In our last article covering Recycle Bot withdrawal problems, I wrote that owner Laurie Suarez

can attach his Telegram Ponzi bot to any ruse. All he needs is new investment to feed the bot.

Following the collapse of the recycling and Ugandan energy ruses, Recycle Bot is now touting cloud mining returns.

What makes Recycle Bot’s new cloud mining ruse all the more hilarious is Suarez (right) acknowledging

I have stated previously that companies that centred their business in mining of Crypto were non-profitable.

The costs to maintain rigs, plus energy costs together with space costs are expenses that in the current market deem those businesses non-profitable.

However if you remove these expenses and replace them with an efficient process the savings do render this process profitable.

The system is called Cloud mining.

So uh, running a mining business is unprofitable – but paying another mining business for cloud mining is profitable…

…even though the cloud mining business is an “unprofitable mining business”?


Cloud mining isn’t some magic market defying business model.

If it’s unprofitable for a company to set up mining rigs where they keep 100% of any profit generated, it’s even less profitable for a cloud mining company to set up mining rigs and share non-existent profits with third-parties.

Despite Suarez’s logic black hole, here’s Recycle Bot’s new investment plans:

  • Silver – invest $39.99 and receive a 0.2525% daily ROI for 12 months
  • Gold – invest $99.99 and receive a 0.2625% daily ROI for 12 months
  • Platinum – invest $324.99 and receive a 0.3% daily ROI for 12 months
  • VIP – invest $774.99 and receive a 0.3750% daily ROI for 12 months

Of course there’s no evidence Recycle Bot is generating external ROI revenue through cloud mining.

Furthermore, neither Recycle Bot or Laurie Suarez are registered to offer securities in any jurisdiction they operate in.

Like I said, Suarez has a Ponzi script he can attach to any ruse. Supposedly there’s also some forex trading bullshit coming up soon too, stay tuned.