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eAdGear owners fined $26.5 million in SEC case

On top of a felony indictment, guilty plea and 46 month prison sentence,  Charles Wang and Francis Yuen have now also been fined $26.5 million dollars. The latest blow to Wang and Yuen, owners of the eAdGear Ponzi scheme, was handed down on February 1st, as the SEC’s case against eAdGear came to a close. [Continue reading…]

eAdGear owners sentenced to 46 months in prison

Last December Charles Wang and Francis Yuen, collectively the owners of the eAdGear Ponzi scheme, were indicted for structuring fraud. This was followed up with a guilty plea back in August, with Wang and Yuen each sentenced to 46 months in prison on the 19th of October.

eAdGear owners plead guilty to structuring fraud

Following the SEC shutdown of eAdGear last September, two months later in December owners Charles Wang and Francis Yuen were indicted by a grand jury on a count of conspiracy. For those unfamiliar with the company name, eAdGear were behind the 2013 Ponzi scheme GoFunRewards. Last we checked in Wang and Yuen were facing 5 years imprisonment (possible [Continue reading…]

eAdGear (GoFunRewards) owners indicted on felony charge

Last we checked in on eAdGear (owners of GoFunRewards), things weren’t going too well. After struggling to launch their Ponzi scheme in the US, the company was then embroiled in lawsuits with rivals JubiRev and Randy Williams. Williams briefly served as GoFunRewards’ President before ditching them to go off and launch JubiRev, his own spin [Continue reading…]

SEC shuts down eAdGear (GoFunPlaces, GoFunRewards)

Last I checked in eAdGear were still involved in a bitter dispute with JubiRev’s Randy Williams. That was back in early 2013 though, and I haven’t really been keeping tabs on William’s and eAdGear’s respective cases since. Two Ponzi schemes suing eachother sounded interesting in premise but turned out to be terribly boring to follow. [Continue reading…]

GoFunRewards pull the plug on revenue sharing

GoFunRewards first popped up on my radar as an MLM penny auction startup. In late 2012, GoFunRewards announced it was going to launch a revenue sharing based penny auction under the brand “Go Fun Places”. When GoFunRewards finally got around to launching in early 2013, the company got off to a rocky start with the [Continue reading…]

Racism and harassment: Williams amends eAdGear complaint

The legal battles between eAdGear (GoFunRewards/GoFunPlaces) and Randal Williams (JubiRev/JubiMax) continue to heat up with a modified complaint filed by Williams in a Western District court of Texas. Back in February William’s filed a lawsuit against eAdGear in Texas, which after reviewing it I felt was rather general in nature: Going over each side of both [Continue reading…]

Randal Williams files suit against eAdGear (FEB)

Yesterday we broke the news that back on March 15th eAdGear, parent company of GoFunRewards had filed a lawsuit against Randal Williams and JubiMax (owned by Williams and the parent company of JubiRev). Buried within the paperwork eAdGear had filed for the suit was a “Notice of Pendency of Other Action” that revealed the existance [Continue reading…]

eAdGear file suit against Randy Williams (JubiRev)

I received an anonymous tipoff this morning informing me that GoFunRewards’ parent company eAdGear had filed a civil lawsuit against former President Randy Williams. Sure enough when I checked the newly filed cases list of the North District Court in California, there it was: As per the information above, the suit was filed in San [Continue reading…]

GoFunRewards Review: “Lifestyle Dollars” investing

I’m not sure exactly when it happened but sometime in the last few weeks Go Fun Rewards has removed the “Now in prelaunch!” notice on their website, indicating that the business has officially launched. With the Go Fun Rewards compensation plan readily available, I figured it was time for a review. Go Fun Rewards operate [Continue reading…]