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GetEasy crackdown: 21 arrests, 8000 victims lose 25 million EUR

Mid last year the GetEasy crackdown began in Tunisia, with the arrest of former CEO, Tiago Fontoura. The Spanish Civil Guard have since lead the charge, arresting several GetEasy ringleaders in February. Portugal, infamous for turning a blind eye to Ponzi schemes over the past few years, upped their game and arrested a Portuguese ringleader [Continue reading…]

GetEasy ringleader arrested in Madeira, Portugal

Following a series of raids, earlier this year Spanish authorities arrested several GetEasy ringleaders. Now, working with their counter-parts in Portugal, another GetEasy ringleader has been apprehended in Madeira. For those unfamiliar with the company, GetEasy was a Ponzi scheme that collapsed in early 2015. Specifically targeting Europe and South America, GetEasy conducted investment fraud [Continue reading…]

GetEasy ringleaders arrested in Spain

2013 to 2015 were wild years for Ponzi schemes in Portugal. With regulators asleep at the wheel, seemingly anyone could launch a fraudulent scheme and have thousands of gullible investors line up. After TelexFree, GetEasy was the most prominent of these scams operating in Portugal. Under the guise of renting GPS trackers to non-existent customers, [Continue reading…]

Tiago Fontoura arrested in Tunisia?

Following the collapse of the GetEasy Ponzi scheme, insider Tiago Fontoura went on to launch the reload scheme Go2Up. Go2Up’s business model continued where GetEasy left off, seeing affiliates invest up to €3000 on the promise of ROIs paid out subsequently invested funds. As with most reload schemes, Go2Up failed to grow as large as its [Continue reading…]

GetEasy, iGetMania & VIConcept in violation of Canadian law

Canada’s AMF is the body mandated by the government of Québec to regulate the province’s financial markets and provide assistance to consumers of financial products and services. Back in January the regulatory body issued an iGetMania investment warning, cautioning investors in Québec about an investment program connected to the Portuguese firm GetEasy Limited and the [Continue reading…]

Go2Up Review: GetEasy chiefs launch reload scheme

The specific details surrounding the collapse of GetEasy late last year are still murky. And against a backdrop of inaction from Portuguese regulators, sifting through what information is known is no easy task. Portuguese police began investigating GetEasy back in October 2014. This marks the beginning of the GetEasy’s decline, with the investigation followed up [Continue reading…]

VIConcept Review: GetEasy Ponzi reload scheme

Following the collapse of the GetEasy Ponzi scheme, one of the main contenders to emerge as a reload scheme has been VIConcept (Valuable Idea Concept). Launched by António Loios, the scheme pretty much mirrors GetEasy’s business model. A Ponzi front-end is paired with a residual binary backend, through which affiliates are paid for investing and recruiting [Continue reading…]

Polynesian regulators issue iGetMania warning

News today from Polynesia, where local regulators have issued a warning to GetEasy and iGetMania investors. Too little too late now that GetEasy and iGetMania have collapsed (read: those who made money have done a runner)? Yeah, I think so.

Fontoura resigns, GetEasy and iGetMania imploding?

Forward: Bear with me… this has all gone down in the last few hours and putting the information together from mostly Portugese-language sources has been difficult. /end forward Following the proclamation of plans to launch a Ponzi investment bank in the UAE late last year, GetEasy management went into hiding when said plans failed to materialize within [Continue reading…]

Canada issues iGetMania investment warning

Just twenty-four hours after the publication of our comprehensive iGetMania review, Canadian regulators have now issued a warning against investing in the company. Officially titled “Warning – Caution regarding GetEasy and iGetMania investment program”, the notice was published on the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) website on January 26th.