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Worldwide Solutionz under criminal investigation in South Africa

Worldwide Solutionz was a Ponzi scheme that popped up BehindMLM’s radar back in 2014. Under the guise of helping the poor, Worldwide Solutionz affiliates invested $25 on the promise of a $40 ROI. This ROI was funded by subsequent affiliate investment. With a $15 liability generated per $25 investment made, in early 2015 the scheme began [Continue reading…]

Worldwide Solutionz reboot on the horizon?

Following indications of a regulatory investigation, Worldwide Solutionz collapsed in April of 2015. Worldwide Solutionz itself was a Ponzi scheme that advertised $40 ROIs on $25 “lifejacket” investments. Since the collapse, nothing much has come of it. Marelize van Niekerk-Venter, owner of the scheme, has been laying low this past year. Affiliate losses are unknown, ditto the [Continue reading…]

Tears and anger as WorldWide Solutionz implodes

As the situation over at Worldwide Solutionz continues to deteriorate, hopes that Marelize van Niekerk-Venter might come clean have been dashed. Van Niekerk-Venter, along with various members of her family, masterminded the global Ponzi operations of Worldwide Solutionz. In October of last year, WorldWide Solutionz became the subject of multiple regulatory investigations in South Africa. Van Niekerk-Venter [Continue reading…]

Worldwide Solutionz confirm Ponzi, about to pull runner?

The sorry saga that is the Worldwide Solutionz Ponzi collapse continues to play out… For those unfamiliar with the scheme, Worldwide Solutionz saw affiliates invest $25 on the promise of a 90-day $40 ROI. When the 90 days is over, the original $25 pops back up in your account balance. Did you notice what just [Continue reading…]

Opinion: Worldwide Solutionz is over, it’s not coming back.

That South Africa is a haven for Ponzi investment fraud, so long as the schemes run around calling themselves “Private Member Associations”, might sound ridiculous… but it’s exactly the narrative WorldWide Solutionz would have you believe. Not surprisingly, and shortly after the two-year period at which most online Ponzi schemes show signs of collapse or [Continue reading…]

Did regulators shut down Worldwide Solutionz?

As per the Worldwide Solutionz website, the company appears to have shut down on or around January 15th: Kindly note that WorldWide SolutionZ will no longer be conducting business, effective immediately. Please refer to the email sent to all members on January 15, 2015. The email sent to affiliates offers up some more information, suggesting [Continue reading…]

Worldwide Solutionz face regulatory heat, suspend payouts

One of the aspects of running a Ponzi scheme is that if it catches on, you’re bound to eventually run into finance regulations. While the trend of late has been to get into bed with increasingly shifty rogue Asian merchants (Hong Kong is a favourite), the lack of security surrounding such partnerships still causes many [Continue reading…]

WorldWide Solutionz to register with the SEC?

In a May 29th corporate blog post, Willem Laubscher introduced himself to WorldWide Solutionz affiliates as the company’s new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). I started my own accounting practice in the early 1990′s, became a registered accountant in 1996. Not an auditor, an accountant. I am registered with the South African Institute of Professional Accountants. Marelize [Continue reading…]

Worldwide Solutionz: ROI source is “proprietary”

When Zeek Rewards burst onto the scene and began promising affiliates a 125% ROI over 90 days, people were naturally suspicious of where the money was coming from. Despite appearing to already have covered this base with the attached Zeekler penny auction, Paul Burks would infamously go on to insist that how Zeek Rewards generated [Continue reading…]

Worldwide Solutionz Review: $25 Ponzi hybrid

There is no information on the Worldwide Solutionz website indicating who owns or runs the business. The company does have a “Who are you?” section in their FAQ, but it only provides the following vague marketing copy: WorldWide SolutionZ is an umbrella company combining the best and most innovative elements of on-line and off-line business [Continue reading…]