worldwide-solutionz-logoAs the situation over at Worldwide Solutionz continues to deteriorate, hopes that Marelize van Niekerk-Venter might come clean have been dashed.

Van Niekerk-Venter, along with various members of her family, masterminded the global Ponzi operations of Worldwide Solutionz.

In October of last year, WorldWide Solutionz became the subject of multiple regulatory investigations in South Africa.

Van Niekerk-Venter (right) has maintained that no such investigations exist, however it has become increasingly difficult for her to maintain the charade.

Marelize’s latest update to the WorldWide Solutionz faithful portrays the scheme at breaking point, with “voluntary insolvency” her latest ploy to delude victims of the scheme.

Dear WorldWide SolutionZ Members,

I write this with tears running down my cheeks for all of the anger and disappointment I feel for more than 16 years of hard work and aspirations coming to this now.

Anger and disappointment just like each of our members, specially the loyal ones – I am so sorry.

A great measure of disappointment for such little support shown by the members, the balance of the members, and especially for the massive harm intentionally inflicted by members and others.

I truly believe that with patience and cooperation from more, we could have gotten back on track over time.

marelize-van-niekerk-venter-worldwide-solutionzWhat starts off as a promising attempt to apologize to the victims van Niekerk-Venter (right) scammed, unfortunately then turns into a “blame the haters” diatribe.

Unfortunately, people have instead chosen to interfere and disrupt.

Because we were already facing challenges and struggles, the efforts of Mr. Darryl White, Lyndell, Oz, Mr. van der Bijlt and others taking similar actions amounted to the final straw that breaks the camel’s back.

These people surely do not realize they harm not only WWSz as a business, but also our members and our ability to supply food for the children we have been caring for.

I can only hope that in the future people like Mr. White and others like him will consider the larger picture and consequences for others and rather try to help instead of working only for personal attention.

What specific actions those mentioned by Marelize may or may not have taken is unclear. I myself have done nothing but report the facts here at BehindMLM.

The bottom-line though is that van Niekerk-Venter, through operation of the Worldwide Solutionz Ponzi scheme, has brought this all entirely on herself.

Nobody is responsible for the ripping off of Worldwide Solutionz investors other than Marelize herself. And the sooner she publicly acknowledges that, the better.

If we could just get more than half of the members to support us rather than cause pain, we might have been back on track weeks ago. But that was unfortunately not the case. I am so sorry for the true supporters.

Due to the extreme pressure added by people like this and their gullible followers and the unexpected financial burden caused by the whole unplanned-for process and restructuring of WWSz, we have been put in a position with no other choice than to seek voluntary insolvency.

Word on the grapevine is that South African regulators had assumed that the scheme had shutdown while they continued to investigate.

Marelize however was trying to continue the scheme offline and in secret. Once uncovered, regulators put a stop to her actions and now you have her trying to save face with claims of “voluntary insolvency”.

Under this ruse, van Niekerk-Venter urges her investors to provide her and her legal team details, which will no doubt be used to defend the scheme once the regulatory investigations are finalized.

Every member who wishes to participate must send an email as directed below.

Please be advised that your email response will become part of the official, legal records. The legal team will collect this information for the legal business files and review.

Further be advised that you will not receive direct response to any comments or questions you might include, although the legal team may see fit to close accounts based on additional information you might send based on the Membership and PMA agreements.

I’m not in the habit of dispensing advise pertaining to regulatory matters, but in this instance I’d strongly advise those who lost money in the scheme get in touch with South African regulators.

As above, investors who provide further information to Marelize van Niekerk-Venter will not be communicated with. To what end she and her legal team will use information provided may pose a risk to those who provide it.

Somewhat ironically, Marelize then goes on to explain that ignorance of the law is not an excuse…

In joining us for this please remember, ignorance is no excuse for WWSz or for members legally whether we knew the laws or not is no excuse.

NOTE: WorldWide SolutionZ has not been conducting business since Dec 19 2014.

The website will be officially removed from the internet following the court case/s.

Why van Niekerk-Venter herself refuses to admit she ran a global Ponzi scheme is an ongoing mystery.

Fragments of remorse do grace the closing of Marelize’s latest communication, however the question of genuinity lingers:

With a broken heart, cried empty I am sorry. All I ever wanted was to feed and take care of children and help people make a better living. I never realized that trying to get help will do any harm.

This I promise, not the same way as I have learned my lesson, but I will make this right some time and I will feed the children and help who helped me again.

To those I hurt, please forgive me.

To all my supporters and everyone who carried me through this time, specially some of our members, legal and finance teams and my boys, thank you.

A long road ahead but with the help of our Father and the protection of the Angels we will get through this too.

Believe me or not, I love and care for each of you like family and it pains me that you are hurting.

I never expected the banks or reserve bank or municipality or government not to guide and help and protect us, I thought they, just like me, would see the good and progress helping more and more people.

The saddest of all is the threats and realization how many members never cared what we are truly about and what this is now doing to the children and our members.

But that is life and the hold that many people allow money to have in their lives.

With all my heart I am sorry.

Please note, I (Marelize and my family) will not be allowed any personal contact until the case is finalised. Also phone numbers and other ways of communication is guided via this e mail only.

With all my love and care, please forgive me…

Love, Light and Gratitude

Hoping to reconnect sooner than we think in a good way.

That van Niekerk-Venter will eventually be charged and face jail time is extremely likely, with regulatory investigations into the company ongoing.

Meanwhile the extent to which Marelize and the van Niekerk-Venter family scammed investors around the globe has yet to be formally clarified.

Stay tuned…