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US celebrities to speak at HyperFund event in Miami, Florida

Rodney Burton is organizing a HyperFund promo event under the guise of “Reinvent Yourself With Crypto”. HyperFund founder Ryan Xu is scheduled to speak at the event, along with a disturbing number of well-known US personalities.

HyperFund confirms executives fleeing to Dubai

On October 6th HyperFund released a new “community FAQ”. Of note is confirmation that the company’s executives are fleeing to Dubai.

HyperFund freezing accounts as regulatory warnings pile up

As part of an effort to slow down withdrawals, HyperFund has begun freezing large investor accounts. Confirmation of the frozen accounts comes as regulators warn of financial fraud.

HyperFund securities fraud warning issued by Guernsey

HyperFund has received a securities fraud warning from Guernsey. Guernsey is one of three islands that make up the British Crown Dependencies, situated between the UK and France.

HyperFund securities fraud warning issued in New Zealand

HyperFund has received a securities fraud warning from New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority.

HyperFund’s homepage added to FCA securities fraud warning

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority was the first regulator to issue HyperFund with a securities fraud warning. In its initial March 23rd warning, the FCA put HyperFund on notice through an affiliate’s website. Now the regulator has added HyperFund’s company homepage to its warning.

HyperFund under regulatory investigation in India

Local media are reporting HyperFund is under regulatory investigation in India.

HyperFund Compliance Officer Hope Hill outed as Ronae Jull

Ten years ago Ronae Jull was marketing herself as the “Hope Coach”. As the Hope Coach, Jull stated in 2011 that she would like to be remembered as a person with passion for joyful living that managed to successfully reach out to hurting people and helped to bring them hope and healing. Ten years later [Continue reading…]

HyperTech launches HyperMining Ponzi scheme

In what appears to be an effort to keep its HyperFund Ponzi afloat, HyperTech is now soliciting investment into mining contracts. HyperMining was revealed last month by HyperFund CEO Jayden Wei. Wei (right) is one of HyperTech owner Ryan Xu’s blockchain bros. Wei is purportedly based out of Australia but also travels to Dubai, the [Continue reading…]

HyperFund appoints Compliance Officer to bury securities fraud

A marketing video reveals the appointment of Helen Hope as HyperFund’s Compliance Officer. As opposed to registering HyperFund with the SEC and providing audited financial reports, Hope’s job is to bury evidence of securities fraud.