Despite listing itself on four cryptocurrency exchanges you’ve never heard of, Net Leader’s DasCoin has failed to gain any traction through public trading.

Not surprising when you consider DasCoin exists solely as an investment vehicle for duped Net Leaders affiliates.

I first became aware of DasCoin’s latest announcement after an investor tried to publish it as some sort of rebuttal to our previous DasCoin coverage.

That prompted me to do some research of my own.

Back in April DasCoin announced it would be listed on three public exchanges; BTC-Alpha, EUBX and CoinFalcon.

This coincided with an initial 17 cent public value. DasCoin’s public value pumped to a high of around 20 cents in June, after which it dumped to its current value of 6.9 cents.

Of the three initial exchanges, the majority of trading takes place on CoinFalcon.

CoinFalcon is operated by persons unknown, uses a virtual office address in the UK and itself only launched in late 2017.

91.22% of all DASC trading takes place on CoinFalcon ($25,514 over the past 24 hours).

Comparatively a few thousand USD worth of DASC is traded on BTC-Alpha, which has a predominantly Russian user-base.

European Blockchain Exchange, or EUBX for short, surfaced around the time DasCoin made its listing announcement.

The exchange appears to have since collapsed. If you click “exchange” on the EUBX website, you’re redirected to the company’s Terms of Use.

On August 1st DasCoin announced DASC will be listed on CoinBene, an Asian exchange that surfaced in November 2017.

DasCoin (DASC) is to be listed on CoinBene, one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges globally.

The announcement was made by DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias, who said: “Public trading is a crucial part of the DasCoin journey.

We are very excited about listing on CoinBene, which has quickly become one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges.”

Michael is also actively working on getting DasCoin listed on other external exchanges, and he expects to make an additional exchange announcement later in August.

So where does all of this leave Net Leaders investors?

Nowhere really.

Like the first three exchanges, all listing on CoinBene does is expose desperate Net Leaders affiliates to more gullible suckers to offload DASC onto.

This might cause a brief spike in DASC value and website activity, after which Net Leaders investors are back at square one.

DASC itself remains a pointless MLM altcoin, still serving no purpose beyond speculative investment among Net Leaders affiliates.

This is evidenced by a downturn in website traffic to the Net Leaders and DasCoin websites, as well as DASC’s stagnant 7 cents or so value.