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BitClub Network scammers plead not guilty, Weeks want out

The arraignments of Matthew Goettsche, Jobadiah Weeks and Joseph Abel were held on January 15th. All three BitClub Network defendants pled not guilty to the charges the DOJ has leveled against them.

BitClub Network website pulled offline

As the DOJ’s investigation into BitClub Network continues, the company’s website has now gone offline. As at the time of publication, attempts to load BitClub Network’s website throw up a 522 HTTP error (connection timed out).

BitClub Network’s Russ Medlin still at large

The unsealing of the BitClub Network case docket confirms that, as of December 20th, co-founder Russ Medlin is still on the run from authorities.

Crypto Societi Review: From the ashes of BitClub Network?

Crypto Societi at present doesn’t have a website. Anything online to do with the company was recently pulled offline. At the time of publication Crypto Societi’s website domain is parked, but that doesn’t mean there’s no information out there. What I wasn’t able to establish is who’s behind Crypto Societi. I’ve received intel that BitClub [Continue reading…]

BitClub Network creators arrested, DOJ alleges $722M Ponzi

The DOJ has gone after five individuals connected to BitClub Network. Matthew Brent Goettsche, 37, of Lafayette, Colorado, and Jobadiah Sinclair Weeks, 38, of Arvada, Colorado, are charged by indictment with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and Goettsche, Weeks, and Joseph Frank Abel, 49, of Camarillo, California, are charged by indictment with conspiracy to offer [Continue reading…]

BitClub Network trying to cash in on passive trading bot trend

Following the collapse of their mining Ponzi scheme late last year, BitClub Network is now asking gullible investors to pay them for access to a trading bot.

BitClub Network freeze daily ROI payouts, blame GPU mining

BitClub Network is the latest cryptocurrency MLM to announce it is suspending its daily ROI payouts.

BitClub Network investor alert issued in North Carolina

A BitClub Network investor warning has been issued by the North Carolina Securities Division.

BitClub Network ditch bitcoin payments for bitcoin cash

In what appears to be the latest effort to keep the BitClub Network Ponzi scheme chugging along, the company recently announced it would no longer be accepting or paying commissions in bitcoin.

BitClub Network terminate early investor contracts

BitClub Network’s original premise saw affiliates invest on the promise of a 1000 day ROI. When the anonymous owners of the scheme realized they were going to run out of newly invested funds long before 1000 days was up, they changed the ROI maturity period to 600 days. The idea was that affiliates who initially [Continue reading…]