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My 24 Hour Income collapses for good, Burton promoting new scam

Last we checked in My 24 Hour Income was up to its fourth collapse. That was just over a month ago, with Burton finally deciding to pull the plug entirely last week.

Team Beachbody ban affiliates from other MLM opportunities

In what appears to be an invitation for lawsuits, Team BeachBody yesterday announced that its affiliates are prohibited from participating in any other MLM opportunities.

Nigerian SEC warns against OneCoin, SwissCoin pyramid schemes

In a public notice published yesterday, the Nigerian SEC has issued a warning against cryptocurrencies and pyramid schemes. OneCoin, SwissCoin and Bitcoin are specifically singled out, with the SEC extending the warning to “such other virtual or digital currencies”.

Rothschild family clarifies no association with LCF Coin

Most people who have signed up with LCF Coin appear to have a “what if…” attitude. There’s nothing particular harmful about it alone, but if you have to dismiss ample evidence that points to LCF Coin being completely bogus, that’s when the problems start.

Latest FTC guidance to MLM industry emphasizes retail sales

One of the more frustrating aspects of covering MLM regulation and litigation is a tendency for people to ignore what’s currently happening, in favor of past legal opinions and decisions from the past. Some of these opinions and decisions are decades old but people still cling to them as gospel. One of the more common [Continue reading…]

Juice Plus terminate affiliate… for selling a non-MLM product?

When you do network marketing, you’re run by a corporation. They have you by the balls. You’re at their mercy and for no reason, no reason whatsoever, they can terminate you. That’s not really freedom. You’re not really your own boss. -Dina Lynn, Facebook (Dec 23rd, 2016) Juice Plus is a Tennessee based MLM company [Continue reading…]

MacroCoin scammers threaten legal action over review

A few days ago BehindMLM published a review of MacroCoin. Seemingly run by individuals involved in the ByXpress, Coins Race and MCoin scam, suffice to say our review was less than flattering. As per the MacroCoin website, the company is run by UECB Group (click to enlarge): Simon Karakas serves as MacroCoin’s CEO and Rok Potocnik [Continue reading…]

Legal battle brewing between Paycation & Global Platinum Services

Over the last few months David Manning has struggled to keep his company together. The narrative Manning is fighting is that top leaders have left Paycation en masse for Global Platinum Services. Affiliates under these leaders have also jumped ship, prompting a flurry of Global Platinum Services marketing videos capitalizing on click-bait to market the opportunity. [Continue reading…]

Traffic Powerline Ponzi collapses, ROI payments exceed deposits

No matter how many times it’s denied, the fundamental truth behind MLM underbelly schemes is that you can’t pay out more than is paid in. Here at BehindMLM we routinely review the latest offerings from the MLM underbelly. When one of our reviews points out the obvious, often this doesn’t go down well with a [Continue reading…]

FTC: MLM companies with little to no retail activity are illegal

Retail sales requirements within an MLM opportunity is perhaps the most decisive issue facing the industry today. Proponents of pyramid schemes argue that affiliate purchases of product should count as retail sales. I myself argue that to permit as much would open door for product-based pyramid schemes to operate freely. This stance is strongly rooted in [Continue reading…]