Evidently the RB Global Crypto Bank RBGC exit-scam isn’t liquidating ROI liabilities fast enough, prompting Laurie Suarez to implement hard withdrawal limits.

RB Global Crypto Bank’s latest email details twenty-five cryptocurrency withdrawal limits, of which probably the first few are of relevance.

  • 0.2 BTC
  • 12 LTC
  • 6 ETH
  • 3 BCH

RBGC is at the bottom of the list with a weekly withdrawal limit of 1000 RBGC.

At the same time RB Global Crypto Bank is slashing how much affiliates can withdraw (word on the street is withdrawal requests remain unfulfilled anyway), Laurie Suarez is promising a 100% deposit match.

As a thank you to all our members for their continued patience through all the work that has been carried out.

Deposit any of the following amounts and received a 100% deposit match.

Seems a bit strange Suarez can create a 100% deposit match out of thin air, but can’t find money to pay people out with.

Confidence among RB Global Crypto Bank investors meanwhile continues to plummet.

A few hours ago Peter Ohanyan, who cites himself as RB Global Crypto Bank’s “assistant CEO”, announced he was stepping down.

Effective immediately I will be stepping down as Assistant CEO.

Unfortunately my family has taken 2nd place and I can’t do that to them anymore.

To be honest we’re not really sure what an “assistant CEO” actually does.

No doubt RB Global Crypto Bank’s assistant CEO stepping down though means more money for Laurie Suarez.