The MLM side of DasCoin is gearing up for its third name-change.

As announced at DasCoin’s recent Dubai event, Net Leaders will be renamed and relaunched as Excelz on December 1st.

There doesn’t appear to be any official reason for the Net Leaders name-change.

Excelz is supposed to be launching a “digital management hub” for affiliates in mid December. There’s also a travel discount portal launch planned.

One obvious unofficial reason for a name-change is that, as of October, both DasCoin and Net Leaders are under criminal investigation in Poland.

That investigation has so far resulted in the seizure of $11.6 million tied to DasCoin investment through Net Leaders.

Website activity on both the DasCoin and Net Leaders websites was already in decline for most of 2018. Developments in Poland has seen both company websites tank even further.

For those unfamiliar with the company, Net Leaders began as Coin Leaders in late 2016.

Coin Leaders saw affiliates invest in DasCoin points, which has basically followed your typical MLM altcoin pump and dump trajectory.

Seeing as DasCoin and Coin Leaders were launched by former OneCoin scammers, the business model of getting people to invest in their own altcoin wasn’t surprising.

Whereas OneCoin has remained at the Ponzi points stage however, DasCoin did actually go public in mid 2018.

Since then Net Leaders investors have learnt the hard way that nobody outside of the company is interested in DasCoin.

After an initial pump of around 21 cents, DASC has dumped to its current 2.2 cent value.

Will a name-change, digital management hub and travel portal turn things around? Probably not.

Coin Leaders affiliates invested in DASC for one reason: They wanted to eventually offload their DASC onto new bagholders for more than they paid for them.

Same as any other MLM “we have an altcoin now too” company really.


Update 6th December 2018 – It seems Net Leaders is not only changing their name, but also the shell company used behind the scenes to process payments.

Net Leaders processed affiliate investment through “CL Singapore Pte. Ltd., a shell company in Singapore.

The name-change to Excelz has seen the formation of Corbilex Services Ltd., a new DasCoin related shell company in Dubai.

It’s highly likely this is due to regulatory difficulties as a result of the criminal investigation into Net Leaders/Excelz (banks refusing to process transactions etc.).

Net Leaders affiliates are being told to resign up as Excelz affiliates under a new agreement.

Anyone the company doesn’t want to keep though is out;

As part of its agreement with CL Singapore, the Excelz organization has reserved the right to deny any NetLeaders customer or advocate the ability to opt in to the new Excelz program without justification.

Consequently, participation in Excelz and all associated benefits are extended to members of the NetLeaders community as an invitation and privilege, and not as a right or entitlement.

Nothing suss about any of that…