A Third Forfeiture Bill of Particulars has revealed millions of dollars in cash, crypto and assets the DOJ hopes to recover from Matt Goettsche.

The DOJ’s latest forfeiture bill was filed on July 22nd. In it the DOJ lays out a list of property they believe is subject to forfeiture.

In other words the property was obtained by Goettsche as part of his involvement in the BitClub Network Ponzi scheme.

Shell companies Goettsche (right) used to launder BitClub Network investor funds through include:

  • AZ Life LLC
  • Bitwealth Holdings LLC
  • Bitwealth Investments, Inc.
  • Bitwealth Oil & Gas LLC
  • Caye Villa Development Limited
  • Dalmoni Belize Ltd.
  • El Pequeno Universo SA
  • Getch Brothers LLC
  • Getch Holdings LLC
  • Getch Stone LLC
  • GoBit LLC
  • Hachet Caye Limited
  • Hard Fork Holdings LLC
  • LV Life LLC
  • Marbington Limited
  • MDBA Land Partnership Trust
  • MV Holdings LLC
  • Ram Land LLC
  • Reel Men LLC
  • Reel Men Deerfield LLC
  • Reel Men Destin LLC
  • Reel Men Stuart LLC
  • Tracy Island Limited

I’ve grouped cited forfeiture assets below by category.

Real Estate

  1. Hatchet Caye (aka Ray Caye), a resort island property in Belize owned by Hatchet Caye Limited, which in turn is owned by Tracy Island Limited;
  2. Mojo Caye, a private island in Belize, owned by Caye Villa Development Limited, which is owned by Dalmoni Belize Ltd., which is owned by Hatchet Caye Limited, which is owned by Tracy Island Limited;
  3. Wild Orchid, a real-estate development on the Belize mainland, owned by Marbington Limited, which owns, Dalmoni Belize Ltd., which owns Hatchet Caye Limited, which owns Tracey Island Limited;
  4. a condo timeshare in St. Kitts;
  5. Casa Colonia House, a property in Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica;
  6. a property in Bluffdale Utah, owned by Getch Brothers LLC;
  7. a property in Stuart Florida, owned by Reel Men Stuart LLC;
  8. a property in Deerfield Beach, Florida, owned by Reel Men Deerfield, LLC;
  9. proceeds from the sale of a Destin, Florida property, formerly owned by Reel Men Destin LLC;
  10. a property in Las Vegas, Nevada, owned by RAM Land LLC;
  11. a property in Mountainview, Colorado, owned by MV Holdings LLC;
  12. a property in the Jaco District of Costa Rica, owned by El Pequeno Universo SA;
  13. a property in Boulder, Colorado, owned by MDBA Land Partnership Trust;
  14. a property in Lafayette, Colorado, owned by Getch Stone LLC;
  15. property in Scottsdale, Arizona, owned by AZ Life LLC; and
  16. property in Las Vegas, Nevada, owned by LV Life LLC.



A 58 foot 2007 Sea Ray yacht.

Money laundering investments

  1. $375,000 laundered by GoBit LLC through Turnkey Pads LLC;
  2. $1.1 million laundered by Bitwealth Holdings LLC through Societi LLC;
  3.  $6 million laundered by Reel Men LLC through Pelagic Group;
  4. $1.6 million laundered by Bitwealth Holdings LLC through Grid Entertainment;
  5. $500,000 laundered by Bitwealth Holdings LLC through Evermore Park LLC;
  6. $876,166 laundered by GoBit LLC through ConveyIQ, Inc.;
  7. $5.5 million laundered by Bitwealth Oil & Gas LLC through Seeker Resources LLC;
  8. $821,395 laundered by Bitwealth Holdings LLC through Daffinity Technologies, Inc.;
  9. $750,000 laundered by Bitwealth Holdings LLC through Opiniion LLC;
  10. $1,225,000 laundered by Bitwealth Holdings LLC through Bountiful Flight LLC;
  11. $2.65 million laundered by Bitwealth Holdings LLC and Bitwealth Investments LLC through Educational Insurance Company and 7Nine Inc.;
  12. $3 million laundered by Bitwealth Holdings through ApiO Inc.;
  13. $3 million laundered by Getch Holdings LLC through SoCal Building Ventures LLC;
  14. $8.4 million laundered by Bitwealth Investments LLC through Kiln LLC; and
  15. an undisclosed amount laundered by Hard Fork Holdings LLC through Cryptowatt Mining LLC and Cryptowatt Investment Partners LLC.


  1. $8.75 million laundered through Burrel Diversified Investments, LLC by Hard Fork Holdings LLC in December 2018;
  2. $500,000 laundered through BPA LLC by GoBit LLC in December 2018
  3. $500,000 transferred to Stephen Mathew Morrow by Goettsche in July 2019; and
  4. $5 million laundered through Bluemountain VII LLC by Bitwealth Holdings LLC from April to November 2018.

Bank Accounts

  1. the balance of an account held by AU Card LLC in the name of Russ Albert Medlin;
  2. the balance of an account held by AU Card LLC in the name of Matthew Brent Goettsche;
  3. the balance of collateral held by AU Card LLC, plus accrued interest, with respect to loans made to GoBit LLC; and
  4. the balance of an an account held by RBC Wealth Management in the name of MDBA Land Partnership Trust.


53.4 bitcoin and 9389.36 ethereum from nine digital wallets, originally held at Blockchain.com.

Street value today is $1.8 million and $20.04 million respectively.

Goettsche Case Updates

The DOJ still appears to be investigating Goettsche’s finances. The forfeiture filing states:

This notice does not limit the Government from seeking the forfeiture of additional specific property or limit the Government from seeking the imposition of a forfeiture money judgment.

Looking forward, As a result of Goettsche’s case being given complex designation earlier this year, on July 16th proceedings were further continued until September 30th, 2021.

Goettsche, who is currently out on a $20 million bond, rejected a plea deal late last year.

Based on the copious amount of evidence collected against him, Goettsche is on track to get steamrolled in court and spend a lengthy sentence behind bars.

Stay tuned for docket updates as we continue to track the case.


Update 1st October 2021 – Due to Goettsche’s complex case designation, on September 28th another order of continuance was entered.

It is … ordered that this action be … continued until February 24, 2022.

I’ll continue to monitor the case docket for updates.


Update 26th February 2022 – Due to complex case designation, voluminous discovery, ongoing discussions between Goettsche and the DOJ, Goettsche’s case has been continued till March 31st, 2022.

The continuance order was made on February 16th.


Update 9th April 2022 – On March 31st Goettsche’s case was continued again.

Same reasons as the previous continuance, this time until July 31st, 2022.


Update 12th August 2022 – A joint application was filed requesting a continuance. Application was granted on July 28th.

The discovery in the case is voluminous, consisting of, among other things, the review of nearly two million electronic records, several different images and extractions of digital devices, the reconstitution and review of copies of website servers, and server data produced to the Government from Romania, and additional time is necessary to ensure that, taking into account the exercise of diligence, defense counsel has sufficient time to review and inspect discovery and further investigate the charges in this matter.

The parties continue to engage in discussions that may lead to the resolution of this case without the need for a trial; continuing this matter may likely save judicial resources and the parties’ resources.

Goettsche’s case is continued till October 31st, 2022.