BitClub Network defendant Matthew Brent Goettsche has rejected an offered plea deal.

The news was revealed during a Frye Hearing, held on September 15th.

As per minutes of the proceedings, Goettsche’s attorney advised the court a plea deal had been discussed with the DOJ.

Goettsche (right) had discussed the deal with his attorney but chosen to reject it, instead opting to take the case to trial.

The DOJ allege BitClub Network was a $722 million dollar Ponzi scheme. Goettsche was indicted for his role as co-creator of the company.

Two of Goettsche’s accomplices, Silviu Balaci and Joe Abel, pled guilty in July and earlier this month respectively.

Although nothing is set in stone, I believe if Goettsche goes to trial he’ll wind up with a lengthy prison sentence.

This is based on the mountain of evidence the DOJ has, and cooperation of Goettsche’s co-defendants.

In January 2020 Joby Weeks pled not guilty. Weeks was trying to bust out of prison but seems to have quietened down since July.

Russ Medlin was arrested in Indonesia back in June. I believe he’ll be extradited to the US at some point but there hasn’t been any news since.

Weeks accepting a plea deal is still a possibility. I’d be surprised if Medlin is offered one.

Matt Goettsche’s Frye Hearing aside, the BitClub Network criminal case has been continued until November 15th.