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RB Global Crypto Bank admin spills beans, website down

The RB Global Crypto Bank fallout continues, with a former admin now spilling the beans on Laurie Suarez’s fraud. Daryl Grigg was high enough in RB Global Crypto Bank to feature on the company’s “about us” page. He also had access to the company’s official Facebook group, which he briefly took possession of earlier today.

RB Global Crypto Bank implements hard ROI withdrawal limits

Evidently the RB Global Crypto Bank RBGC exit-scam isn’t liquidating ROI liabilities fast enough, prompting Laurie Suarez to implement hard withdrawal limits.

RB Global Bank initiates RB Global Coin exit-scam

Amid ongoing RB Global Bank withdrawal delays, Laurie Suarez has revealed his RB Global Coin exit-scam strategy.

Laurie Suarez derides PowerBot Ponzi collapse with racist rant

After letting his mate Aidan Parr use his Telegram Ponzi bot in exchange for a 33% cut, Parr ran his own version of Laurie Suarez’s RecycleBot scam into the ground. Parr’s Promine Technologies PowerBot collapse preceded Suarez publicly announcing he’d invest $250,000 of stolen Recycle Bot funds into the scheme. That of course was when [Continue reading…]

Recycle Bot collapses, reboots as RB Global Crypto Bank with fees

Ongoing withdrawal problems has seen Luarie Suarez’s Recycle Bot Ponzi collapse. The company has rebooted as RB Global Crypto Bank, with added ROI withdrawal fees.

Recycle Bot offers up cloud mining ROI ruse

In our last article covering Recycle Bot withdrawal problems, I wrote that owner Laurie Suarez can attach his Telegram Ponzi bot to any ruse. All he needs is new investment to feed the bot. Following the collapse of the recycling and Ugandan energy ruses, Recycle Bot is now touting cloud mining returns.

Laurie Suarez opts to ignore Recycle Bot withdrawal problems

Evidently Recycle Bot is having trouble sourcing new gullible investors. Withdrawal problems from existing investors continue to pour in and, finding it a distraction from his enjoyment of invested funds, CEO Laurie Suarez has announced he’s had enough.

Pro Mine Technologies Review: Powerbot crypto mining Telegram Ponzi

Despite having a whole section dedicated to transparency, Pro Mine Technologies fails to disclose company ownership details on its website. A marketing document provided on the Power Mine Technologies website however identifies Aidan Parr as owner and Director of the company. Parr is from the UK, which corresponds with Pro Mine Technologies LTD’s UK incorporation [Continue reading…]

Recycle Bot selling Ponzi merch?

The collapse of Laurie Suarez’s The Berlin Group Ponzi has taken a bizarre turn. Whereas The Berlin Group primarily operated their Recycle Bot via the Telegram messaging app, Suarez is launching his Ponzi reboot via a website. To that end The Recycle Bot website has been set up, and for some reason it has a [Continue reading…]

The Berlin Group collapses, Laurie Suarez touts Ugandan reboot?

The Berlin Group launched on the promise of a 168% ROI every 60 days. ROI revenue was claimed to be generated via a “recycle bot”, specific details of which were never provided. As I write this only a few months out from The Berlin Group’s launch, the company website is offline,  invested funds have disappeared [Continue reading…]