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Investview CEO arrested on recovery scam fraud charges

Investview CEO Joseph Cammarata has been arrested on recovery scam fraud charges. The SEC has also filed parallel civil proceedings against Cammarata and two co-conspirators.

FTC v. Success by Health trial likely to be delayed

The FTC v. Success by Health trial is likely to be delayed. Jay Noland and his fellow defendants are not ready for trial. At time of publication the Success by Health defendants have not filed a notice indicating their readiness for a Final Pretrial Conference.

DOJ filing suggests BitConnect promoters facing indictment

A DOJ filing in the SEC’s BitConnect case suggests promoters are facing criminal indictment.

SeedChange added to SEC’s “unregistered entities” fraud list

SeedChange has been added to the SEC’s “PAUSE list”. PAUSE stands for “Public Alert: Unregistered Soliciting Entities”.

Stojiljkovic & David plead guilty to Krstic Ponzi empire fraud

Antonije Stojiljkovic and Jaira David have pled guilty to charges related to Krisitijan Krstic’s Ponzi empire. Stojiljkovic’s plea agreement was filed on November 23rd. David’s on November 29th.

FTC denied SBH summary judgment on monetary remedies

The FTC has been denied summary judgment on monetary remedies against Success by Health. Back in September, the FTC was granted liability summary judgment. This judgment ruled that, among other things, Success by Health violated the FTC’s Merchandise and Cooling-Off Rules

Craig Grant served in SEC BitConnect case, fails to respond

After tracking BitConnect defendant Craig Grant in Jamaica, the SEC managed to serve him on October 29th. Grant’s response to the SEC lawsuit is now a week overdue.

Frank Schneider released pending OneCoin extradition decision

In what may wind up being a predictable judicial mistake, Frank Schneider has been released to home detention. Schneider will be subject to 24/7 monitoring and home confinement, pending a decision on extradition to the US on January 19th.

5 Billion Sales pyramid fraud warning from Russia

5 Billion Sales has received a pyramid scheme warning from Russia. As per the Central Bank of Russia’s November 19th warning, 5 Billion Sales exhibits “signs of a pyramid scheme”.

DOJ files charges against Ryan Ginster over MLM crypto fraud

Ryan Mark Ginster has been arrested on charges relating to multiple MLM crypto Ponzi schemes.