worldwide-solutionz-logoWhen Zeek Rewards burst onto the scene and began promising affiliates a 125% ROI over 90 days, people were naturally suspicious of where the money was coming from.

Despite appearing to already have covered this base with the attached Zeekler penny auction, Paul Burks would infamously go on to insist that how Zeek Rewards generated 125% for every dollar invested with it was a “proprietary information”.

Of course this later revealed to be complete baloney by the SEC who, after shutting down the $600M+ Ponzi scheme, observed:

Approximately 98% of ZeekRewards’ total revenues, and correspondingly the purported share of “net profits” paid to current investors, are comprised of funds received from new investors.

Burks is solely responsible for determining the amount of “net profits” to share in the Retail Profit Pool.

Burks unilaterally and arbitrarily determines the daily dividend rate so that it averages approximately 1.5% per day, giving investors the false impression that the business is profitable.

Zeek Rewards’ “proprietary information”?

Mastermind Paul Burks sat in his office each day and told the system to use new affiliate money to pay out existing investors.

Now, almost two years later, another scheme that promises a >100% 90 day ROI is also claiming the source of their ROI funds is “proprietary”.

Under the guise of charity, Worldwide Solutionz accept $25 investments from affiliates and promise a 160% ROI after 90 days. Affiliates simply deposit their money with the company, sit back and passively wait to collect their return.

In the company’s own words:

Your $25 became $40 while you were working on … Oh that’s right, you don’t have to do anything at all to earn this or make it happen.

Just purchase, relax, enjoy, rinse and repeat.

As I understand it, Worldwide Solutionz use US-based payment processor iPayout to handle their affiliate’s money. This naturally includes deposits made by US residents, but whether the company has registered their securities offering with the SEC though is unclear.

In any case, naturally people are curious where Worldwide Solutionz ROIs are coming from. Thus far the only answer provided has been a long list of alleged business sectors the company is involved in.

Well aware of the games these schemes play, I myself requested specific information from company owner “Marelize“:

Dollar for dollar, if I dumped $25 into your lap tomorrow where does it go and how would it turn into $40 12 weeks later?

That was on March 15th and to date I have not received an answer.

Since the brief exchange however, Marelize has begun instructing her affiliate investors to

tell us about any negative reviews and comments regarding WWSz.

Please do not attack the reviewers or attempt to defend, as this opens up marketing opportunities for people to abuse our good record in order to draw attention to themselves for their own purposes.

Regarding people who are distrusting or worried – just give them space and leave them be. We are not going to bend over backwards for people who want to make demands for information beyond that offered and made public, or for privileges outside the scope of membership as offered.

The “scope of membership as offered” of course being “pay us your money and accept our vague and non-specific explanation about where the money comes from”.

Evidently I’m not the only one asking Marelize difficult questions though. In a recent email Worldwide Solutionz told affiliates:

We have a proven business model that is fulfilling our intent to provide a way for individuals both online and offline to generate meaningful income for themselves and the people in their care.

For those who want to insist on details of exactly how we do this, exactly who our business contacts are, exactly what products are involved in the small businesses, exactly how we manage the finances, exactly how the whole thing is put together, to those people we must kindly say:

Thank you for your interest, and thank you for understanding that this is our business. We have built this business over the last 15 years and we are not going to give away the keys.

To that end, WorldWide SolutionZ reserves the right to hold private any and all proprietary information as is customary for all business entities.

Paul Burks couldn’t have put it better himself.

Meanwhile I’m not sure what “business entities” Marelize is referring to, however as I understand it it’s certainly not “customary” for people to deposit money on the expectation of a 12 week ROI, and not be told explicitly where or how the money they receive is generated.

Demanding Worldwide Solutionz be extended the same courtesy high yield investment programs and “get rich quick schemes” receive from their investors, Marelize reasoned:

requesting and demanding things from us that would never be asked of HYIP’s and get rich quick schemes is inappropriate to say the least, and is a colossal waste of our time.

Well, that obviously settles it then. Definitely nothing suss going on here folks…