NovaTech FX promoter securities fraud C&D from Ohio

A NovaTech FX Ponzi promoter has received a securities fraud cease and desist from Ohio. Steven Douglas Alexander, of Cincinnati, is cited as a Respondent in the Ohio Division of Securities March 22nd order.

Nutra Pharma Corp’s CEO settlement tops $79,000

Following news of a settlement between Nutra Pharma Corp defendants and the SEC in April, details of two settlements have now been made public. As part of a final judgment in favor of the SEC;

USFIA Receiver files for conclusion of Receivership

Following two distributions of recovered funds to victims, the USFIA Receiver has requested court permission to destroy records and close the Receivership.

FutureNet’s Anna Morgenstern criminally charged

Anna Morgenstern, wife of FutureNet co-founder Stephan Morgenstern, has been criminally charged by South Korean authorities. Separately Albanian authorities have charged Anna with laundering funds tied to a criminal offense.

YIPTG pyramid fraud warning from Russia

YIPTG has received a pyramid scheme fraud warning from Russia. As per the Central Bank of Russia’s May 15th warning, YIPTG exhibits “signs of a financial pyramid”.

110,318 victim transactions verified by EminiFX Receiver

Following closure of the EminiFX victim claim portal, 110,318 transactions from over 30,000 victims have been verified. The transactions correlate to $229 million in verified invested funds and around $30 million in verified withdrawals. Just over 5000 EminiFX investors have submitted disputed transactions, or transactions that were unable to verified.

Joseph Cammarata sentenced to 6 years for tax fraud

Former Investview CEO Joseph Cammarata has been sentenced to six years in prison for tax fraud.