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Chinese govt to keep $4.2 billion in seized Plus Token funds

PlusToken’ three co-founders have been sentenced in a Chinese criminal case. Language-barriers means tracking the scope of the Chinese investigation into Plus Token is difficult.

Seventeen Eagle Gates Ponzi scammers jailed in Thailand

Following on from the arrest of twenty-one Eagle Gates Group scammers in April, nineteen have since been jailed.

Three OneCoin money launderers indicted in Germany

It’s been two years since we’ve heard anything out of Bielefeld’s Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding OneCoin. Now, three suspects have been indicted and will appear at Munster District Court.

Isagenix products cause illnesses in Canada, mass recalls

Various varieties of Isagenix’s Isalean bars and shakes have been recalled in Canada. The recall follows a series of “reported illnesses”, linked to the consumption of the affected products.

BitConnect’s John Bigatton criminally charged in Australia

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has filed criminal charges against John Louis Anthony Bigatton. Bigatton served as an Australian Director of the infamous BitConnect Ponzi scheme.

CashFX Group securities fraud warning issued in Norway

Norway’s Financial Supervisory Authority (Finanstilsynet) has issued a securities fraud warning against the CashFX Group Ponzi scheme.

Joby Weeks pleads guilty to BitClub Network fraud

Jobadiah “Joby” Weeks has plead guilty to two counts of BitClub Network related fraud. As per the terms of a plea agreement reached with the DOJ, Joby Weeks has pled guilty to conspiring to offer and sell unregistered securities and tax evasion.

Payza co-founders sentenced to 4+ years prison

I held off reporting on the Payza case outcome as I wanted to go off the official case files. Pacer hasn’t updated yet but, courtesy of the Montreal Gazette, we know how the November 10th sentencing hearing went down.

Jeunesse still illegally operating in China, reports local media

Knowledge Economy has published an article expressing surprise at Jeunesse accepting orders from Chinese residents. As previously reported, earlier this over a quarter billion worth of Jeunesse products were seized by Chinese authorities. Jeunesse’s President of Greater China, Robin Lee (cited by KE as “Li Weixing”), was arrested in May. In addition to Li ¬†two [Continue reading…]

Success By Health defendants deleted evidence, alleges FTC

The FTC has revealed the Success By Health defendants, upon learning of the regulator’s investigation, set about plans to conceal and delete evidence.