After letting his mate Aidan Parr use his Telegram Ponzi bot in exchange for a 33% cut, Parr ran his own version of Laurie Suarez’s RecycleBot scam into the ground.

Parr’s Promine Technologies PowerBot collapse preceded Suarez publicly announcing he’d invest $250,000 of stolen Recycle Bot funds into the scheme.

That of course was when the pair were still on good terms.

Following Power Bot’s collapse, Parr has accused Suarez’s Ponzi bot developer of theft. Suarez in kind has admitted PowerBot was a Ponzi scheme all along.

Aidan Parr (right) initially attributed PowerBot’s collapse to a a $60,000 heist by CoinPayments.

When contacted, CoinPayments denied Parr’s allegations.

This left us to conclude PowerBot had collapsed and Parr blaming CoinPayments was Parr’s exit-scam strategy.

Note that CoinPayments has since locked the accounts of identified PowerBot investors.

Locked funds will only be released after 30 days if the investors provide CoinPayments, a Cayman Islands shell company run by who knows who from who knows where, with scanned copies of their passports.

Sometime over the past few days, Parr has now claimed that Laurie Suarez’s Ponzi bot developer

has been caught out manipulating the power bot. He has been reported to the police.

We also believe he has been stealing funds.

This prompted a response from Laurie Suarez, who accused Parr and “his silly side kick Zak Anstis”, of being “the povos of Delhi”.

You all may remember that in November 2018, we had anticipated an investment of $250,000 into a company called Promine Technologies, run by Aidan Parr.

The investment was agreed based on representation made by Parr in reference to the returns he claimed were being made by his mining venture.

At this time, we also had a fully developed bot, which was offered to Parr at a cost, which he agreed to take over and run as part of Promine Technologies.

At the time of Parr taking on the bot for his organisation at an agreed price, including all support and server arrangements, Parr commenced Power Bot.

Shortly after this time and after extensive investigation we concluded that the returns claimed by Parr that were being made by his mining operation were false and as result withdrew our offer to invest.

Parr continued with The Power Bot, and as you are all aware the Power Bot has lost Power and has now stopped paying people.

With this now Par and his silly side kick ZAK ANSTIS, have attempted to deflect the heat onto our Developers blaming them for the demise of Powerbot.

These two twits believe they could have run this business the same way they run their network marketing business by putting nothing in and leading their teams to bring them big returns and sit back and portray themselves as the sultans of Brunei when they are merely the povos of Delhi.

They have now proceeded to launch an attack our developers which is nothing short of disgraceful.

They have threatened his wife and blamed them for what can only be described as their own lack of business ability.

The bottom line is these two idiots, wouldn’t have the money between them to buy a pretzel.

It is disgraceful that there lack of testicular fortitude to front their own people and admit their demise finds them needing to attack innocent programmers who have nothing to do with the financial management of their business.

These developers have received threats from PARR and ANSTIS and their motley brainless crew, to the point where they have now involved authorities in fear of their welfare, and I support their decision to do so.

Mr PARR and MR ANSTIS, just because you do not have a feather to fly with and just because you get through life blaming other people for your pathetic ability, I hope your members dish out to you what you deserve.

As you are both graduates of the Shohan Bowalla school of scams, maybe you can both put this down to the list of scams you have led your teams down the path of.

You are both pathetic excuses for human beings, and whilst Parr is a landscaper, I suggest he build a rock garden so you can both crawl under that and call it home.

I will not stand for anyone attacking our staff nor our members, just because they think they can.

Suarez’s racist rant is believed to have been sent out to RB Global Crypto Bank investors sometime over the past 24 hours.

The great irony here is of course Suarez’s own Ponzi scam has collapsed twice.

Initially launched as The Berlin Group, Suarez’s Ponzi scheme was then rebooted as Recycle Bot and then again as RB Global Crypto Bank.

Whereas when Parr’s Ponzi collapsed he didn’t opt to reboot it, Suarez simply changes the backstory and relaunches.

As Parr quite obviously wasn’t generating ROI revenue from crypto mining in his basement, neither is Suarez generating ROI revenue via recycling, Ugandan oil and gas operations, cloud mining, forex trading or arbitrage.

Even more hilarious still is the fact that Suarez’s own investors haven’t been paid for months.

In late January we reported Suarez’s threatening of investors who dare to speak out with account termination.

Naturally there’s been no interruption in investor deposit functionality, which is believed to funnel straight into Suarez’s bank account(s).

Suarez has since followed up by threatening to terminate accounts of RB Global Crypto Bank affiliates who have Aidan Parr, Zak Anstis or Shahan Bowalla as Facebook friends.

If you have friendships with the people below, you will not be part of this platform.

If some think it’s dictatorship in me enforcing this, well I guess it is.

As the Laurie Suarez Ponzi circus continues to play out, authorities in Parr’s native UK or Suarez’s Australia have shown no interest in investigating.