geteasy-logoDespite the website domain “” being registered in October of last year, it appears GetEasy launched in earnest only a few months ago.

The company’s website domain is registered anonymously, and the company provides no specifics about who is running or owns it on their website.

Get Easy provide two purported corporate addresses on their website, one in Macau and one in Portugal.

The Macau address is that of “20/F, AIA Tower, 251A-301, Av. Comercial de Macau”, and appears to be solely virtual in nature. A Google search reveals multiple other businesses using this same address, with “The Executive Center” specifically referencing “virtual offices” on the 20th floor of the AIA Tower.

A virtual office provides your business with the corporate image and business infrastructure of a multinational company without the cost.

Your business will get a prestigious business address and a designated local phone number with a receptionist answering your calls in your company name.

As per The Executive Center’s virtual office price list, a “virtual business address” at the AIA Tower tower costs 400 MOP ($50 USD) a month, with monthly virtual office services costing between 900 to 3000 MOP ($112 to $375 USD).

I tried punching in the provided Portugese address into Google, but it failed to understand the provided syntax. In any case, practically all of GetEasy’s marketing material and online prescense is in Portugese, indicating that their precnse in Macau is entirely virtual.

tiago-fontoura-ceo-geteasyDespite not mentioning anything about management or company ownership on their website, GetEasy do maintain several social media profiles. One of these is a YouTube account, with one uploaded marketing video revealing a “Tiago Fontoura” as CEO.

Why this information is not provided on GetEasy’s website is unclear.

Possibly due to language barriers, I was unable to find any information on any past activity by Fountoura in the MLM industry.

Read on for a full review of the GetEasy MLM business opportunity.

The GetEasy Product Line

Despite talk of “commodate” (providing equipment for free in exchange for charging for a service) and GPS tracker services on their website, I was unable to identify any retail offering within GetEasy.

Affiliates join the company, and then invest in “participation packs”. This appears to be the only source of revenue GetEasy generates.

The GetEasy Compensation Plan

The GetEasy compensation plan (which the company does not provide on their website), revolves around affiliates investing in various participation packages.

This is done on the expectation of an annual ROI (paid monthly), along with various other recruitment incentives.

Participation Pack ROIs

Despite only the mention of GPS trackers on their website, GetEasy appear to offer at least three tiers of investment packs to their affiliates.

GPS Participation Packs

  • gettracker-geteasyLight Plus (360 EUR) – 40 EUR a month (total: 480 EUR)
  • Standard (720 EUR) – 100 EUR a month (total: 1200 EUR)
  • Premium (1200 EUR) – 200 EUR a month (total: 2600 EUR)

Note that a GetEasy affiliate’s first investment attracts an additional monthly “incentive bonus” on top of the ROI paid out above:

  • Light Plus – 50 EUR
  • Standard – 80 EUR
  • Premium – 100 EUR

To qualify for the incentive bonus ROI beyond an affiliate’s first investment, they must have generated at least two pack investments from personally recruited investors. Note that this requirement is for each pack investment individually, not as a whole.

Also note that a 20 EUR monthly fee is charged after two months from the date a GPS pack investment is made.

GetCoin Participation Packs

  • getcoin-geteasyM.Start (200 EUR) – 50 EUR a month (total ROI: 600 EUR)
  • M.Pro (700 EUR) – 180 EUR a month (total ROI: 2160 EUR)
  • M.Master (1800 EUR) – 500 EUR a month (total ROI: 6000 EUR)

Note that a 20 EUR monthly fee is charged on all GetCoin pack investments after the first month. There also doesn’t appear to be any incentive bonus attached to GetCoin pack investments.


Although not mentioned in the GetEasy compensation material (yet), I found a recent (19th May) YouTube marketing video marketing GetMusic participation packages:


I’m not sure what the “product” GetEasy is supposed to be attached to is, but going by the name it’s likely to be a purported digital music service or some such.

  • Fan (680 EUR) – 130 EUR a month (total ROI: 1560 EUR)
  • Pop Star (1600 EUR) – 300 EUR a month (total ROI: 3600 EUR)
  • Super Star (3200 EUR) – 600 EUR a month (total ROI: 7200 EUR)

The GetMusic packs also have an incentive bonus attached to them, with qualification assumed to be the same as the GPS packs:

  • Fan – 40 EUR a month
  • Pop Star – 100 EUR a month
  • Super Star – 200 EUR a month

Recruitment Commissions

GetEasy pay affiliates single level recruitment commissions whenever they recruit new affiliates and get them to invest.

How much is paid out depends on what package a newly recruited affiliate invests in:

  • GPS Light Plus – 16 EUR
  • GPS Standard – 48 EUR
  • GPS Premium – 80 EUR
  • GetCoin M.Start – 20 EUR
  • GetCoin M.Pro – 35 EUR
  • GetCoin M.Master – 90 EUR
  • GetMusic Fan – 34 EUR
  • GetMusic Pop Star – 80 EUR
  • GetMusic Super Star – 160 EUR

Residual Binary Commissions

Each participation pack investment comes with an attached point value:

  • GPS Light Plus – 60 points
  • GPS Standard – 180 points
  • GPS Premium – 300 points
  • GetCoin M.Start – 35 points
  • GetCoin M.Pro – 195 points
  • GetCoin M.Master – 400 points
  • GetMusic Fan – 170 points
  • GetMusic Pop Star – 300 points
  • GetMusic Super Star – 700 points

As an affiliate’s recruited downline invest in participation packs, their points are tracked using a binary compensation structure.

A binary compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of two binary teams, left and right:


These teams represent recruited affiliates (either directly or indirectly), with each binary position corresponding to an individual recruited affiliate.

When these affiliates invest in participation packs, the point generated are assigned to the binary team they are in. Points are tallied up daily, with affiliate’s paid out 50% of the points generated by their weaker team.

Eg. If an affiliate’s left binary team generates 5000 points in a day and their right 10,000 points, they will be paid 50% of 5000. 1 point = 1 EUR, so this equates to a 2500 EUR payout for that day.

The amount generated by the weaker side is subtracted from the stronger side’s point balance, with leftover volume then carried over to the next day.

Rank Achievement Bonus

For GetEasy’s rank achievement bonus, points are tallied up from their own investments and those of recruited affiliate investors in their two binary teams.

Once certain point milestones have been achieved, the following Rank Achivement Bonuses are available:

  • 32,000 points – Mont Blanc pen
  • 160,000 points – Rolex watch
  • 800,000 points – trip to Bora Bora
  • 2,500,000 points – a Mercedes Benz
  • 16,000,000 points – a “Ferrari, house or Lamborghini”


Once a GetEasy affiliate has personally recruited at least five affiliates who have themselves generated 800,000 points towards Rank Achievement, they qualify for a share in 1% of GetEasy’s revenue.

If an affiliate has ten 800,000 point recruited affiliates, they qualify for a share in a 2% pool.

1 Million EUR Gold Bonus

If a GetEasy affiliate has five personally recruited downlines who have generated 16,000,000 points in investment volume each, they are paid “1 million Euros in gold bars”.

Joining GetEasy

Affiliate membership to GetEasy appears to be free, however note that most participation package investments come with a monthly fee per pack invested in (20 – 30 EUR).


Despite attempting to present themselves as a “global international” business, GetEasy is little more than a Ponzi scheme that specifically targets Portuguese and Brazilian investors.

The ruse of business operations in Macau is a sham, with GetEasy wholly appearing to be operated from within Lisbon in Portugal.

The address provided on the GetEasy website might not work in Google Maps, however several videos on YouTube feature a building GetEasy are purportedly using.

One video mentions a “Brazilien affiliate” at [0:32]:


This is important to note as it’s no secret both Portugal and Brazil have been the targets of several Ponzi schemes of late. To put it bluntly, the Portugese-speaking community around the world is a veritable hotbed of Ponzi scheme action.

And GetEasy’s owners are simply looking to capitalise on that.

The whole GPS tracker, BitCoin and GetMusic facades are simply a ruse. The concept that a company would require thousands of EUR in investment from affiliates it then “guarantees” to pay out a >100% ROI to makes no sense.

If GetEasy had any legitimate business operations, such to the extent they were making the ROIs they promise their affiliates, they would obviously have no need for such affiliates.

Least of all affiliates who simply invest money, sit back and collect a weekly ROI for a year.


GetEasy affiliates have absolutely no interaction with the company beyond investing their money.

Make no mistake, in the wake of TelexFree and BBOM (who also pretended to sell GPS trackers), GetEasy is a Portugal based continuation of Ponzi scheme disasters that have recently been shut down by regulators.

I’m not too sure how diligent regulators in Portugal are, but given the large local population of investors that pumped money into TelexFree (a $1 billion dollar Ponzi scheme recently shut down by the SEC), they should be on heightened alert for reload scams like GetEasy.


Should Portuguese regulators get involved, even the most rudimentary of investigations will quickly reveal there to be absolutely no retail activity taking place whatsoever, least of all retail customers the company claims are purchasing the services it purportedly offers (good luck trying to find out where you can buy anything they claim to sell from).

What happens then?

Well, seeing as most of GetEasy’s investors are likely to be ex-TelexFree affiliates looking to recoup their losses with a brand-change, investors can expect to have funds frozen and be hounded by their downlines.

Failing that and GetEasy collapses organically before regulators get involved, their Lisbon office is quickly abandoned and you lose all your invested money.