Billionico operates in the subscriptions MLM niche.

The company is purportedly headed up by Daniel Von Lison. Lison stylizes himself as a “baron” and also goes by Daniel Markus von Lison.

As per his FaceBook profile above, Lison represents he is from Germany.

Lison has no known prior MLM experience. He’s a relatively obscure person who seems to have nothing to his name other than a claim to German nobility.

Business ventures we can attach to Lison are Elite Club and BVL Real Estate.

In Lison’s wife Marina’s own words;

The Concept of Elite Club was established by Daniel`s Father, Chevalier Thaddäus Baron von Lison, in 2010 who is himself a successful entrepreneur and the Grand Prior for Germany of the Order of St. Stanislas.

Thaddäus Baron von Lison as a President of Elite Club saw the concept of the business club as a global association of people with chivalric behavior who are willing to recognize the social problems of our time and unselfishly contribute to their solution.

To be more specific: The ELITE CLUB is an international consortium of outstanding personalities (celebrities, VIP persons, famous artists, business tycoons and just everybody who has a good heart and willingness to help other people), a pact which follows clear vision and clear philanthropic missions.


Elite Club has its own website domain registered at “”. SimilarWeb tracked just ~1600 monthly visits to the site as of February 2024. That’s as good as dead.

BVL Real Estate also has a website up, on which it claims it’s a “member of Elite Club”.

SimilarWeb clocked ~1400 monthly visits to BVL Real Estate’s website for February 2024 – it’s also dead.

My impression of Lison is that he’s a run-of-the-mill nepo baby, minus the celebrity.

As far as I can tell, Lison is a frontman for what appears to be an unofficial second reboot of the collapsed GSPartners Ponzi scheme. We’ll dive deeper into that in the conclusion of this review.

Getting back to Billionico, the despite Lison being purportedly based in Germany, the company pretends it is based out of the Marshall Islands.

The Billionico Academy hereinafter referred to as “Billionico, Billionico Academy and Billionico Academy Elite ID” as collective brands used on the Billionico Academy Platform, owned by Primus Liquidity Holding Ltd, registered in Republic of Marshall Islands MH96960.

These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Marshall Islands, where the provider operates.

The Marshall Islands is a tax haven in the South Pacific. It’s a tiny nation of just ~42,000, with there being no evidence Billionico “operates” there beyond registering a shell company.

And funnily enough, when you run a search on “96960” for the Marshall Islands, Primus Liquidity Holding Ltd. isn’t the company that comes up.

Billionico also seems to have an undisclosed shell company in Switzerland attached to it:

All products and services offered on Billionico Academy platform are subject to Switzerland VAT.

Given this appears to be the money side of the business, Billionico seems reluctant to disclose specifics of its financial shell company/companies.

Read on for a full review of Billionico’s MLM opportunity.

Billionico’s Products

Billionico markets a series of 4-week subscriptions.

Each subscription provides access to “learning modules” covering various generic topics.

Kickstarter, 99 EUR every 4 weeks

  • Be the face of your e-commerce success
  • Mastering self-branding to outshine competitors
  • Select products that promise peak performance
  • Harness social media for personal branding triumph
  • Grow your empire in daily half-hours
  • Skyrocket profits with smart leverage strategies
  • Market like a pro with Billionico insights

Catalyst, 149 EUR every 4 weeks

Everything in Kickstarter plus:

  • Dive into cosmetics, create beauty trends
  • Social media, your gateway to success

Accelerator, 249 EUR every 4 weeks

Everything in Kickstarter and Catalyst plus:

  • Code your way to tech triumph
  • Expand globally, seize business opportunities
  • Nourish success in wellness industry
  • Travel industry, your passport to profits

Momentum Builder, 499 EUR every 4 weeks

Everything in Kickstarter, Catalyst and Accelerator plus:

  • Win big in digital gaming world
  • Unlock financial success in fintech
  • AI & tech, shaping your future now
  • Fashion & arts, designing your success
  • Bet on growth in gambling industry

Limitless, 999 EUR every 4 weeks

Everything in Kickstarter, Catalyst, Accelerator Plus and Momentum Builder plus:

  • Blockchain & Metaverse, pioneering digital frontiers
  • Real estate, building your property empire
  • Secure wealth in digital gold era
  • Trade smart, maximize market gains

Billionico’s Compensation Plan

Billionico’s compensation plan pays on the sale of subscriptions to retail customers and recruited affiliates.

Billionico Affiliate Ranks

There are twenty affiliate ranks within Billionico’s compensation plan, split into one group of twelve ranks and one of eight.

Billionico’s ranks correspond to its Power Pool and Mastery Pool, so we’ve grouped the twenty ranks based on which bonus they’re part of below.

Power Pool Ranks

  1. Local Builder – generate 1000 GV and two new retail customer or personally recruited affiliate orders each month
  2. International Builder – generate 3000 GV and new three retail customer or personally recruited affiliate orders each month
  3. Global Builder – generate 10,000 GV and four new retail customer or personally recruited affiliate orders each month
  4. Local Achiever – generate 40,000 GV and five new retail customer or personally recruited affiliate orders each month
  5. International Achiever – generate 80,000 GV and six new retail customer or personally recruited affiliate orders each month
  6. Global Achiever – generate 160,000 GV and seven new retail customer or personally recruited affiliate orders each month
  7. Local Influencer – generate 320,000 GV and eight new retail customer or personally recruited affiliate orders each month
  8. International Influencer – generate 640,000 GV and nine new retail customer or personally recruited affiliate orders each month
  9. Global Influencer – generate 1,280,000 GV and ten new retail customer or personally recruited affiliate orders each month
  10. Local Tycoon – generate 2,560,000 GV and eleven new retail customer or personally recruited affiliate orders each month
  11. International Tycoon – generate 5,120,000 GV and twelve new retail customer or personally recruited affiliate orders each month
  12. Global Tycoon – generate 10,000,000 GV and thirteen new retail customer or personally recruited affiliate orders each month

Mastery Pool Ranks

  1. Gold Leader – generate 80,000 GV a month and recruit two affiliates
  2. Platinum Leader – generate 160,000 GV a month and recruit three affiliates
  3. Diamond Leader – generate 320,000 GV a month and recruit four affiliates
  4. Blue Diamond Leader – generate 640,000 GV a month and recruit five affiliates
  5. Black Diamond Leader – generate 1,600,000 GV a month and recruit six affiliates
  6. Crown Diamond Leader – generate 4,000,000 GV a month and recruit seven affiliates
  7. Royal Diamond Leader – generate 10,000,000 GV a month and recruit eight affiliates
  8. Emerald Leader – generate 25,000,000 GV a month and recruit nine affiliates

GV stands for “Group Volume” and is sales volume generated by referred retail customer and recruited affiliate subscription orders.

Billionico calculates sales volume as 50% of funds spent on subscriptions.

Note that no more than 40% of required GV can come from any one recruitment leg.

Also note that in order to count towards rank qualification, required new orders down three levels of referral/recruitment are counted.

Retail and Recruitment Commissions

Billionico pays commissions on retail and recruited affiliate subscription sales volume down three levels of referral/recruitment (unilevel):

  • level 1 (personally referred retail customers and recruited affiliates) – 20%
  • level 2 – 10%
  • level 3 – 5%

Fast Start Bonus

Billionico affiliates earn a 10% Fast Start Bonus on personally referred/recruited retail customers/affiliates within their first 14 days.

The Fast Start Bonus is reduced to 5% during an affiliate’s first 15 to 28 days.

Recruitment Bonus

Billionico affiliates who recruit five new affiliates receive 28 days of Limitless access.

This is an ongoing bonus that can be requalified for each time five affiliates are recruited.

Power Pool

Billionico takes 10% of company-wide sales volume and places it into the Power Pool.

Affiliates earn shares in the Power Pool based on rank:

  • Local Builders receive a share in 20% of the Power Pool
  • International Builders receive a share in 14% of the Power Pool
  • Global Builders receive a share in 12% of the Power Pool
  • Local Achievers receive a share in 9% of the Power Pool
  • International Achievers receive a share in 8% of the Power Pool
  • Global Achievers receive a share in 8% of the Power Pool
  • Local Influencers receive a share in 7% of the Power Pool
  • International Influencers receive a share in 6% of the Power Pool
  • Global Influencers receive a share in 6% of the Power Pool
  • Local Tycoons receive a share in 5% of the Power Pool
  • International Tycoons receive a share in 3% of the Power Pool
  • Global Tycoons receive a share in 2% of the Power Pool

Note that from Local Achiever, affiliates also receive one share in Power Pools three ranks below them.

Mastery Pool

Billionico takes 15% of company-wide sales volume and places it into the Mastery Pool.

Affiliates earn shares in the Mastery Pool based on rank:

  • Gold Leaders receive a share in 20% of the Mastery Pool
  • Platinum Leaders receive a share in 15% of the Mastery Pool
  • Diamond Leaders receive a share in 12.5% of the Mastery Pool
  • Blue Diamond Leaders receive a share in 12.5% of the Mastery Pool
  • Black Diamond Leaders receive a share in 10% of the Mastery Pool
  • Crown Diamond Leaders receive a share in 10% of the Mastery Pool
  • Royal Diamond Leaders receive a share in 10% of the Mastery Pool
  • Emerald Leaders receive a share in 10% of the Mastery Pool

Note that from Blue Diamond Leader, affiliates also receive one share in Mastery Pools three ranks below them.

Joining Billionico

Billionico affiliate membership is 30 EUR.

Billionico operates in EUR and cryptocurrency.

Billionico Conclusion

Billionico as an MLM opportunity is unremarkable. You have generic “educational” videos of unknown origin, access to which seems grossly overpriced ($999 every 4 weeks, really?).

Taken at face value, Billionico operates as a pyramid scheme if the majority of active subscriptions are held by affiliates.

There are no retail volume qualification requirements, so given the pricing and general vibe of the business, I’m not seeing any indication as to why this wouldn’t be the case.

Billionico of course isn’t meant to be taken at face value. In fact I’m not even sure its meant for public consumption.

So paranoid is the company about specifics getting out that marketing materials provided to affiliates are watermarked.

Why Billionico might want to be extremely careful in restricting access to information brings us to its ties to GSPro, formerly known as Swiss Valorem Bank, formerly known as GSPartners.

Our direct link between Billionico and GSPartners is through Daniel Lison and Dirc Zahlmann.

Zahlmann was a central figure in Karatbars International.

Karatbars International collapsed after failing to transition into a cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme in mid 2019.

After Karatbars International collapsed, Josip Heit, another central figure in the scam…

…split from founder Harald Seiz and went off to launch GSPartners.

After failing to establish himself as a consultant/trainer/generic marketing guy for hire, and a brief stint at Healy, Zahlmann rejoined Heit in GSPartners.

As US authorities were closing in on GSPartners in 2023, Heit appointed Zahlmann to the fall guy position of puppet CEO.

Daniel Lison and Dirc Zahlmann have known each other since at least August 2022.

Part of Billionico is “Billionico Academy”, before which we had Zahlmann Academy:

As per the Zahlmann Academy FaceBook post above, Lison is a big fan.


Because Zahlmann, while he was associated with GSPartners but just before he was appointed puppet CEO, and Lison are business partners:

Zahlmann Academy redirects to Zahlmann’s “Zahlmann Metalion” website, on which various “sold out” video courses were offered:

“Blockchain for beginners”, “blockchain for professionals”, “asset building” … it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Billionico Academy is just an expanded version of what Zahlmann started with Zahlmann Academy.

Billionico’s website domain registration was last updated on January 22nd, 2024. Billionico’s website didn’t go live till mid-February, so we can surmise the domain was purchased on or around January 2024 itself.

So, what happened between August 2023 and January 2024?

GSPartners received securities fraud warnings, cease and desist notices and monetary penalties from twelve US states.

Josip Heit and Dirc Zahlmann were named in the fraud warnings, meaning any hope of Zahlmann fronting whatever was supposed to happen before Billionico was dashed.

Enter Daniel Lison and the hastily put together Billionico.

Another link between Billionico and GSPartners is nobody but GSPartners investors promoting it (mostly in secret).

One name I can definitively to promotion of Billionico is Eric Ture Muhammad.

Muhammad received a joint $500,000 fine from Georgia regarding illegal promotion of GSPartners’ unregistered securities offering.

Muhammad is part of top GSPartners recruiter Michael El Dalcoe’s “WealthBuilders” downline, which now may be going by #TeamBelieve.

Finally we have Irle Moser putting in an EU Trademark application for “Billionico” on February 16th, 2024.

Irle Moser are a German law firm. The trademark link isn’t definitive but Irle Moser are Josip Heit’s legal lapdogs.

Also not a definitive link but worth noting is Billionico’s website and marketing colors (gold/black), are identical to that of GSPartners. All that’s missing is the lion logo.

One particularly secretive aspect of Billionico is its “Elite Academy ID” scheme.

Once signed on as affiliates and having purchased all of Billionico’s subscriptions (either tiered or the just Limitless), Elite Academy ID opens up.

“VIP opportunities and personal invitations” huh? This is purely speculative on my part but does make the rest of Billionico make sense.

If Billionico is nothing more than a backdoor for “terminated” US and Canadian residents to re-access GSPartners’ frozen Metaverse Certificates investment scheme, this is it.

While that’s entirely speculative on my part (pending confirmation from someone stupid enough to fall for Billionico and cough up another 999 EUR), what I can confirm is about as exciting as Billionico’s education video categories.

The first Elite Academy ID scheme I can confirm is some “interior design” nonsense costing up to 20,000 EUR:

What suspiciously sounds like UAE money laundering in-a-box for up to $13,000:

And a real-estate ruse that includes a pathway to Dubai residency and an “international bank account”:

Yeah, nothing dodgy sounding about any of that.

Even if there’s no GSPartners backdoor in Billionico and it’s just a money-spinner to stall for time while Heit hopelessly tries to overturn one of the twelve US state-level bans GSPartners received over the past few months, Billionico is still DOA for all but the most deluded GSPartners affiliates (top recruiters).

In response to US regulatory action against GSPartners, Josip Heit, Dirc Zahlmann and several promoters, GSPartners “terminated” US investor accounts on December 20th, 2023. Canadian GSPartners investor accounts followed early last month.

So far GSPartners is known to have only responded to Arizona’s securities fraud cease and desist.

A hearing has been scheduled for September 16th, 2024. Meanwhile, in a February 12th filing, GSPartners acknowledged that, as a result of the Arizona order, its “entire business has been effectively shuttered”.

US residents are believed to have made up over half of GSPartners’ investors. Toss in Canadian residents and as it stands, the vast majority of GSPartners investors have been locked out of their accounts.

As a result website traffic to GSPartners’ and GSPro’s respective websites, as tracked by SimilarWeb, has plummeted.

Outside of the US and Canada, investors are also left wondering where their money went.

In a March 5th YouTube video, a UK GSPartners investor sums up the current state of GSPartners and Billionico;

[19:51] I was hoping, this week, to be able to announce the new BillionICO idea, or Billionico as some people are calling it.

But I haven’t managed to catch their presentation yet, because they keep moving it forward.

It was supposed to be the week before, then it was supposed to be last week. Now it’s today. Today this afternoon at 3pm.

I can’t tell you anything about Billionico other than I think it’s based in Lydian World. So it’s based in the metaverse.

[20:32] And if you’ve got Lydian Lions, first of all you need to link your GSPro account to your Lydian Lions account, and then import your Lydian Lions and you’re ready to go. Whatever they are going to produce.

But so far I’m not interested until I’ve watched the video because they haven’t sorted out the problem with GSPro yet.

They haven’t sorted out the issue of withdrawals for small investors. Still 20% is taken away on a $100 a day limit. I’m not happy with that. There are lots of people who are not happy with that. So for me it’s a moral issue.

And until they sort that I’m not gonna take on anything new from them.

And so we have Billionico being pushed heavily by top GSPartners recruiters onto their downlines (not the public), with said downlines likely weary of losing any more money.

And bear in mind the quote above is from a UK investor who still has access to her account. Why on Earth would a US or Canadian affiliate sign up with Billionico and spend an additional hundreds to thousands of euro?

Outside of a possible vehicle to provide US and Canadian GSPartners investors secret access to their “terminated” accounts, I can’t see Billionico going anywhere.


Update 8th March 2024 – Within hours of this article going live, Eric Ture Muhammad deleted all of his “secret” Billionico marketing videos.


Update 15th March 2024 – Leon Filipovic has emerged as a link between Billionico and GSB Gold Standard Corporation, GSPartners’ parent company.

A visit to Billionico’s “Privacy Policies and Procedures” reveals the company details “Billionico Academy Orbit Conceptum AG CHE-106.479.564 Gotthardstrasse 3 6300 Zug”.

Broken down you have Billionico Academy, Orbit Conceptum AG and an address in Switzerland.

Leon Filipovic is the sole Director of Orbit Conceptum AG:

Filipovic (right) is a long-time business partner of Josip Heit’s. His name continuously pops in relation to registered companies associated with GSB Gold Standard Corporation.

In 2022, a sole Director of International Tech & Fintech PLC, BehindMLM noted Filipovic’s involvement in Heit’s London Stock Exchange shenanigans.

Additionally Filipovic has fronted fronted GSB Gold Standard Finance Europe SE:

And GS Chain PLC and GS & IB Fintech Ltd:

Billionico’s direct ties to Filipovic in turn ties Billionico to GSB Gold Standard Corporation and Josip Heit.


Update 13th April 2024 – The cited March 5th YouTube video from a UK GSPartners investor has been “removed by the uploader”.

This article originally contained a link to the video. Due to the investor removing the video, the video link has been now been disabled.


Update 26th April 2024 – Billionico’s secret investment scheme has been revealed in a securities fraud cease and desist issued by Texas.

The scheme is named “Digital Gold Vault” and set up through Auratus, a Hong Kong shell company.

The investments in the digital gold vault are being illegally, deceptively and fraudulently offered in Texas and the Securities Commissioner is entering this Emergency Cease and Desist Order to stop the scheme and protect the public from immediate and irreparable harm.

Following the Texas Statue Securities Board’s fraud warning, Billionico appears to be dead in the water.