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Goettsche struggling with pre-trial conditions after $722M Ponzi

Matthew Goettsche was a key figure behind BitClub Network, a $722 million dollar Ponzi scheme. Following Goettsche’s arrest in 2019 he pled not guilty. Goettsche was deemed a flight risk though and ordered into custody. Following failed plea agreement negotiations, Goettsche appealed his detention and a $20 million bond was set in December 2020. Goettsche [Continue reading…]

BitClub Network scammers to be sentenced March 2023

BitClub Network Ponzi scammers Jobadiah Weeks, Silviu Balaci and Joe Abel are scheduled to be sentenced in March 2023. The trio’s respective sentencing dates were rescheduled via an August 12th order:

Gordon Beckstead’s BitClub Network money laundering plea

As per a chargesheet filed on March 24th, Gordon Brad Beckstead helped BitClub Network scammers launder “millions of dollars”.

Joby Weeks denied “alone time” with wife Stephanie

Earlier this month BitClub Network defendant Joby Weeks requested some “time alone” with his wife Stephanie. He didn’t get what he wanted.

DOJ wants Joby Week’s BitClub Network bail revoked

When I checked the BitClub Network case docket today I thought I’d missed something. There were several references to a bail revocation hearing pertaining to Joby Weeks. But I couldn’t recall seeing a motion preempting the scheduled hearings. Looking at the other filings though, I came across this in a motion from Week’s attorneys:

DOJ going after Matt Goettsche’s BitClub Network millions

A Third Forfeiture Bill of Particulars has revealed millions of dollars in cash, crypto and assets the DOJ hopes to recover from Matt Goettsche.

Matt Goettsche’s BitClub Network bond set at $20 million

Following a hearing on December 11th, BitClub Network co-creator Matthew Brent Goettsche’s bond has been set at $20 million dollars.

Joby Weeks pleads guilty to BitClub Network fraud

Jobadiah “Joby” Weeks has plead guilty to two counts of BitClub Network related fraud. As per the terms of a plea agreement reached with the DOJ, Joby Weeks has pled guilty to conspiring to offer and sell unregistered securities and tax evasion.

Matthew Goettsche rejects BitClub Network plea deal

BitClub Network defendant Matthew Brent Goettsche has rejected an offered plea deal. The news was revealed during a Frye Hearing, held on September 15th.

Joe Abel pleads guilty to BitClub Network securities fraud

Joseph Frank Abel, better known as Joe, is one of the scammers behind the BitClub Network Ponzi scheme. Late last year, Abel and four co-conspirators were indicted on fraud charges. Following his arrest, earlier this year Abel initially pled not guilty. As revealed in a September 3rd DOJ press-release, Abel has now entered a guilty [Continue reading…]