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Paraiba World securities fraud warning issued by Austria

Paraiba World has received a securities fraud warning from Austria’s Financial Market Authority. The FMA’s warning pertains to Pariaba World, cited as a Hong Kong shell incorporation.

Payza victims urged to file remission petitions

The DOJ is requesting Payza victims to file a petition for remission. It should be noted upfront that there is no guarantee filing a petition will result in partial or full recovery.

Tycoon69 securities fraud warning issued by Austria

Tycoon69 has received a securities fraud warning from Austria. Last we checked in Tycoon69 was under investigation by FINMA in Switzerland. This prompted Tycoon69 to bankrupt their Swiss shell company.

Monat’s marketing practices slammed by Florida AG

Monat has found itself in hot water over alleged deceptive business acts and practices. An investigation by the Florida Attorney General into violations of the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act (FDUTPA), has resulted in Monat entering into an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance (AVC).

Mining City securities fraud warning issued in Philippines

Mining City has received a securities fraud warning from the Philippines SEC. The Philippines SEC has identified Mining City as a “security in the form of (an) investment contract”.

Global Trading Club scammers sued by CFTC

The CFTC has filed suit against Global Trading Club scammers Mayco Alexis Maldonado Garcia, Cesar Castaneda, Rodrigo Jose Castro Molina and Joel Castaneda Garcia.

Jason Cardiff dodges prison, fails to stay Redwood case

Jason Cardiff has once again been called out as a lawyer in a California District Court. Unfortunately although being found in contempt, Cardiff has managed to dodge prison time.

Neora’s “bad faith” FTC lawsuit dismissed

Neora’s “we want to legalize pyramid schemes” lawsuit against the FTC has been dismissed.

$31.9 million 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle settlement reached

Rather than clear their names at trial, the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle defendants have settled with the FTC. As per the proposed settlement, John A. Bain, Alex Dee (aka Alex S. Dowlatshahi), Brian M. Kaplan and Jerrold S. Maurer will cop a $31.9 million judgment. The proposed settlement also applies to corporate defendants 8 Figure [Continue reading…]

Paraiba World securities fraud notice issued in Germany

Paraiba World has received a securities fraud notice from the German regulator BaFin. As per BaFin’s investigation earlier this year, Paraiba World operated through Paraiba World and NeoMoc Global LTD.