coin-leaders-logoThe Coin Leaders website states that the company is

operated by CL Singapore Pte. Ltd., which is based in Singapore.

CL Singapore is wholly owned by Coin Leadership Limited, based in Dubai.

john-pretto-coin-leaders-chairmanJohn Pretto (right) is identified as Chairman of Coin Leaders.

John Pretto is an accomplished, innovative and entrepreneurial technologist with over 20 years of senior management experience in information technology, marketing and operations.

Past positions include serving as Chief Technology Officer for R66T (enterprise Wi-Fi), Chief Operating Officer for ComF5 (formerly DigitalFX – digital media marketing platform), CTO and Co-founder of HelloNetwork (streaming media technology), and VP of Technology for SmartConnect (video surveillance for gaming).

On the MLM side of things John Pretto was actively promoting the OneCoin Ponzi scheme last year.

Before OneCoin Pretty was promoting NuVerus, a black seed juice nutritional MLM opportunity.

Pretto appears to have gotten involved in OneCoin in early to mid 2015. Whether he is still involved in OneCoin is unclear.

Read on for a full review of the Coin Leaders MLM opportunity.

The Coin Leaders Product Line

Coin Leaders has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Coin Leaders affiliate membership itself.

The Coin Leaders Compensation Plan

Coin Leaders affiliates invest up to €25,000 in DasCoin, a “hybrid cryptocurrency” run by Hong Kong based DasCoin Limited.

In exchange for their investment, Coin Leaders affiliates receive a “software license”.

These software licenses makes it easy for anyone to receive cryptocurrency – directly from the source.

There’s no need to buy coins on a currency exchange, or get involved with the complexities and hassles of a cryptocurrency “mining” process.

Instead, CoinLeader software enables you to help build the distributed network (on which DasCoin operates) and receive DasCoins in return.

Everything is done for you!

The more funds invested into software licenses, the higher the assigned value to DasCoin.

Through their software license, Coin Leaders affiliates receive DasCoins via “cycles”.

As an incentive for providing Cycles to the network, each licensee is rewarded with an amount of DasCoin calibrated to the level of the licensee’s contribution.

In a nutshell, the more a Coin Leaders affiliate invests the more DasCoin they receive.

  • Standard – invest €100 EUR and receive 1265 cycles and 1 upgrade
  • Manager – invest €500 EUR and receive 6325 cycles and 1 upgrade
  • Pro – invest €2000 EUR and receive 27,600 cycles and 1 upgrade
  • Executive – invest €5000 EUR and receive 74,750 cycles and 2 upgrades
  • President – invest €25,000 EUR and receive 373,750 cycles and 3 upgrades

An upgrade is triggered when the rate of cycles converted into DasCoins drops below 50% efficiency (from a starting point of 100 efficiency).

When an upgrade is triggered Coin Leaders affiliate cycles that have not yet been converted into DasCoins are doubled.

Referral Commissions

Coin Leaders pay affiliates a 20% referral fee on funds invested by personally recruited affiliates.

Matching Bonus

Coin Leaders affiliates receive a percentage match on downline earnings through three levels of recruitment (unilevel).

  • level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) – 30% match
  • level 2 – 40% match
  • level 3 – 50% match

Joining Coin Leaders

Coin Leaders affiliate membership is tied to an initial investment of between €100 and €25,000 EUR.


Call my cynical but I can’t see any legitimate reason for an MLM company to by domiciled in Singapore, owned by a shell company in Dubai and operated by someone living in the US.

The corporate structure of Coin Leaders appears to have been implemented with money laundering in mind.

That might sound harsh right off the bat but upon consideration of Coin Leaders’ compensation plan, is wholly justifiable.

Coin Leaders is pretty much John Pretto’s attempt at the OneCoin Ponzi business model.

Affiliates invest in “cycles” (OneCoin tokens), which are converted into DasCoin (OneCoins), which are assigned an arbitrary value by DasCoin, a centralized authority.

DasCoin itself is not publicly tradeable and can only be acquired through Coin Leaders investment. Oh and it fits into the whole money laundering theme by purportedly being based in Hong Kong.

The Coin Leaders website identifies the CEO of DasCoin Limited as Michael Mathias.

Surprise surprise, Mathias is/was also a OneCoin affiliate.

Coin Leaders and DasCoin present the usual comparisons to legitimate cryptocurrencies and crap about external use of the coin through a merchant network.

The reality however is that Coin Leaders and DasCoin offer up nothing more than a Ponzi pyramid hybrid.

Our premiere license … provides an unparalleled combination of benefits and yields rewards that are a 10x magnitude greater than even the Executive License!

The Ponzi element of Coin Leaders is the investment of funds which are converted into DasCoins. The value of DasCoin is assigned by DasCoin Limited, the company running the point-generation script that spits out DasCoins.

The value of DasCoins is pegged to nothing more than the rate of investment from Coin Leaders affiliates.

Affiliates cash DasCoins through Coin Leaders, who use newly invested funds to pay off existing investors.

Albeit convoluted in an attempt to pose as a legitimate cryptocurrency, this is nonetheless the definition of a Ponzi scheme.

Coin Leaders’ pyramid layer is found in its referral commissions, wherein affiliates are paid to recruit new affiliate investors.

Referral commissions are paid out of funds invested by newly recruited affiliates.

As with all Ponzi schemes, once recruitment of new affiliate investors dries up Coin Leaders will collapse.

This has already presented itself in OneCoin, amid reports that coin withdrawals by affiliates are next to impossible (the only source of income for most is referral commissions).

From the looks of it Coin Leaders appears to have been launched by Ponzi scammers who joined OneCoin and then left for whatever reason.

I’m sure that’ll end well…


Update 24th April 2017 – Coin Leaders appears to have flopped. The company has relaunched with the name “Net Leaders”.

I wasn’t able to pinpoint when the name-change took place, but traffic to the Net Leaders website began to pick up in early January, 2017.

Traffic to the Coin Leaders website went into decline in late December, so the reboot seems to have coincided with the new year.