Ongoing withdrawal problems has seen Luarie Suarez’s Recycle Bot Ponzi collapse.

The company has rebooted as RB Global Crypto Bank, with added ROI withdrawal fees.

Citing “continued talks with authorities”, a few days ago Laurie Suarez informed investors that the company would be rebranding as RB Global Crypto Bank.

Part of the continued focus of this company has been continued talks with authorities in regards to ensure what we deliver our clients is compliant within a number of jurisdictions.

The company is now getting bigger and in line with new additions always comes the need for further talks.

Based on what this company now offers, both our Lawyer and Accountants, felt the need that we change tact a little.

Our program is not changing nor is anything to be exact, simply how we tie all our offerings together.

RB Global Crypto Bank will be the vehicle we will be using in order to do that.

As opposed to unsubstantiated talks with authorities from who knows where, it is far more likely Suarez rebooted Recycle Bot due to ongoing withdrawal problems.

As for Recycle Bot’s business model “not changing”, that promise was broken within a few days.

Over the last 24 hours Suarez informed RB Global Crypto Bank affiliates of a new 5% withdrawal fee.

In keeping with the new branding and compensation plan due to launch.

We feel it is important to let all members know that one of the new terms is a 5% withdrawal fee.

We have made the decision based on the longevity of the company for years to come.

Recycle Bot is a continuation of The Berlin Group Ponzi scheme.

Its owner, Laurie Suarez, owns a Telegram bot that he attaches to various ROI revenue ruses.

Although the bot still functions as a Ponzi scheme (newly invested funds are used to pay existing investors), after The Berlin Group Suarez introduced a website API.

Initially Recycle Bot pretended to generate external ROI through recycling. That’s since been replaced with the usual cryptocurrency Ponzi cliches; cloud mining, forex trading and arbitrage.

The company is believed to currently be illegally soliciting investment via an Australian HSBC bank account:

Neither Recycle Bot, RB Global Crypto Bank or Laurie Suarez are registered to offer securities in any jurisdiction they operate in.