HyperFund @ BehindMLM

Hyperverse pyramid scheme warning from Hungary

Hyperverse has received a pyramid scheme fraud warning from the Hungarian National Bank.

HyperOne reveals actor executives, promises Sam Lee soon

On July 14th HyperOne revealed its new CEO… Boris Jonhson? Oh for fucks sake…

HyperNation charging up to $100,000 for Hyperverse migration

Hyperverse investors are being asked for up to $100,000 to migrate their positions over to HyperNation. Our source material for this update is a HyperNation webinar held by Rory Conacher and Sean Maaske.

Kalpesh Patel exit-scams his Hyperverse Ponzi victims

The face of Hyperverse Ponzi fraud is out. Following unease over Hyperverse’s rudderless HyperOne and HyperNation reboots, Patel informed his victims (and fellow scammers) that he’s abandoning ship.

Ronae Jull (Hope Hill) spent 21 mths in prison for Ponzi fraud

Ronae Valyn Jull, posing as “Hope Hill”, first appeared on BehindMLM’s radar as HyperFund’s Compliance Officer. This was amusing at the time because, well HyperFund was a Ponzi scheme. Whether she came up with the pseudo-compliance I can’t say, but Jull was responsible for pushing the narrative that renaming investments to “memberships” somehow legitimized a [Continue reading…]

Ryan Xu & Sam Lee MIA @ HyperNation/HyperOne launches

This past week we saw both the Hyperverse Ponzi reboots launch. HyperNation launched on May 23rd with a silly marketing video aimed at children. HyperOne launched on May 27th. Today we’ll take a look at that and where both reboots stand. Spoiler: HyperTech co-founders Ryan Xu or Sam Lee failed to make an appearance at [Continue reading…]

HyperNation rolls out Ponzi reboot for idiots

The one thing Hyperverse affiliates want to know is when they can cash out their worthless shit tokens. The answer is of course never, but rather than admit that Ryan Xu continues to string investors along. The latest effort is HyperNation, which held a greenscreen launch event on May 23rd. Xu himself was a no-show, [Continue reading…]

HyperNation: Hyperverse Ponzi reboot civil war?

Other than a few shills running around lying about getting paid, it’s generally accepted that the Hyperverse Ponzi scheme has collasped. BehindMLM didn’t definitively call the collapse, but we’ve been documenting Hyperverse’s withdrawal problems since January. Now, something strange is happening. HyperOne and HyperNation have emerged. And there appears to be an internal struggle over [Continue reading…]

Sam Lee meets scamlords in Dubai to launch HyperOne Ponzi

HyperTech co-founder Sam Lee, on the run from liquidators in Australia, is purportedly holding meetings in Dubai. Lee and various scamlords are plotting the launch of HyperOne. They’re aiming to get smaller scammers and victims under them on board.

Kalpesh Patel denies HyperOne –> HyperTech relationship

Following his appearance in HyperOne marketing material, Kalpesh Patel has denied any involvement in HyperOne. Patel, one of HyperFund’s and Hyperverse’s top earners, claims HyperOne has nothing to do with Hyperverse.