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BitClub Network crim case continued to November 2020

Following a request by the DOJ, the BitClub Network criminal case has been continued through November 2020. The reason for the delay in proceedings is designation of an “unusual or complex case”.

Silviu Catalin Balaci pleads guilty to BitClub Network fraud

BitClub Network defendant Silviu Catalin Balaci has plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and to offer and sell unregistered securities.

DOJ maintains Weeks an “unreasonable flight risk”

After putting together our report on Joby Weeks’ release appeal yesterday, I noted the DOJ had filed an opposition while I was working on the report. Having detailed Weeks’ arguments for release on appeal, today we go over the DOJ’s response.

Joby Weeks’ unsealed release appeal

On May 28th BitClub Network defendant Jobadiah “Joby” Sinclair Weeks filed a Motion for Appeal, Review, and Revocation of his detention order. Weeks’ first unsuccessfully attempted to bust of custody back in January. This was followed up by a plea to President Trump in April, citing previously rejected COVID-19 concerns. That too was denied. Weeks’ [Continue reading…]

The unsealed BitClub Network fraud indictments

When news of the BitClub Network arrests broke last December, we learned that the grand jury indictments behind the arrest were under seal. And so they remained until all of the defendants were in custody. That condition was finally satisfied last week, following Russ Medlin’s arrest in Indonesia. With Medlin’s arrest came the unsealing of [Continue reading…]

BitClub Network’s Russ Medlin arrested in Indonesia

Russ Medlin has been arrested in Indonesia. Indonesian authorities worked with the FBI to apprehend Medlin last Sunday. The arrest follows an Interpol red notice issued last December.

BitClub Network millions laundered through Little Caesars?

A lawsuit filed by Little Caesars subsidiaries in the US suggests BitClub Network funds may have been laundered through the company.

BitClub Network criminal case stayed due to COVID-19

A previously ordered stay on BitClub Network criminal proceedings has been extended through to May 30th.

Joby Weeks appeals to Pres. Trump for COVID-19 release

BitClub Network scammer Joby Weeks has filed another emergency release motion. Among others, Weeks’ motion is addressed to President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, “All the Supreme Court Justices”, William Barr (US AG), and New Jersey Senators Corey Booker and Robert Menendez.

BitClub Network scammers denied COVID-19 release

BitClub Network scammers Matthew Goettsche and Joby Weeks have been denied temporary release from prison. The pair had asked to be released based on “particularly harmful implications” related to the COVID-19 pandemic.