GSPro has blocked Canadian investors from accessing its fraudulent “metacertificates” investment scheme.

As first reported by BehindMLM reader David earlier today, GSPro purportedly began blocking Canadian GSPartners investors on February 7th.

I was able to confirm Canada has been geo-blocked from accessing GSPro’s website (note GSPartners recently changed its name to GSPro following multiple regulatory fraud warnings).

The blocking of Canadian investors, the majority of whom signed up and invested under GSPartners, follows blocking of US investors in December.

Attempts to visit GSPro’s website from a Canadian IP address now returns the same notice shown to US investors.

Whereas the message previously only referenced US investors, it now reads;

We are not offering any services to, engaging in any transactions with, or accepting any funds from U.S. or Canadian customers.

No new U.S. or Canadian customers will be permitted to register. Nor will any new customer be permitted to register from any country without proper “Know Your Customer” documentation.

Any existing U.S. or Canadian customer accounts are in the process of being closed, as are all existing accounts without proper “Know Your Customer” documentation on file.

To date six Canadian provinces have issued GSPartners fraud warnings; British Columbia,  Ontario, Alberta (G999, GSTrade and GSPartners), Quebec and Saskatchewan.

In November 2023 the British Columbia Securities Commission specifically singled out former Canadian resident Nitsa Nakos in a cited “coordinated U.S.-Canada enforcement action”.

Nakos is believed to be at the center of Canadian recruitment of GSPartners and GSPro investors. Following the Canadian fraud warnings, Nakos fled to Greece.

GSPartners founder Josip Heit, originally from Croatia but with ties to Germany and Romania, remains holed up in Dubai.

There have been no public announcements from GSPartners since January 2024. Neither the US or Canadian regulatory fraud warnings were discussed on the corporate webinar.

Since GSPartners blocked US investors in December, US website traffic to GSPro’s website has plummeted.

As of January 2024, top sources of traffic to GSPro’s website are Canada (31%), the UK (13%), Kazakhstan (13%) and Greece (12%). Up until December 2023, the US accounted for over half of GSPartners website traffic.

So far twelve US states have issued GSPartners and GSPro regulatory fraud warnings.

The latest state to take action was Georgia. Following an internal investigation, Georgia’s Commissioner of Securities fined Heit and top US promoter Michael Dalcoe $500,000.

At least two confirmed US federal investigations into GSPartners and GSPro are ongoing.

Outside of the US and Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand have also taken regulatory action.

Pending further action by authorities, total GSPartners investor losses remain unknown.