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Blockchain Global fallout confirms Hyperverse execs in hiding

Fallout from the collapse of Blockchain Global, an Australian crypto bro company co-founded by Ryan Xu (aka Zijing Xu) and Samuel Lee (Xue Lee), confirms Hyperverse executives are in hiding.

Hyperverse affiliates instructed to destroy HyperFund evidence

As HyperFund transitions into its next Hyperverse reboot, affiliate investors have been instructed to delete evidence of the previous Ponzi scheme.

HyperFund withdrawals disabled, HyperTech’s new Boris CEO

November was an interesting month for the HyperTech and its HyperFund Ponzi scheme: HyperTech owner Ryan Xu has disappeared; one of Ryan Xu’s and Sam Lee’s Australian shell companies collapsed; HyperFund withdrawals have been disabled; HyperTech has a new Boris CEO; Hyperverse was announced; and HyperFund’s website has been pulled offline. Ruh-roh…

German mayor promoting HyperFund Ponzi scheme

A mayor in Germany is promoting the HyperFund Ponzi scheme to his constituents.

FomoEX Ponzi admins arrested in India (eOracle too)

Indian authorities have arrested three scammers behind the FomoEX Ponzi scheme. What appears to be proactive regulation at first, might be tied to the collapse eOracle Ponzi scheme.

HyperFund Ponzi scam warning issued by Bermuda Police

HyperFund is the subject of a Ponzi scam advisory issued by the Bermuda Police Department.

FomoEX Review: 300% ROI eOracle HyperFund mega Ponzi

FomoEX operates in the cryptocurrency MLM niche. The company fails to provide a corporate address on its website. Heading up FomoEX is Stephen Meade (President) and David Hung (CEO). Stephen Meade (right) is an unknown in the MLM industry. Over the past few years he’s reinvented himself as a crypto bro. Meade’s crypto bro adventures [Continue reading…]

eOracle Ponzi collapses, reboot through FomoEX?

The eOracle Ponzi scheme has collapsed, again. eOracle disabled affiliate withdrawals by disabling their stand-alone ECN Ponzi points website. This happened about a week ago.

HyperFund under investigation in Germany for securities fraud

HyperFund is under regulatory investigation by Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). As per an announcement issued on October 19th, BaFin has categorized HyperFund as an “unauthorized business”.

US celebrities to speak at HyperFund event in Miami, Florida

Rodney Burton is organizing a HyperFund promo event under the guise of “Reinvent Yourself With Crypto”. HyperFund founder Ryan Xu is scheduled to speak at the event, along with a disturbing number of well-known US personalities.