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iGetMania Review: GetEasy go from Ponzi bad to Ponzi worse

GetEasy took off in the wake of the regulatory shut down of TelexFree. Seeking to scoop up disenfranchised investors who lost funds in the billion dollar Ponzi scheme, GetEasy successfully attracted a significant number of investors from Portugal, Spain and to a lesser extent, South America and greater Europe. Following a few months of growth, [Continue reading…]

Luxembourg regulator calls out iGetMania fund lies

At the turn of the new year GetEasy CEO Tiago Fontoura got in front of a phone camera and told the world that GetEasy had established a trust fund in Luxembourg. This company has a fund in Luxembourg, our own bank, investment bank… as I told you. This was followed up by a clarification announcement from [Continue reading…]

GetEasy miss investment bank launch deadline for 2nd time

As laughable as a Ponzi scheme opening up its own investment bank might seem, that’s currently what’s being sold to GetEasy investors. Following a warning issued by the Bank of Portugal last November, and the announcement of a police investigation the month prior, GetEasy has struggled to pay out the ROIs it promised investors. The [Continue reading…]

IFC Group clarify GetEasy’s investment bank plans

IFC Group (International Finance Corporation Ltd.), not to be confused with legitimate companies bearing the same name, is an Israel-based partner in the global GetEasy Ponzi scheme. Instrumental in the laundering of money through GetEasy’s business operations and seemingly in control of the flow of new investor funds to existing investors, IFC is headed up [Continue reading…]

GetEasy: We are first legal investment-based MLM opp

Launched in the wake of the Ponzi schemes BBOM and TelexFree, GetEasy targeted investors from the same countries BBOM and TelexFree had previously flourished in. Having exhausted that market, the scheme soon spread its wings to greater South America and Europe – with the latest reports indicating GetEasy has now also main inroads into Asia [Continue reading…]

Bank of Portugal: GetEasy “not authorized to accept deposits”

The regulatory noose continues to tighten around GetEasy, with news last Friday that the Bank of Portugal have issued a warning against the company. Listed along with Get Easy Limited and Absolut League, the Bank of Portugal warns are ‘are not authorised to accept deposits or other repayable funds’.

GetEasy under police investigation in Portugal

Is this the end for one of the more prolific TelexFree reload scams? Thanks to a diligent BehindMLM reader, news broke yesterday of an upcoming TV expose into GetEasy. Scheduled to air on the Portuguese show “Friday at 9” (Sexta às 9), the initial promo didn’t reveal much: Reporting on the upcoming Friday at 9 [Continue reading…]

GetEasy Review: Participation pack Ponzi investment

Despite the website domain “” being registered in October of last year, it appears GetEasy launched in earnest only a few months ago. The company’s website domain is registered anonymously, and the company provides no specifics about who is running or owns it on their website. Get Easy provide two purported corporate addresses on their website, [Continue reading…]