The RB Global Crypto Bank fallout continues, with a former admin now spilling the beans on Laurie Suarez’s fraud.

Daryl Grigg was high enough in RB Global Crypto Bank to feature on the company’s “about us” page.

He also had access to the company’s official Facebook group, which he briefly took possession of earlier today.

As part of what appears to be Grigg’s severing ties with RB Global Crypto Bank and Laurie Suarez, here’s what he posted (slightly edited with added punctuation);

I have supported this company through thick and thin and even with some drastic decisions made still shown support, and it has come to the point where I can not morally continue.

I guess the saying “I told you so” will ring true to those I sided against. For that I apologise.

Let me start.

I will start with 50 days of Christmas, remember the charity fund raiser for Christmas gifts? This has still not been paid. We have asked continuously and it’s yet come to fruition.

2nd is Uganda. We were promised photos and updates from Charlie Pelegrino and also an influx of money on a monthly basis. An amount of which would of put us in good stead each month.

For reference Grigg (right) is talking about Suarez’s Recycle Bot reboot after the original The Berlin Group Ponzi collapsed.

When Laurie had supposedly returned from his trip, the photos were on a USB.

No photos were taken on a phone or any mobile device so we were told.

Anyway we were advised that photos would be with us at the London meetings, some of you may have been there when we said we were going to get them.

Still to this day we have nothing. It’s just excuse after excuse.

The admins who have worked hard for this platform for the last 8 months have not been paid apart from a few payments at the very beginning of this platform for their services.

There are other who will confirm this despite being dangled carrots of contracts.

Some of you may have seen mine that Shohan has posted on one of his pages. These never came into effect.

We have been held in hope things would improve and be in a paid position for the work we do.

Still to this day, no payments. Only ever a couple of withdrawals which in effect was my own funds.

I have nothing to hide in regards to this.

Finally the withdrawal saga. The frozen wallets were true it happened.

There are still over $300,000 roughly stuck in PayPal, Square and some other wallet.

The payment gateway to my knowledge is true. It has been created and completed, but in that case then surely withdrawals should be cleared?

But when we are told that we are down to the final 600, only to check that there are 3200 remaining is something that can’t be ignored and and a lie that we cannot understand.

There are over 5000 withdrawals pending now, around 800 BTC worth…… I’ll let you do the maths.

As of the current exchange rate, 800 BTC equals $4.2 million USD.

And yet despite this amount supposedly being claimed by RB Global Crypto Bank affiliate investors, Suarez just yesterday capped withdrawals at 0.2 BTC a week.

Now the above may come with an explanation from Laurie no doubt. So I hope he can explain this.

Remember Clinton’s lawyers of London, the firm representing us, and Tom the appointed board member?

Well we contacted our buddy Tom and he has only ever met Mr Suarez once and had a brief conversation regarding the platform and compliance.

He made no suggestions and denies representing RB or Mr Suarez as a lawyer.

So all of these things that have been going through lawyers in London, I’m starting to wonder who exactly because Tom hasn’t got a clue.

Secondly I’d like an explanation of the private investment deals that have been made with multiple members for a promise of BTC returned to twice the value.

For example 10 BTC in and get 20  BTC back within sometimes 48 hours or up to 1 week.

These private investments have been taken upon by some trusting members who have yet to receive any return of their BTC, some investing over 30 BTC.

So excuses like “my KYC on Binance was blocked” when you apparently know the CEO of Binance, begs to ask the question of legitimacy.

Oh and this was just one of the many excuses used.

Lastly I would cast my question to the VIPs, do you ever get your large withdrawals?

When the payment gateway is now fully functioning, and finance is not an issue?

Now also cast your mind back to The Berlin Group.

We were told Joachim Pydde was taken to court for the missing BTC for the land purchases.

When asked what’s happening, (we were told) “Oh that’s with lawyers”.

So again where is the money that wasn’t used for land purchase because we never bought it?

The Recycle Bot Bin that the coin was established for? Any blueprints? And spec? Anything at all?

No just a fancy idea that we are being asked to pay for. Mind you I bought personally £500 of coin sent directly to Laurie which I am yet to receive.

Also Peter Scott, John Foley, etc all apparent partnering directors that have nothing to say?

An investment of $25,000,000 from Peter Scott really?

I write this in disbelief I allowed myself to go so far along in believing the bullshit, but when you meet the man face to face and he holds a room without a stutter it is difficult not to believe we are onto a life changing platform.

But break it down and really look at what has never actually happened when it said it would be?

It’s as clear as day we have been used and stolen from.

I also understand that by doing this my account will be blocked but really how much are our accounts even worth if we have no money to pay them?

Finally in regards to me stepping down as admin you now have your answer.

In regards to Peter Ohanyan being sacked, you now have your answer, because he asked the questions that were not to be asked. And the same for Carly Bown.

I cannot apologise enough that I believed so much in this platform that I supported it to the point I lost friendships and close networkers. That is something I cannot take back.

But to put every piece of crypto I had into this without a second thought and to work unpaid for months, to be so enthusiastic for man who would steal from the kindest hearted people without a care in the world hurts me even more.

For the faith I instilled on others I apologise. I led the life of a dream I invisioned by a man who wrote the fairy tale.

I hope for everyone’s sake we see a return of capital, and to walk away from the poison of a man who calls himself Laurie Suarez.

It is time you all read what really goes on behind the scenes and hopefully if there is any dignity behind the man who stands as CEO he will provide evidence of funds and actually return the crypto he has of yours.

I am well aware by doing this mine is lost but it is a loss I’m willing to take to speak out.

Comments will stay on, you have a right to speak and I am aware I may come under verbal attack for my involvement but I would hope you can see I’m doing this for the right reasons.

Shortly after Grigg’s published his goodbye, Laurie Suarez regained control of the account.

That prompted the publishing of Grigg’s supposed “letter of resignation” (courtesy of RB Global Crypto Bank (Recycle Bot) & Power Bot – Now What!?).

I have read the posts of this morning from Daryl Grigg and I can’t say it comes as a surprise.

It seems to be in this space that when someone leaves the program that people feel the need to destroy the system.

When Daryl Grigg decide(d) to leave, this was his message:

Hey mate, it comes with a heavy heart to have to say this but I have been put in a position at my work (and) at home that is going to take up all of my time.

It’s my bread and butter and my local job, which I need to prioritise. As the workload increases so must my attention.

I will still support RB whole heartedly but as for a position as a senior leader or management, I don’t feel I can give the attention it needs.

Especially as a potential board member, who will need to be focuse(d) 100% of the time.

I thank you for the time spent up to this date and beyond and I’m always here as a friend and if for any reason you need any help.

I will leave the groups with an explanation sent also and get removed as admin etc. on the necessary platforms.

Thank you mate and I’m sorry.

He has now taken the need to destroy the system with his barrage overnight.

As a platform we have always faced challenges and this is no different.

Let’s bind together and show these twits that we are here for the long haul.

We the members control the future of this platform and let’s make it a success.

I will update withdrawals tomorrow.

How did Griggs go from “thank you mate” to the message he wound up publishing in the RB Global Crypto Facebook group? No idea.

We also don’t have any sense of time between the two communications, so that could be a factor too.

While Suarez remains ever the optimist that his victims will continue to support him, responses to Grigg’s Facebook message suggest some affiliates are realizing their losses.

Daryl Grigg, what a load of fucking balls.

You and the rest had to know what was going on or you were so stupid you shouldn’t have been in the leadership team in the first place.

I’ve well over 100K owed in this now but you guys have made great money. Because all you do is put the minimum in and get your gullible clowns to put the big money in, and you cream of the commissions early on.

You are as guilty as Laurie if what you’re saying is true.

Scum and filth the fucking lot of ya.

As I write this the RB Global Crypto Bank website is down without explanation. It appears the contents of the site have been deleted from the server.

Whether this is related to Daryl Griggs and other admins fleeing the scam over the past few days is unclear.