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Jay Noland dodges NetForce contempt sanctions… for now

Jay Noland has dodged contempt sanctions for violating his NetForce Seminars fraud injunction. The FTC sued Noland and NetForce Seminars back in 2000. NetForce Seminars was found to be a pyramid scheme and an injunction prohibiting Noland from engaging in any pyramid sales scheme” was issued. The FTC sued Noland and Success By Health for [Continue reading…]

Preliminary injunction granted against Cardiffs & VPL Medical

Following a Temporary Restraining Order issued last month, a preliminary injunction has been granted against Jason Cardiff and his company VPL Medical.

Silviu Catalin Balaci pleads guilty to BitClub Network fraud

BitClub Network defendant Silviu Catalin Balaci has plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and to offer and sell unregistered securities.

DOJ maintains Weeks an “unreasonable flight risk”

After putting together our report on Joby Weeks’ release appeal yesterday, I noted the DOJ had filed an opposition while I was working on the report. Having detailed Weeks’ arguments for release on appeal, today we go over the DOJ’s response.

Court approves TelexFree liquidation plan

Following an overwhelming majority vote in favor, the TelexFree liquidation plan has been approved.

Joby Weeks’ unsealed release appeal

On May 28th BitClub Network defendant Jobadiah “Joby” Sinclair Weeks filed a Motion for Appeal, Review, and Revocation of his detention order. Weeks’ first unsuccessfully attempted to bust of custody back in January. This was followed up by a plea to President Trump in April, citing previously rejected COVID-19 concerns. That too was denied. Weeks’ [Continue reading…]

Mirror Trading International securities fraud C&D in Texas

Mirror Trading International has received an emergency securities fraud cease and desist from Texas.

USFIA Ponzi victims to recover approx 75% of losses

The USFIA Receiver estimates that victims will recover approximately 75% of losses.

Crowd1 & QNet banned in Côte d’Ivoire for being scams

Authorities in Côte d’Ivoire have banned Crowd1 and QNet. The stated reason for the ban is both companies operate as scams and facilitate money laundering.

TelexFree victims vote for distribution plan

Voting on the proposed TelexFree liquidation plan closed on June 30th. A published tally of the ballots reveals that TelexFree victims voted in support of the liquidation plan.