Back in January we reported on Recycle Bot owner Laurie Suarez ignoring investor withdrawal problems.

Nine months later little has changed. And Suarez is up to his old tricks again.

Considering Recycle Bot, apparently now known as Recycle Bot Crypto Growth Bank, hasn’t been paying out much for the better part of 2019.

That affiliate investors are still trying to withdraw is somewhat remarkable.

From a practical standpoint, the vast majority of funds invested into Recycle Bot wind up in Suarez’s back pocket. A trickle here and there is paid out to affiliates.

As investment dwindles, naturally withdrawals do too. Which brings us to Suarez’s latest social media outburst.

I think it’s time for me to write this post as it is clear that the Workplace lives are not getting through to people.

This platform is not a get rich quick scheme, it is not a tree that bears BTC, nor is it a platform that allows you to become a millionaire with a deposit of 0.005 BTC.

You may think all these things but unfortunately it is not.

I am slowly getting over the daily discussions of withdrawals with people because these people have no concept nor idea of what an investment platform is all about.

They are simply to [sic] absorbed in their own space to care.

reI have no idea what Suarez is telling affiliates these days, but the original Recycle Bot promised a daily 2.8% ROI for 60 days.

In any event Suarez goes on to lament on how dreadful it is that RBCG Bank investors are trying to withdraw what is represented to them as earned funds.

This morning I had a conversation with a member that was very dissatisfied at the fact that the platform had not honoured his withdrawals.

So, I asked the person, “how much did you invest?” He replied “3K”.

I then asked how much have you withdrawn from the platform, he said, “5K”.

This person has made 2k profit from his investment which is approx. 90% in 12 months and his complaint is withdrawals.

When I asked him, did he plan to invest more into the business he said, “once I get more withdrawals”.

Again I don’t know what Suarez is feeding RBCG Bank affiliates today, but dating back he’s represented external revenue generation via recycling, Ugandan company deals, cloud mining, forex trading and arbitrage.

If any of that wasn’t bullshit, it really shouldn’t matter how much RBCG Bank affiliates withdraw.

If the funds are available for withdrawal in the “Workplace”, they should be readily withdrawable. Period.

But of course RBCG Bank is a Ponzi scheme and without new investment, sans what Suarez skims off the top, there’s nothing to pay out.

Here’s the problem. 99.9% of our members think that way.

They wake up every morning, go down the rabbit hole to wonderland, turn on their computers … log in … and watch their trees bear BTC.

If their tree is not bearing BTC they get very cross, put on their wizard’s outfit and start to wave their wands with spells and bad fortune.

Back in the land of reality, there is the 0.1% of members who understand that if something is good to them, they need to keep putting in a percentage of there [sic] profit to enable greater returns for them and giving the company more ability to grow.

Simply put, no new investment = no returns.

Legitimate investment companies don’t operate like this. Ponzi schemes do.

Just because the plan is 25% withdrawal why do people need to take it all?

Why do you need to withdraw everything available to you?

If the maximum is $10,000 a week why do you need to take it all?

People who do that don’t care about this business.

Now some maybe grabbing the old PONZI SCHEME cards right about now and yes I would expect the rabbit hole people to do so, but in the land of reality this is not classed as a Ponzi scheme it is classed as growing and protecting your investment and the company providing the vehicle paying the dividends.

Uh, what?

Again, if RBCG Bank was generating external revenue and using that to pay investors – what does it matter who withdraws what?

The only scenario in which a passive investment opportunity runs into trouble without new investment, is one using a Ponzi model.

As obvious at that may be though, Suarez doesn’t want to hear it.

I am sick of dealing with this crap every day.

The bottom line is this.

If any of the above rings true to you, get the hell out of here.

Leave before I tell you to leave because I can smell you rabbit hole people a mile away.

Tomorrow I will be posting a list of people who have recovered their initial investment and more and if they are not prepared to continue to support this business and have plans of sitting back and reaping rewards your journey here will end.

So that’s that. Hand over more money to Suarez or bye bye monopoly money withdrawals.

People have 24 hours to understand this platform, crawl out of the rabbit hole and start to respect this business.

Suarez’s message went live early last week. Since then anyone who dared question him has been booted.

One affiliate recounts being told they were stupid and “didn’t understand English” when Suarez was asked about their account.

Another was booted for “speaking their mind”, following “no withdrawals in months”.

Looking forward, no doubt those with the largest withdrawal balances owing will be culled.

Everyone else will be expected to cough up new money, Suarez will pocket most of it and we’ll be back at square one in a few months.