VidiLook fails to provide ownership and executive information on its website.

VidiLook’s website domain (“”), was privately registered on October 4th, 2022.

In an attempt to appear legitimate, VidiLook claims it’s

a blockchain media company strategically invested by Sequoia Capital and KC Company.

Founded in Silicon Valley, USA, the company is a technology-based company focusing on “blockchain + advertising new media”.

No idea what KC Company is but Sequoia Capital is an actual US venture capital firm. Not surprisingly, it has nothing to do  with VidiLook.

The only mention of Sequoia Capital investing VidiLook is in VidiLook’s own website and marketing materials.

As for VidiLook being based out of Silicion Valley in the US, VidiLook offers a mobile app on its website.

The Android app download link ties VidiLook to Dubai:

“” is a web domain owned by Alibaba. This strongly suggests whoever is running VidiLook has ties to Asia, and are possibly operating out of Dubai.

Further supporting this is a job posting on Naukri Gulf posted 4 days ago:

This job ad could have been posted by anyone but does suggest VidiLook is in Dubai. The ad was posted by Jovia D’souza, purportedly a VidiLook HR executive.

Whether D’souza is an actual person or not is unclear (I couldn’t verify the name).

Similar VidiLook classified have been posted to other sites:

Finally we have VidiLook’s marketing videos. There are currently two of them, featuring dubbed over stock footage.

This is typically the style of non-native English speaking company owners.

In researching VidiLook I came across multiple references to Sam Lee and his StableDAO Ponzi.

Presenters are careful not to claim Lee and StableDAO are behind VidiLook, instead presenting it as some sort of deal between Lee and KC Company.

Here are a few examples;

On a StableDAO February 17th webinar, COO Garrett Blakeslee stated;

[6:25] We are an investment platform. We are creating multiple investments for people to hop into. We’re giving some really good daily returns

[6:54] VidiLook is going to be the next opportunity that we’re launching. So anybody on this call right now is very, very early to the opportunity. We haven’t even announced partnership with VidiLook.

I’ve been working over the past month or so, to basically build the opportunity and get it basically situated so we can make huge announcements and start marketing in the StableDAO community.

[7:31] VidiLook hasn’t started marketing at all. They have started marketing to the Chinese community because they have a large network in China.

[7:55] For those of you that are not familiar with VidiLook … the platform was funded by a multi-billion dollar media company called Kitokawa (editor’s note: could be KiroKawa, this is the “KC Company” reference).

They’ve been around since 1945, so nearly 8 decades. They have a huge position in the media and advertising global markets.

We also have a partnership with a company called Detsu (?). And Detsu is a multi-billion dollar media and advertising company. They have their own ad network with over one hundred partners, including Sony, FaceBook, Amazon and Tiktok.

We basically have been allowed to tap into their ad network.

Sam Lee also appears on StableDAO VidiLook marketing webinars (I didn’t bother quoting Lee as he typically waffles on without actually saying anything).

These StableDAO/VidiLook webinars doing the rounds are hosted by “Gobi”, who claims to be a StableDAO “leader” from the UK.

As a StableDAO leader, Gobi claims he “speaks to Sam twenty times a day”.

Personally I’m not buying the charade. VidiLook is obviously part of StableDAO. That means it’s being run by Sam Lee and friends.

Whether those friends are scammers in China, who knows.

Lee’s previous HyperTech Ponzi schemes targeted China with HyperCash before spreading elsewhere in the world. It’s possible the same thing is happening again with VidiLook.

Lee’s HyperTech partner in crime, Ryan Xu, hasn’t been seen for over a year. Xu, last known to also be hiding out in Dubai, has strong ties to China.

Tying into VidiLook being operated from Dubai, Sam Lee fled to Dubai in 2021 as his HyperFund Ponzi scheme was taking off.

HyperFund collapsed in late 2021, prompting the launch of Hyperverse. Hyperverse began collapsing almost immediately after launch.

Lee went underground after HypeFund collapsed. He resurfaced publicly in late 2022 to promote his StableDAO Ponzi.

That Lee fled to and is based out of Dubai is no coincidence. Dubai is the MLM crime capital of the world.

BehindMLM’s guidelines for Dubai are:

  1. If someone lives in Dubai and approaches you about an MLM opportunity, they’re trying to scam you.
  2. If an MLM company is based out of or represents it has ties to Dubai, it’s a scam.

If you want to know specifically how this applies to Trust Your Universe, read on for a full review.

Read on for a full review of VidiLook’s MLM opportunity.

VidiLook’s Products

VidiLook has no retailable products or services.

Affiliates are only able to market VidiLook affiliate membership itself.

VidiLook’s Compensation Plan

VidiLook affiliates download an app. Through the app they watch ads, paying out 15 cents in VDL tokens a day.

VidiLook affiliates can also directly invest tether into the company. This is done on the promise of advertised returns:

  • 1-Star – invest 50 USDT and receive 3% a day up to $200 in VDL
  • 2-Star – invest 150 USDT and receive 3% a day up to $450 in VDL
  • 3-Star – invest 500 USDT and receive 3% a day up to $2000 in VDL
  • 4-Star – invest 1500 USDT and receive 3% a day up to $7500 in VDL

Note that while USDT is invested, VidiLook pays returns in VDL. Affiliates must convert VDL into USDT through the company to cash out.

The MLM side of VidiLook pays on recruitment of affiliate investors.

VidiLook Affiliate Ranks

There are five affiliate ranks within VidiLook’s compensation plan.

Along with their respective qualification criteria, they are as follows:

  1. Affiliate – sign up as a VidiLook affiliate
  2. Novice – recruit ten affiliates who together have earned at least 7000 USDT
  3. Intermediate – recruit three Novice ranked affiliates
  4. Advanced – recruit three Intermediate ranked affiliates
  5. Expert – recruit three Advanced ranked affiliates

Referral Commissions

VidiLook affiliates earn commissions on USDT invested by personally recruited affiliates.

Referral commissions are tiered, based on personal investment and recruitment criteria:

  • invest at the 3-Star or 4-Star tier, recruit one affiliate and receive a 10% referral commission rate
  • maintain a 3-Star or 4-Star investment, recruit two affiliates and receive a 15% referral commission rate
  • maintain a 3-Star or 4-Star investment, recruit three affiliates and receive a 20% referral commission rate
  • maintain a 3-Star or 4-Star investment, recruit four affiliates and receive a 25% referral commission rate
  • maintain a 3-Star or 4-Star investment, recruit five affiliates and receive a 30% referral commission rate

Residual Commissions

VidiLook pays residual commissions down three levels of recruitment (unilevel):

  • level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) – 15%
  • level 2 – 5%
  • level 3 – 3%

Note that residual commissions are paid as a percentage of ROI revenue generated, not invested USDT.

ROI Match

Novice and higher ranked affiliates earn a percentage match on daily returns paid to their downline.

  • Novice ranked affiliates earn a 3% daily ROI match
  • Intermediate ranked affiliates earn a 6% daily ROI match
  • Advanced ranked affiliates earn a 9% daily ROI match
  • Expert ranked affiliates earn a 12% daily ROI match

VDL Match

Novice and higher ranked affiliates earn a percentage of VDL held by their downline.

  • Novice ranked affiliates earn a 0.1% daily VDL match
  • Intermediate ranked affiliates earn a 0.2% daily VDL match
  • Advanced ranked affiliates earn a 0.3% daily VDL match
  • Expert ranked affiliates earn a 0.4% daily VDL match

Joining VidiLook

VidiLook affiliate membership is free.

Full participation in the attached income opportunity requires an initial minimum 50 USDT investment.

VidiLook Conclusion

VidiLook marks the second StableDAO Ponzi spinoff launch. In addition to StableOpinion, it seems Sam Lee’s plan is to resurrect dead Ponzi models from the 2000s.

Watching ad Ponzi schemes are nothing new. Like a lot of Ponzi ruse niches though, it died out as crypto scams became the defacto MLM Ponzi ruse.

Through StableOpinion and VidiLook, Lee is recycling these dead niches bUt WiTh BlOcKcHaIn.

All the nonsense about being partnered with multi-billion dollar advertising companies is baloney.

Anyone remotely familiar with digital advertising will tell you getting paid to watch/click ads is against TOS for every legitimate advertising platform on the planet.

Yet despite that, here we VidiLook feigning association with multiple companies it has nothing to do with:

VidiLook’s Ponzi scheme logic further deteriorates upon consideration of the attached investment opportunity.

Watch ads, get paid by advertisers. Yes it’s baloney but that’s the Ponzi ruse.

So why on Earth does VidiLook allow affiliates to directly invest – and worse pretend its tied to their “watch ads, get paid” advertising ruse?

The answer is because investment is the only source of verifiable revenue entering VidiLook.

Invested funds are converted to worthless VDL, which VidiLook generates monopoly money returns with.

Cashing out is only possible while VidiLook allows affiliates to withdraw invested funds.

Once that tap is shut off, it’s over (refer to every prior HyperTech Ponzi collapse).


Update 19th April 2023 – As per an announcement made yesterday, VidiLook has slashed the daily ROI earnable through watching ads.

Accumulated VDL Coins have also been confiscated for at least 200 days.


Update 22nd April 2023 – VidiLook has collapsed. Sam Lee is pushing an “acquisition” exit-scam, which will see him purchase VidiLook from himself.


Update 15th January 2024 – All StableDAO webinars have been deleted from StableDAO’s official YouTube channel.

This article originally contained a link to the cited February 17th, 2023 webinar. Due to the video being deleted, the link has now been disabled.