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Avon closing Australia and New Zealand, 21,000+ reps abandoned

On February 15th Avon announced it would be closing operations in Australia and New Zealand by the end of 2018. From the sounds of it, Avon’s announcement came as a complete surprise to the company’s 21,400 Australian representatives. How many representatives Avon has in New Zealand is unclear.

Bitcoiin sign Steven Seagal as ICO Brand Ambassador?

When you’re just another pump and dump altcoin launch in a see of thousands, you can either work on actually adding to cryptocurrency or try to gimmick your way to legitimacy. Through the hiring of Steven Seagal as Brand Ambassador, take a guess which route BitCoiin have chosen.

BTC Global Team Ponzi collapses, admin in denial?

BTC Global Team launched in late 2017 and quickly rose to be one of the biggest Ponzi schemes in South Africa. As I write this Alexa have BTC Global Team pegged in the top 1000 visited sites in South Africa, with the country making up 87% of traffic to the BTC Global Team website. On [Continue reading…]

The most bizarre Ponzi marketing event you’ll ever see

Following the collapse of BitConnect, a common question on the mind of those who didn’t get sucked in is “how on Earth did this happen?” I’ve been wanting to cover BitConnect’s bizarre October event in the US for some time. I figure now is as good a time as any, and hopefully at the same [Continue reading…]

To promote DagCoin, Igor Alberts slams Ponzi he earned millions in

Last weekend Igor Alberts fronted a DagCoin recruitment event in Tallinn, Estonia. His marketing strategy? Slamming the collapsed Ponzi scheme he stole millions of dollars through.

Ted Nuyten and BusinessForHome stop shilling OneCoin

BusinessForHome’s first article on OneCoin was published on April 1st, 2015. Not a joke by any stretch of the imagination, in it Ted Nuyten reported on OneCoin’s purchase of the Conligus affiliate-base. This paved the way for victims who lost money in the original Conligus penny auction pyramid scheme to be double-scammed. Rather than report [Continue reading…]

FTC issues 2018 guidance on MLM pyramid schemes

New year, new guidance from the FTC on MLM pyramid schemes. Sort of… In a January 4th “offer of business guidance concerning multi-level marketing”, the FTC has attempted to clarify common questions and concerns related to MLM and pyramid schemes.

Is Wealth Generators registered to offer securities through Investview?

On the footer of the Wealth Generators website you’ll find the notice: Wealth Generators LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Investview (OTC:INVU) Investview is a Nevada corporation that actually operates out of Utah, run by Ryan Smith, Annette Raynor and Chad Miller and Mario Romano. In light of our recent report on Wealth Generators’ Crypto [Continue reading…]

OneCoin, DasCoin, FutureNet & Lyoness scam warnings from Poland

Poland’s Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, more commonly known as UOKiK, has issued scam warnings against OneCoin (OneLife), NetLeaders (DasCoin), FutureNet (FutureAdPro), Questra World (Atlantic Global Asset Management) and Lyoness. The December 18th warning, published by UOKiK President Marek Niechciala, appears to be an end-of-year recap of regulatory actions taken by the watchdog.

Analysis of USI-Tech’s ethereum mining pool (external ROI revenue?)

With a large percentage of the MLM underbelly on board, in order to survive the next few months USI-Tech needs to convince regular investors to get on board. This has seen the company forced to try to address the question of where its ROI revenue comes from. Since May USI-Tech has been promising proof of [Continue reading…]