A new study from Truth in Advertising (TINA), claims 98% of studied MLM companies are using misleading income claims.

In other words, of the hundred MLM companies TINA studies, 98 percent are openly violating the FTC Act.

MLM companies in TINA’s study were mostly pooled from the US Direct Selling Association.

Noting DSA membership had declined from 140 companies to 93 over the past 6 years, TINA added Exp Realty, Tupperware, LegalShield, Pruvit, doTerra, Monat Global and Vida Divina.

TINA.org investigated the 100 companies and found that 98 percent were making misleading income representations in 2023.

TINA.org has collected more than 2,000 examples dating from 2018 to the present of companies and/or their distributors making inappropriate earnings claims on their websites and social media platforms.

This, despite the fact that DSA President Joseph Mariano was quoted in 2019 as stating, “Anyone who’s saying that you’re going to make a lot of money [with an MLM] is not telling the truth.”

One sticking point of the study is TINA challenging the DSA on its claim that “illegal earnings claims used to market MLM companies are few and far between.”

TINA has shared its finding with the DSA and the DSSRC, the DSA’s funded self-regulatory program.

In light of its findings, TINA suggests DSSRC’s “resources and/or tactics for finding [illegal earning] claims are lacking.”