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HyperFund’s Rodney Burton is a sovereign citizen nutjob

After stealing millions from consumers through cryptocurrency Ponzi schemes, and allegedly aware of federal investigations into him, HyperFund’s Rodney Burton believed he was above the law. As part of that process, Burton fell down a sovereign citizen rabbit hole. Upon his arrest at a Florida airport back in January, US authorities seized a “27-page packet [Continue reading…]

HyperFund scammer Rodney Burton denied release

HyperFund Ponzi promoter Rodney Burton was arrested en route to Dubai back in January. Since then Burton has been in custody pending the outcome of him criminal case. On June 16th, Burton filed a motion requesting a review of his detention. Burton’s motion was denied on July 9th.

Two HyperFund promoters arrested in Nepal

Two HyperFund promoters have been arrested in Nepal. The Central Investigation Bureau made two arrests over the past week; Nanu Ghumire (aka Kajal) of Laitpur earlier in the week, and Srikant Bhandari of Rukum on Wednesday.

DAOversal claims it purchased HyperTech victim details

Back in March the Australian Securities Commission issued fraud warnings against HyperTech Group and several associated companies. One of the companies was DAOversal, who now claim their only association was the purchase of HyperTech Group victims details.

DOJ seeking HyperFund victim impact statements

As part of ongoing criminal proceedings against Sam Lee, Brenda Chunga and Rodney Burton, the DOJ is seeking HyperFund victim impact statements. Investors who lost money in HyperFund, Hyperverse and/or HyperNation are able to get further details from the DOJ’s website. HyperFund victim impact statements can either be mailed in or emailed (a PDF template [Continue reading…]

HyperTech Group securities fraud warnings from Australia

The HyperTech Group series of Ponzi schemes have received a securities fraud warning from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). HyperTech Group related Ponzi schemes cited by ASIC in their March 1st warnings include:

HyperTech Ponzi securities fraud warning from AB, CA

HyperTech and associated Ponzi schemes have received a securities fraud warning from Alberta, Canada. The Alberta Securities Commission added HyperTech, HyperFund, HyperNation and Hyperverse to its Investment Caution List on February 7th.

Sam Lee claims victims “lied to regulators” after indictment

Serial Ponzi scammer Sam Lee’s response to his criminal indictment is that victims “lied to regulators”. Lee’s assertion was made on a recent webinar, amid reports Lee is gearing up to launch a new Ponzi.

Brenda Chunga’s HyperFund criminal plea deal

Criminal charges were filed against HyperFund Ponzi promoter Brenda Indah Chunga on January 9th, 2024. The previous month, Chunga, aka Bitcoin Beautee, signed a plea deal with the DOJ on December 17th. Chunga has been charged with conspiracy to commit securities and wire fraud. This is acknowledged and accepted as fact in Chunga’s plea agreement.

Rodney Burton arrested en route to Dubai, denied bail

Following unsealing of Rodney Burton’s HyperFund criminal case, details of his arrest have been made public. While we knew Burton was arrested in Florida on January 4th, what we didn’t know is Burton was arrested at the airport… with a one-way ticket to Dubai.