GSPartners has received a fraud warning from New Zealand.

As per the Financial Markets Authority’s February 7th warning, the regulator

recommend[s] caution when dealing with GS Partners/GSPartners which appears to promote its services or products in New Zealand through various websites and business names.

Known companies associated with GSPartners include:

  • GSB Gold Standard Pay Ltd
  • GSB Gold Standard Bank Ltd
  • Gold Standard Trade
  • Lydian World
  • G999
  • GSTrade
  • GSPro
  • GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation PLC
  • GSB Gold Standard Corporation AG
  • GSB Gold Standard Kommanditbolag (aka GSB Gold Standard Pay LTD)
  • GSDEFI and
  • Swiss Valorem Bank LTD

Citing fraud warnings from South Africa and Australia, the FMA expresses concern over GSPartners

  • operating a multi-level marketing scheme;
  • providing financial services or products while unauthorised in the respective jurisdictions;
  • offering unrealistic returns to its investors; and
  • making false and misleading statements and presentations

GSPartners and its associated companies are run by Josip Heit (right).

Heit, originally from Croatia, is believed to be hiding in Dubai.

In response to regulatory action from thirteen US states (including cease and desist notices, injunctions and monetary fines), GSPartners rebooted as GSPro in late 2023.

Shortly thereafter GSPro blocked US GSPartners investors from accessing their accounts.

Since then GSPro held one corporate webinar on January 16th. No significant announcements regarding GSPartners fraud warnings or locking of US investors accounts were made.

So far GSPartners and GSPro have failed to publicly respond to the fraud warnings from South Africa and Australia. It’s unclear whether GSPro will respond to New Zealand’s warning.