Sam Lee has announced he’s “rebuilding” his Hyperverse Ponzi scheme.

The announcement was made a few days ago, on a webinar hosted by Tami Jackson.

Speaking with slurred speech, possibly as a result of being intoxicated, Lee informed his victims;

[1:48] Give me a week, so that my team has put a roadmap together for us to deliver, deliver, deliver, deliver, deliver. Okay?

[2:33] Thirty minutes is all I need to get you guys excited about me (re)building Hyperverse. Okay?

For reals this time! For reals this time!

Central to Lee’s plans is that his existing victims won’t be required to invest new funds.

[4:43] I am paying you guys back without asking you guys to put any more of your hard-earned money (in).

Instead of fleecing his existing victims again, Lee hopes to fund his Hyperverse relaunch through new victims.

[4:01] The more momentum I’m able to build, through actually building the Hyperverse, because y’know, when you build a platform and everybody signs up and everybody starts doing things, okay? There’s value generated.

And if that value that is generated is going into your wallet, then I am paying you guys back.

Tami Jackson, appears to be a central ringleader still involved with Lee’s various scams.

Jackon, who on FaceBook goes by “Tami Bellinger-Jackson”, represents she is based out of New Jersey on LinkedIn.

Jackson recruits people into Ponzi schemes through Prosperity Mindset Club.

With respect to Lee’s Hyper* Ponzi schemes, Jackson appears to have been involved since the beggining.

I joined HyperCapitol [sic] when they launched back in 2019.

I became a corporate presenter … provided training to the community … and I was chosen to do the metaverse presentation for the HyperVerse launch on December 5th, 2021.

I chose to be a part of HyperNation because of the companies, HyperTech Group and Ryan Xu, that are behind it.

I want to help make people aware of this new rising trend, get them educated and involved.

That’s why I put together my Facebook group called, “Prosperity Mindset Club”.

Sam Lee and partner Ryan Xu’s Ponzi scamming dates back to HyperCash, a crypto Ponzi launched in 2017 that primarily targeted Asia.

In 2019 Xu and Lee launched HyperCapital, marking the Ponzi scheme’s expansion globally.

After HyperCapital collapsed, HyperFund was launched. HyperFund’s collapse led to Hyperverse, whose collapse in turn spawned off HyperOne and HyperNation.

All of Lee’s and Xu’s Ponzi schemes were run under “HyperTech Group” branding. Together, we refer to them as the “Hyper* Ponzi schemes”.

By the time Hyperverse collapsed Lee, believed to hold an Australian passport, had already fled to Dubai.

Lee didn’t publicly associate himself with either HyperOne or HyperNation. Instead he went on to launch StableDAO.

StableDAO is essentially a reboot of HyperTech Group, through which a series of new Ponzi schemes have been launched.

So far we’ve had StableOpinion, VidiLook (already collapsed) and We Are All Satoshi.

None of Lee’s StableDAO Ponzi schemes have taken off, likely prompting his resurrection of Hyperverse.

Lee has told his victims he intends to release more information on a webinar next Wednesday at 6:30 pm EST (US time).

Pending access to this webinar, we’ll keep you posted.


Update 30th July 2023 –¬†As per a July 28th announcement sent out to Hyperverse victims, the first stage of Lee’s reboot will see monopoly money backoffice balances converted into a new shitcoin.

HVT, HU, HB, MOF and GNX refer to the many shitcoins investors were fleeced through as Hyperverse collapsed over and over again.

On July 31st Hyperverse will suspend online operations. On August 2nd all of the above shitcoins, as well as monopoly money BTC, ETH and DOGE balances, will be converted into HyperPact Token (HPT).

When investors will inevitably have to invest new funds or recruit new victims, in order to withdraw HPT, has yet to be announced.