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Lyoness pyramid judgment discussion disappearing across Europe?

Word on the grapevine is critical discussion of Lyoness in several European countries has recently disappeared. It began with the removal of a discussion thread on Radar, one of the largest consumer information forums in the Netherlands.

Divvee delves into forex. Ryze AI? Hodo Global? Travis Bott?

Divvee launched mid last year to a lukewarm reception. The company provided access to discounts for $9.95 a month, which never really took off with retail customers. By the end of the year the company had added “Rank and Share” to its offering. Divvee’s Rank and Share saw affiliates and free customers rewarded with points [Continue reading…]

IGOFX Ponzi collapses, $4.4 billion in losses & admins flee to Malaysia

It was pretty obvious from the onset that IGOFX was just another Malaysian Forex Ponzi scam. Passive monthly ROIs of 10% to 30% were touted, from persons unknown presumed to be operating out of Malaysia. Now following confirmation that IGOFX has collapsed, it has been revealed that the couple running the Ponzi scheme were in [Continue reading…]

Nexxus University making a push into Norway?

Nexxus University launched in shadow of Global Currency Reserve Marketing’s collapse. Tied to the GCR Coin, Global Currency Reserve Marketing was abandoned in January, 2016 following the revelation of an SEC investigation. Shortly after confirming GCR Marketing’s closure, owner Bob Wood announced he was launching Nexxus University. Partnering with persons unknown and registering the company [Continue reading…]

Power On Network’s sham partnership with Exergonix terminated

If you want a shot at marketing Ponzi points these days, you need to attach yourself to something that resembles legitimacy. Traditionally in MLM this is known as “legitimacy by association”. It’s akin to placing a rotten apple next to a gold bar and claiming the apple has value. The apple is still rotten and [Continue reading…]

William Wood disagrees with Empower Network vision, severs ties

The Empower Network implosion saga continues, with the latest development an impasse between the brothers David and William Wood. David Wood owns and pretty much is Empower Network. William Wood claims he’s not an owner, nor have I ever been of Empower Network. My role here at EN has been one of developing content and training [Continue reading…]

Dr. Wallach’s sex life a focal point in Youngevity Wakaya lawsuit

As part of their ongoing legal dispute with Youngevity, Wakaya perfection served Dr. Joel Wallach with discovery interrogatories. Said interrogatories demand Wallach identify each and every person with whom he has entered into a legal marriage, domestic partnership, cohabitation, or substantially similar relationship and the dates on which such relationship commenced. Wakaya Perfection also want [Continue reading…]

Questions raised about “authenticity”of David Wood’s meltdown

After a series of videos were published on Facebook last week, it was assumed David Wood was having a meltdown. On June 13th Wood’s brother, William Wood, confirmed David was on drugs and claimed he had been admitted to a rehabilitation facility. William also claimed David would be “removed from a leadership position” in Empower [Continue reading…]

David Wood claims he can heal cancer, herpes, HIV, AIDS & diabetes

David Wood has always come across as a bit of an oddball. Used to the best of his ability to promote Empower Network, it’s resulted in a string of hit and miss marketing attempts over the years. We last checked in on Wood and Empower Network earlier last year. Coming of the back of several [Continue reading…]

Documenting the collapse of a bitcoin doubler (GladiaCoin)

The MLM underbelly doubler business model is nothing new. Affiliates sign up and invest, with a 200% ROI offered either via a set timetable or open-ended. The only source of revenue to pay the ROI is subsequently invested funds, making every doubler a Ponzi scheme. HYIP scams have been using it with fiat currency for [Continue reading…]