The UK’s FCA has issued multiple securities fraud warnings against GSB Gold Standard Corporation associated companies.

On March 21st the FCA issued fraud warnings against G999, Lydian World and Gold Standard Trade (aka GSTrade).

GSB Gold Standard Corporation is a German company owned by Josip Heit (right).

  • G999 is the failed cryptocurrency used to defraud investors through the original iteration of GSPartners
  • Lydian World was an NFT spinoff, launched after it became apparent G999 had collapsed
  • GSTrade is an internal exchange linked to GSB Gold Standard Corporation and associated companies

The FCA warns the above GSB Gold Standard Corporation companies “is not authorised” and “may be targeting people in the UK.”

This firm may be providing or promoting financial services or products without our permission.

You should avoid dealing with this firm and beware of scams.

GSPartners was the central fraudulent invest scheme run through GSB Gold Standard Corporation.

After collapsing last year, GSPartners was rebooted as GSPro. Following the termination of US and Canadian investors, GSPro has been dead in the water.

GSPartners’ original “” domain was abandoned last week.

Billionico emerged as a possible reboot but seems to have been abandoned. There is chatter of GSBDSwiss being resurrected but I haven’t seen anything to confirm.

Outside of the UK GSB Gold Standard Corporation has received fraud warnings from thirteen US states.

  1. Texas described GSPartners as “various fraudulent investment schemes that are threatening immediate and irreparable harm”
  2. Washington described GSPartners’ MLM business as “fraudulent activity”
  3. Alabama claims GSPartners was “evading Alabama laws and making guarantees that are unrealistic”
  4. California described GSPartners as a “fraudulent crypto investment scheme”
  5. Kentucky asserted GSPartners “acted as an unregistered issuer of unregistered securities through its publicly available websites”
  6. Wisconsin described GSPartners as a “global fraud scheme”
  7. Arkansas claimed GSPartners is “perpetrating numerous fraudulent investment schemes that are threatening immediate and irreparable harm to investors”
  8. New Hampshire accused GSPartners of “fraud and deception”
  9. Arizona determined GSPartners’ threat to “public welfare requires immediate action” and
  10. Florida’s undercover investigation into GSPartners revealed “unlawful activities
  11. Mississippi described GSPartners’ Ponzi scheme as the “offering and selling fraudulent (of) certificates tied to digital assets”
  12. Georgia fined GSPartners, Josip Heit and Michael Dalcoe $500,000 for securities fraud
  13. Massachusetts’ Attorney General’s Office counted GSPartners in a list of “crypto scams”

An ongoing US federal investigation into GSPartners and Heit is also underway.

Outside of the US and the UK, six Canadian provinces have issued GSPartners fraud warnings (British Columbia,  Ontario, Alberta (G999  GSTrade and GSPartners), Quebec and Saskatchewan).

South Africa, Australia and New Zealand have also taken action.