Amid ongoing RB Global Bank withdrawal delays, Laurie Suarez has revealed his RB Global Coin exit-scam strategy.

In an email sent out to RB Global Bank affiliates earlier this week, Suarez advised RB Global Coin will be flogged at $1 a coin.

Details of RB Global Coin have not been made public, but it is believed to be yet another script-generated MLM shitcoin.

RB Global Coin exists only within RB Global Bank’s internal exchange, which is being hosted on a separate domain.

No word on long-standing withdrawal delays, but I suspect existing RB Global Bank ROI liabilities will be converted into RB Global Coin balances at some point.

From there it’s the same old Ponzi point scam, sign up new RB Global Bank affiliates and sell them your worthless RB Global Coins.

The internal value of RB Global Coin will be at whatever arbitrary amount Suarez arrives at, but manipulated such that existing affiliates are able to cash out.

Well, sort of. Suarez will probably seed initial RB Global Coin withdrawal requests for marketing purposes.

Beyond that, who is going to invest in RB Global Coin is a mystery.

Suarez has been desperately trying to “relight the spark” by offering daily ROI bonus incentives.

Any deposit from now onwards until further notice will attract a 2.8% daily return!! Over 90 days

We are 8 months old now and we need to start getting excited about our 1 year upcoming birthday celebration !!

With withdrawals stalled however Suarez efforts don’t appear to be working.

Either way RB Global Coin brings with it your typical MLM shitcoin exit-scam.

Suarez will honor withdrawal requests till he decides he doesn’t want to spend any more invested funds.

That’ll then be the end of that, prompting the third Recycle Bot collapse.


Update 6th April 2019 – RB Global Bank has revealed affiliates will be able to invest a minimum of 200 RBGC.

RB Global Bank’s fraudulent RBGC investment scheme is being advertised as providing a 2.5% daily return for 90 days.

Returns are paid in RBGC, leaving affiliates to scam others through RB Global Bank’s internal exchange in order to actually cash out.

Note that, at least for now, it doesn’t appear RB Global Bank is accepting external RBGC deposits.

To buy this coin and put into the platform you can purchase it from our RB Global Coin website.

More money for Laurie Suarez I guess.