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Asirvia and Royaltie partnership terminated, both sides claim initiation?

The notion of one MLM company building its business around the products of another MLM company was always a strange one. Yet such was the relationship between Royaltie and Asirvia. Or at least was up until now. Citing numerous contractual obligation failures, on September 14th Asirvia terminated their business relationship with Royaltie.

Korean authorities announce crackdown on MLM cryptocurrency scams

Over the past year I’ve noticed South Korea placing on an increasing number of MLM underbelly scams. I suspect due to language barriers, the people pushing these scams and much of South Korea’s MLM underbelly community remains a mystery outside of Korea itself. A large number of South Korean MLM activity has coincided with an [Continue reading…]

DasCoin to collaborate with the Maltese government?

One of the lesser-known MLM Ponzi points schemes out there is Net Leaders. Hitched to DasCoin and initially launched as Coin Leaders last year, Net Leaders is your typical Ponzi points scheme. Net Leaders affiliates invest in DasCoin points on the typical “we’re gunna be the next bitcoin!” promises. DasCoins to date are not publicly [Continue reading…]

Valentus corporate confirm MLM opportunity illegal in UK & Europe

Earlier this month news broke that Trading Standards was cracking down on the illegal sale of Valentus products in the UK. Trading Standards are an enforcement regulator who, among other things, regulate health and safety regulation in the UK. On or around late July or early August, Valentus affiliate Charlotte Thompson received a visit from Trading [Continue reading…]

How Visalus & Vincent Owens screwed people out of millions

MLM affiliates receiving giant oversized commission checks means different things to different people. Prospective affiliates might see a window of opportunity, a chance to better themselves financially. Existing affiliates might take it as a kick up the butt and commit to their business with newfound focus and enthusiasm. A regulator might see income claims used [Continue reading…]

Visalus’ Founders Equity Incentive Plan leads to class-action lawsuit

The trouble with MLM companies offering shares is that such undertakings are rarely done within the required legal framework. If a new class-action lawsuit is to be believed, Visalus’ Founders Equity Incentive Plan is a typical example of why any internal MLM company share offering should be approached with nothing less than extreme caution.

Crackdown on illegal sale of Valentus products in UK

Charlotte Thomson resides in the UK county of Cornwall. Looking to build a local business to compliment real estate development, Thomson signed up as a Valentus affiliate earlier this year in January. After six months of promoting Valentus and putting her “heart and soul into it”, last week Thomson received a visit from Trading Standards.

Is Forever Living Products encouraging affiliate autoship recruitment?

Forever Living Products’ Leadership Bonus pays affiliates on sales volume generated down three Manager generations. To qualify for the bonus affiliates must meet sales volume requirements, which can be met entirely with self-purchase (no retail). The volume can of course be also generated via retail sales (or a combination of retail and personal purchase), and [Continue reading…]

OneCoin whitepaper author regrets getting involved, admits mistake

Remember Marcelo Garcia Casil? He’s the guy OneCoin hired to write a blockchain whitepaper back in May. Given it’d previously been all but confirmed OneCoin didn’t have a blockchain, Casil’s appointment generated significant interest. In the aftermath of the whitepaper announcement, Casil confirmed the work he did had nothing to do with OneCoin’s “existing IT”. This seemed [Continue reading…]

Visalus Amazon retail racket exposed in top earner lawsuit

Michael Gehart joined Visalus in February, 2010. Visalus is a weight loss MLM company founded in 2005 by Blake Mallen and Nick Sarnicola. Gehart had no prior MLM experience when he signed up as a Visalus affiliate. He was recruited by Vito Torriciano, a part-owner of the company, (at a) meeting with Nick Sarnicola, and with [Continue reading…]