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Sam Lee meets scamlords in Dubai to launch HyperOne Ponzi

HyperTech co-founder Sam Lee, on the run from liquidators in Australia, is purportedly holding meetings in Dubai. Lee and various scamlords are plotting the launch of HyperOne. They’re aiming to get smaller scammers and victims under them on board.

Kalpesh Patel denies HyperOne –> HyperTech relationship

Following his appearance in HyperOne marketing material, Kalpesh Patel has denied any involvement in HyperOne. Patel, one of HyperFund’s and Hyperverse’s top earners, claims HyperOne has nothing to do with Hyperverse.

HyperOne: Fourth HyperTech crypto Ponzi hoax [updated]

I wasn’t sure if HyperOne was a joke at first.   Update 17th May 2022 – Turns out my spidey sense was dead on, HyperOne doesn’t appear to have anything to do with HyperTech, HyperFund or Hyperverse. Kalpesh Patel has confirmed he has nothing to do with HyperOne in a recently published social media video. [Continue reading…]

HyperPay pretends it has nothing to do with Hyperverse Ponzi

HyperPay, the payment processor attached to Hyperverse, is pretending it has nothing to do with the Ponzi scheme.

Hyperverse introduces 400% ROIs, withdrawals still disabled

Hyperverse is now promising investors 400% ROI. This is up from the 300% offered through HyperFund. With withdrawals disabled throughout most of 2022, Hypervere’s 400% return comes off as a desperate cash grab.

Hyperverse added to New Zealand’s HyperFund fraud warning

Hyperverse has been added to New Zealand’s HyperFund securities fraud warning.

Hyperverse exit-scam continues with dogecoin pools

Hyperverse has added dogecoin pools as part of ongoing efforts to reduce withdrawal liability.

Hyperverse’s exit-scam continues through GNX tokens

On January 21st Hyperverse announced a partnership with Genaro Network. Who is Genaro Network? Some blockchain bro data company nobody’s heard of. As per an accompanying press-release; Through this cooperation, both parties will work together to establish metaverse WEB3.0. In the construction of metaverse, decentralized blockchain cloud storage is an integral part of it. Genaro [Continue reading…]

Crowd1, HyperFund & Solmax Global illegal in Nepal

Nepal’s top financial regulator has issued an illegality warning against Crowd1, HyperFund and Solmax Global.

Hyperverse slash withdrawal liability with BTC pools

Targeting investors desperate to cash out any way they can, Hyperverse has set up a series of BTC pools. Payouts from the pools will see deposited HVT pay out cents on the dollar.