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JubiRev & AddWallet: MLM revenue-sharing in crisis

Revenue-sharing, profit-sharing, a daily leadership bonus, daily bonus pool, a VIP points pool, a retail profit pool… whatever you want to call the latest attempt to marry MLM to the Ponzi scheme business model, the good news is that this industry damaging niche appears to be on its last legs. Today we take a look at [Continue reading…]

JubiRev ditch auto reinvestment, add Quality Score

After taking in who knows how many hundreds of thousands (millions?) of dollars from affiliates who were urged to “purchase as many JubiBucks as (their) resources allow(ed)“, recruit as many “low-hanging fruit” affiliates from rival revenue-sharing companies and months and months of reassurance that their revenue-sharing compensation plan was “100% compliant”, JubiRev announced today two major [Continue reading…]

JubiRev echoes Zeek Rewards’ arbitrary daily ROI

When the SEC busted the $600M Ponzi scheme Zeek Rewards, one of the myths busted was that the daily ROI Zeek paid out was based on ‘up to 50% of (the) daily net profits‘ the company brought in. This was a key component of Zeek’s affiliate’s marketing efforts, with many investors brought into the scheme [Continue reading…]

JubiRev marketed as “guaranteed profit”

Just wanted to thank you for the review. I have had a ton of marketers ask about this particular opportunity and will be directing them to this review. The company should make things a little more clear on what it is all about, just because it is FREE does not make it better. Thank you [Continue reading…]

Dissecting a JubiRev “we are not a Ponzi” webinar

It’s no secret that following the regulatory shutdown or organic collapse of several “revenue-sharing” MLM companies over the past year, those left in the niche are doing everything they can do distance themselves from the “Ponzi points” model. That is, everything short of abandoning the re-worked Ponzi scheme model itself. Just days after GoFunRewards shutdown [Continue reading…]

eAdGear file suit against Randy Williams (JubiRev)

I received an anonymous tipoff this morning informing me that GoFunRewards’ parent company eAdGear had filed a civil lawsuit against former President Randy Williams. Sure enough when I checked the newly filed cases list of the North District Court in California, there it was: As per the information above, the suit was filed in San [Continue reading…]

JubiRev affiliate call endorses passive investment

I’m going to preface this article by stating that the exact nature of the business relationship between T. LeMont Silver and JubiRev has to date not been made public. Silver is an affiliate of JubiRev but is also responsible for virtually all of the affiliate training videos the company has put out, as well as [Continue reading…]

JubiRev Review: “JubiBucks” investement scheme

There is no information on the JubiRev website indicating who owns or runs the company. The JubiRev website domain (“jubirev.com”) was registered on the 3rd of January 2013, however the domain registration information is set to private. A “Federal Trade Commission Compliance” notice is published on the JubiRev website, crediting ownership of the company to [Continue reading…]